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adventure maps+first Tekkit -> old mod testing -> yoglabs -> moooOOONQUEST -> yoglabs part 2 -> voltz -> tekkit -> yogscraft -> original MC series -> survival island -> shadow of israphel

some kind of crazy mixture between this and a bit of this

alright so a few points before I start delving

1. YogLabs is the laboratory under the sands in SoI

2. the evil under the sands in Shadow of Israphel is science. science is only found in places with cult activities/under the sands/soon to be taken over the sands, which would be 

  • under the big desert along with YogLabs
  • the mechanical turtle thing which has sand over it
  • Skyhold, with cultist activities and made of sandstone

3. Lewis having control over who lives and who dies in YogLabs is a reference or a call-back to The Journey (at the end), where he chooses to burn down the town, becoming the Grim Reaper (a thing which has control over life and death). The Journey is one of the first, if not THE first moment where Lewis was evil/dark, and if that isn’t one giant ball of foreshadowing I’m disappointed.

4. Xephos isn’t William Riker, but some kind of distaff counterpart 

so we start with Xephos landing on the planet because of a reason unknown. Honeydew is born in the dwarf city of Stoneholm when he sees a spaceship crash or something and goes over to pick up Xephos. Xephos has lost most of his memories but has an intense curiosity about the world which he has landed in, leading to those old mod tests they use to do way back in the day which YogLabs replaced later on. at first, they go on adventures (the adventure maps), which makes them hailed as a hero (this is why in SoI everyone calls them heroes and there’s a mural of them on the wall). during those times, Xephos sometimes also finds out more about the world through the old mod tests. naturally, it turns into a point where he invents scientific stuff and starts YogLabs (the Tekkit mod spotlight episode was one of the last ones and personally I think that’s the gateway from mod spotlight -> YogLabs)

in one of the earlier YogLabs, Honeydew is shown to spawn from Stoneholm, this is explained here that Honeydew still has not “set spawn/moved into” YogLabs, and once he gets an office there that’s fixed.

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