bamboo stool

Of Monkeys and Margaritas

A FitzSimmons ficlet, in which Skye is the FitzSimmons ship captain and Trip is her first mate.

Inspired by this. Part 2. AO3.


“Why don’t you grab a drink?” 

Skye wasn’t sure if Fitz couldn’t hear her over the cheesy pseudo-Island pop and early-evening bar chatter, or if he was just ignoring her, but he didn’t respond. She followed his gaze to where Simmons was sitting in a faux-bamboo booth, surrounded by the cheerful and outgoing bar-goers who seemed to have adopted her.

Simmons was laughing, acting free and giddy in a way that Skye hadn’t seen before. Skye wondered when Simmons had last been in a bar and let herself be flirted with; she couldn’t picture either of them doing much outside of work when they were in school. The purple lei lying prettily around Simmons’ shoulders slipped to the side, and Skye saw Fitz’s eye twitch. 

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