bamboo shack

One day, one rhyme- Day 1071

There is a hallway in my mind
With lots of tiny doors
And when I open them, I find
Behind each distant shores.
Each day I choose to open one
To find out what’s inside
And most of them are rather fun,
In others dangers hide.
Inside a tall, red, oblong door
Lays a shack of bamboo
On a picturesque sandy shore
By peaceful ocean blue.
A dark, carved wooden door reveals
A large, olden-day keep,
While a large, heavy vault door seals
Inside it herds of sheep.
A tiny, frosted door with mat
Reveals an open plain,
Meanwhile one with lead-light fruit bat
Hides land of wind and rain.
If I reached the last of my doors
Then that would make me pout,
Lucky their abundance ensures
That I’ll never run out!