bamboo palace


Yesterday, while strolling around the bamboo forests of Nishiyama in Kyoto, I came across this odd looking entrance gate of Princess Kaguya’s palace in Kyoto. I was intrigued and was wondering what could be inside. The caretaker, a grandson of the original builder, told me the two structures are 100 years old and it took 27 years to construct. Everything you see is made of bamboo, an amazing site.

Inside the premises is a hall that is modelled after the famous Kinkaku-ji temple and serves as a tea ceremony room and meditation space. Inside is a statue of Princess Kaguya. Princess Kaguya is connected to a famous story in Japanese folklore. It’s called the “Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” or “Taketori No Okina No Monogatari” in Japanese.

If you are visiting the Suzumushi Temple (鈴虫寺), or the famous Saihō-ji temple grounds (西芳寺), it is definitely an interesting spot to explore.

The entrance to the “Bamboo Palace of Princess Kaguya” (かぐや姫) in the Nishiyama bamboo forests of Kyoto.