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I'm sure you get asked this a lot but what kind of drawing pad do you have? (Assuming you have one but you may just really talented with a computer mouse too-) anyway I really love all your art!

I use a Bamboo

(Wacom, CTL-460)

(not for panda consumption)

Of Monkeys and Margaritas

A FitzSimmons ficlet, in which Skye is the FitzSimmons ship captain and Trip is her first mate.

Inspired by this. Part 2. AO3.


“Why don’t you grab a drink?” 

Skye wasn’t sure if Fitz couldn’t hear her over the cheesy pseudo-Island pop and early-evening bar chatter, or if he was just ignoring her, but he didn’t respond. She followed his gaze to where Simmons was sitting in a faux-bamboo booth, surrounded by the cheerful and outgoing bar-goers who seemed to have adopted her.

Simmons was laughing, acting free and giddy in a way that Skye hadn’t seen before. Skye wondered when Simmons had last been in a bar and let herself be flirted with; she couldn’t picture either of them doing much outside of work when they were in school. The purple lei lying prettily around Simmons’ shoulders slipped to the side, and Skye saw Fitz’s eye twitch. 

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Happy Synthesizer/Tongue Twisters/Attakaindakara
Happy Synthesizer/Tongue Twisters/Attakaindakara

Happy Synthesizer / Tongue Twisters / Attakaindakara

  • Sukiya, Matsuya, Yoshinoya (3 largest gyudon chains)
  • Tokyo tokkyo kyoka-kyoku… (Tokyo Patent Office…)
  • Nama mugi nama gome nama tamago (Raw wheat raw rice and raw egg)
  • Tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da (My neighbors’ guest eats a lot of persimmons)
  • Kono takegaki ni dare take tatekaketa (Who placed bamboo against this bamboo hedge?) Note: I’m not sure about this one www
  • Aburi Karubi (“to grill beef ribs”) Note: Literally “Galbi”
  • Basu gasu bakuhatsu (Bus gas explosion)
  • - i don’t know this one. dan jo~ wwww sorry!-
  •  chī pútáo bù tǔ pútáo pí bù chī pútáo dào tǔ pútáo pí (When eating grapes don’t spit out the skin, when not eating grapes spit out the skin)
  • She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Note: THAT LAUGH.

THAT LAUGH WILL INCREASE YOUR LIFE SPAN BY 20 YEARS. This part of the live made me tear up a bit. I would have cried if i was alone lol.

all thanks to kazuian for the recording ^_^ i will rewatch it forever and ever and ever.

The 18 Days of Hype

18 questions for your answering pleasure across the 18 days of February leading up to our NTSC release date for Fates.  Designed for a countdown – question 18 is first, for ease of use.  Without further ado, let’s go!!!

18.      Which version to you intend to get?  If more than one, which do you intend to get/play first?

17.       What’s your favorite female character, based on what you currently know?

16.       What’s your favorite male character, based on what you currently know?

15.       What’s your favorite new class, based on what you currently know?

14.       Who’s the cooler parent: Garon or Mikoto?

13.       Who has cooler weapons: Hoshido or Nohr?  Xander or Ryoma?

12.       What sparked your initial hype for Fates?

11.       What’s the one thing you want to try as soon as you can?

10.       What are you going to name and gender of your first avatar?  Any special reason?

9.    What’s the first thing you’re going to do in My Castle?

8.    What’s the second thing you’re going to do in My Castle?

7.    Which Dragon Vein are you: Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire?

6.    Best Hoshido joke weapon: radish, bamboo pole, carp, chopsticks, bamboo yumi, or paper (note: not necessarily localized names)?

5.    Best Nohr joke weapon: wine bottle, broom, frying pan, feather pen, rubber bow, or petit fire?

4.    Have you nicknamed any characters yet?  What do you call them?

3.    Do you already have any ships?  Can you tell us about them?

2.    What is the single thing you’re most excited for?

1.    Are you ready for tomorrow?

“THE QUIET” candle contains notes of tobacco and green grass, with spicy floral undertones.

“EASE” candle contains notes of bamboo grass and ocean mist, with soft powdery undertones

There was probably a lot of thought put into what scents were chosen. I seriously hope there will be candles for the other songs omg