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i’ve recently gotten a new tablet but because my current tablet is perfectly fine and currently unusable, i’ve decided to GIVE IT AWAY!! back to school and all that! yeah!

you will receive one (1) wacom bamboo fun tablet! which is actually a discontinued brand of tablet (i’ve had it a really long time guys) BUT the wacom software can be downloaded onto any computer (it works with my current windows 10!) and works with any wacom tablet!


  • you don’t need to follow me but hey, i’m cool and maybe you’ll get somethin extra who knows!
  • try to keep it fair, but you can reblog and like as many times as you like!
  • you need to be alright with sending me your address
  • i’m happy to send it anywhere in the world, but if it’s ridiculously expensive, i might need a bit of help sending it to you!

the end of this giveaway will be 31st OCTOBER! cus i love halloween!

ALRIGHT! have fun, good luck, and send any questions if you have them!


This bicycle is made from sustainable bamboo material and was designed by Alexander Vittouris, a design student at Australia’s Monash University. The young designer envisions a bicycle that isn’t built, but rather “grown” – the bend stalks are formed into the smooth curves gradually while the bamboo stalk grows (a concept that is inspired by ‘arborsculpture’ – the process in which tree branches are fixed into shapes as the tree grows).

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anonymous asked:

On your twitter you brought up you are looking into getting a new tablet? Just one thing, while the alternative tablet brands may be cheaper, i've noticed a lot of artists who review them tend to say the tech OS or tech support isn't very good. So you may want to keep that in mind if you do go for the cheaper tablet brands.

I’m not sure what you mean by alternative tablet brands (unless you’re referring to every brand other than Wacom).

The reason why I’m opting for another brand is because my Intuos is failing only after 2 years (and I spent $200 for this). My Bamboo Fun lasted me 5 years at the same price and it was released prior to Intuos.

So you can see why my faith in Wacom has dwindled…by a lot. That’s why I want to get a cheaper alternative although at the same time, I know “you get what you pay for”.

I’m skeptical about buying cheaper tablets but if I can get a tablet that will last me 2 years at most for less than ($100), then I’m good for the meantime.

If it doesn’t work out, I’ll send it back to newegg.

anonymous asked:

hiii i have a few art-related questions for you if you don't mind? like, what tools do you use when you draw stuff?

Hi! I don’t mind at all! ^u^ I use:

  • a really old Wacon tablet + it’s original pen. I think this thing was called like Bamboo Fun & Pen at the time? It must be like 10+ years old by now?? How is it not broken or lost ???
  • MediBang Paint Pro these days, which is free, and much more intuitive and effortless to use than Photoshop is for me. ^u^ I adore the watercolor brush and the stabilizer and how easy blending and stuff is! I used to use FireAlpaca before until I ran into certain problems it had - but this is basically the same but better and with some extra functions. xD
  • Photoshop for advanced adjustment layers. ^u^ MediBang has some adjustment layers but not as extensively as Photoshop does.
  • When I ever do traditional drawing, I just use a 0.5 mechanical pencil x’D


I got a pen for my tablet and now I can do DIGITAL ART!! This was the first attempt, kinda awkward looking. The app I used didn’t have size options or very many color options but by the time I found a better app it was too late to start over, ah well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ still excited

welp, now my cintiq lcd tablet is going for repairs i’ve taken it upon myself to spend the day getting reacquainted with my little old bamboo fun tablet!

i still haven’t quite got the hang of drawing and having the lines show up on a different surface (i never did figure out this tablet properly), but i’ve got one of those flexible lenovo laptops that i can prop up like a screen literally inches away from where i’m drawing which makes it easier. it’s still tricky though, so i’m going to have to put in a lot more practice time to get anything even halfway decent. 

at least i can’t break this one so easily and digital art doesn’t have to be over for me until around christmas! i’ve been getting a lot of new followers lately and i’m really worried i’ll start losing all you guys because the quality of my art posts suddenly takes a total dive

i’ve got faith in this tiny old piece of plastic though! hopefully it can tide me over until my other tablet is fixed and back to me… ヽ(;▽;)ノ 

itzwebby  asked:

Hello Sebbi again! Yeap.. the annoying Webby is back, anyway I was wondering what the cheapest drawing tablets are.

Ur not annoying sweetie
Tho Idk bc my tablet isnt cheap but! My old one was a bamboo fun from wacom which I think was like 60 euros? Idk if they made it cheaper now or not :0 I recommend searching around

heroicegg  asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your artwork <3 Especially your Danganronpa art! I'm pretty new to digital art and I was wondering what software you use and how you get such neat brush strokes? I'd love some tips! But anyways! Great work! You've got yourself a loyal follower :D

Hey! Thank you very much!! I’m using Paint tool SAI for drawing/painting (and Photofiltre for editing saturation, contrast, …).

To be honest, my strokes aren’t very neat. I usually start on a 3000x4000 canvas size and I resize a lot in the end. That’s the only way to get a clean lineart because I can’t really draw with precision since I’m using a S size tablet (to be more specific, it’s a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch CTH-470S). haha;;

So this is my brush for lineart and sketches (I modify density and min size a lot tho):

Sketch - brush size: between 20px and 30px.
Lineart - brush size: < 10px, but sometimes I use 14px for eyes.

And there’s something called stabilizer and this thing is a life saver.

I think it helps you to get a smoother stroke, as you can see below:

As for me, I mainly use S15. But on my old computer (rip), I used to switch between S10 and S15 (red highlight). And I only use those highlighted in blue if I have to draw long (and curvy) lines.

If you need to know something else, feel free to ask! ‘ v ‘

The Melting Pot - Chapter 3

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“I’m not so sure about this,” Lucy said nervously as she, Natsu and Levy stood on the edge of the beach, water lapping at their toes. Behind them Cana was sunbathing, and Juvia was quickly sketching in her notebook, her eyes constantly flicking to the woman.

“Oh come on Luce, it’ll be fun! Just look at Wendy, it’s easier than it looks!” Natsu motioned to his younger cousin, who was hugging the curl of a large wave as she stood on a sun yellow surfboard. Gajeel floated near by on his own dark purple board, keeping his eye on Wendy, and also on stand by if Levy or Lucy needed help. After an epic volleyball battle that still left Lucys knees stinging, Natsu had declared he would teach them how to surf. “Look, I’ll be right there with you. So will Gajeel and Wendy, we’ve been surfing since we were kids, we wont let anything happen to you guys.” Lucy was still a bit nervous. She was used to having the firm ground beneath her feet, the plan ride over had her shaking in her boots. With Natsu as her seatmate, it wasn’t as bad.

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