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how do you style you hair?! luv it

(thank you!) I put a little bit of this stuff called Fructis Endurance Hair Gel (the one with bamboo extract in it) on my hair when it’s wet, mess it up a little, and leave it be! When it’s dried I just rub my fingers through it and the tangles come out all soft so it looks bonkers and stays like that, but doesn’t get too frizzed out too quickly! I don’t have a game plan for the wiggles though it just does what it does :’D but yeah I haven’t touched a hair dryer or a brush in years.


Five ways to nourish the nails on your weather-chapped hands.

Autumn is historically the time of year we let our health fall a teeny weeny bit to the wayside. And that’s ok! But while we are 100% support of people taking that extra piece of Halloween candy, we don’t condone neglecting your nail health. With fall weather drying out everyone’s appendages, we’re forgoing polish for a few weeks and making sure our nail beds look topnotch when they’re not covered in color. BECKY PEDERSON 

CONCERN: Oily nails
Even if you don’t cook the rest of the year, fall brings out the homey baker in all of us. When kneading butter and flour leaves your nails gummy, this cleanser’s witch hazel extract removes oils that regular soap and water can’t quite get. The vitamin E and cucumber extract also condition and invigorate. Important note: Just as your face should be clean before applying products, CLEANSE should be the first step in any nail treatment application.

CONCERN: Brittle nails
Maybe you have brittle nails from washing too many holiday pie plates, applying polish too often, or baby, you were just born that way. Whatever the cause, STRENGTHEN can help stop them from painfully splitting thanks to its fortifying formula of calcium and Nonycosine-E.

CONCERN: Peeling nails
Once you’ve addressed brittle nails, you’ll want to lock in moisture so they keep their strength. HYDRATE uses aloe vera, with bamboo and cactus extract, to nourish nails and improve their flexibility. 

CONCERN: Overgrown cuticles
If your cuticles are so sharp they’re snagging in your mittens, an exfoliating cream with fruit acids is in order. ERASE uses potassium hydroxide to soften cuticle skin and then exfoliates the dead skin cells with AHA. The formula also contains aloe vera so your skin won’t dry out.

CONCERN: Dry cuticles
For a long-term cuticle solution, use QUENCH. This condition treatment uses a blend of cottonseed, soybean, apricot kernel, grapeseed, and almond oils—plus vitamin E—to restore vitality to nails over time. It seals in moisture to prevent brittleness and give your nails a revitalize look that will last through next spring.



The designer dishes on her two polishes.

The supremely stylish Victoria Beckham has worn many hats in her career—muse, style icon, and bona fide fashion designer. So, it seems only natural that she’s extended her hand to the world of beauty, too. Inspired by her latest spring collection, she partnered with fellow Brit brand NAILS INC. to craft two utterly chic nail polishes: Bamboo White and Judo Red. The Sephora Glossy chatted with Beckham to learn more about the collaboration, her tips for a well-primped manicure, and more. JESSICA VELEZ

How did your collaboration with NAILS INC. come to be?

I think what NAILS INC. does is really great, and when they approached me, I was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate. We worked really hard to put the Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc collection together by creating two shades that I am so delighted about.

Your polishes have a Japanese influence. What do you love about Japanese style?

I really appreciate the traditionally minimalist Japanese aesthetic and also the use of print in Japanese fabrics—in my spring ’15 Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection there were a lot of clean lines and kimono-inspired silhouettes, along with graphically inspired prints.

Tell us about the process of creating the two polish colors, Judo Red and Bamboo White. What drew you to those vibrant tomato and subtle bone shades?

We looked at the VVB collection and worked at creating two shades that directly correlated to it. I wanted to create my take on a new nude, and the Bamboo White polish is the result of that. It’s a great neutral tone that goes with everything. I don’t wear a huge amount of bright color, but when I do, I love sunset orange and bright reds. Judo Red is a great new shade of orange with a hint of red that’s perfect for summer. And most importantly I think both shades are new and modern—I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

The polishes are created with silica-infused bamboo extract and Stretch-To-Fit technology. How do those components affect the overall look?

They give a really glossy, long-lasting, and vibrant finish. The Stretch-To-Fit technology is so clever—it allows the polish to be flexible on the nail and gives a perfectly smooth finish. And the bamboo extract boosts nail health and promotes growth.

You reinvented the bottle design with Fabien Baron for the collaboration. Tell us how you brought your vision to life.

The bottle is based on the new NAILS INC. design, which we then slightly reworked to give it a unique VVB feel. I love the simplicity of the opaque black and white tones, and it has a real freshness about it that perfectly reflects the Victoria, Victoria Beckham line. It is such beautiful packaging made from Venetian glass with a hand-finished frosting.

What’s your favorite beauty tip for a creating a perfect nail look?

Cuticle oil. I think that is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your nails are prepped and ready for polish.

What do you find powerful about a beautiful manicure?

I always find it empowering when I see a woman who isn’t afraid to show her personal style through her nails. I think a beautiful manicure is part of that—great nails complete any strong look.