bamboo bali

BUILDING GREEN: blending traditional craft and cutting-edge technique, David Hornblow’s house in Bali is contracted almost entirely of bamboo - photography: Stephen Johnson - text: Aaron Peasley - styling: Michael Reynolds - AD May 2017

  • On the lowest level of the four-story master suite, homeowner David Hornblow dozes in an oculus chair by Ibuku.

Trinity Travels: Day 3 Part 2
So the GreenSchool that I went to, is the world’s most Eco-friendly school. Why? Well firstly, the entire compound (actually village too cos that’s where I’m staying) is made out of bamboo that is organically grown in the bamboo forest. The students there have special curriculum that educates them on the importance of conservation from grade 1. The recess food is grown organically by the school teachers and students and all the organic waste goes to the cows to create fertiliser. Not only that, but it is forbidden to own any item made of plastic in the school to promote the reduction of palm oil production. In the facility, there is an avian conservation programme, which houses and rears Indonesia’s extinct/endangered birds to be released into the wild in hopes of repopulation. Furthermore, the entire school is self sufficient. They get their water from filtration systems installed into the river near the school. They also have solar panels and a water turbine which provide for 100% of the electricity. (And more, which is transported to the village and villas like the one I’m in) Literally everything is recycled. Look at that whiteboard; ITS AN OLD CAR HOOD!!!! WHAAAAAAAT? Anyway, it was a really great experience and I wish all the buildings in the world put in the same effort to look after our Earth. If we did, it would be a MUCH better place.
Thought living-consciously would like this. :)

After being inland for a few weeks, we decided to venture over to Amed’s volcanic beaches. After Kuta, Padang Bai and Gili Trawangan, we didn’t know what to expect from Amed, but we heard the snorkeling in Jemeluk Bay was amazing. That alone is reason enough for a road trip. After a 2 hour taxi ride and a long walk along the beach, we found affordable accommodation (and a hammock! Yay!) at Bamboo Bali Bungalows.