Loo signed my drawing, said I was very talented and gave me a hug. However, she was incredibly upset because she had been told off, saying that she was spending too much time talking with her fans.

So, just as I was about to meet her, she burst into tears and I felt awful. She took a few minutes before coming back and I comforted her, told her that we all appreciated her and that the ‘big nasty man can do one!’ She signed my drawing and told the rest of us to come back a little later for a chat.


Bali’s bamboo architecture is sustainable—and spectacular

“There was a time when you could not be poor enough, or rural enough, to want to live in a bamboo house,” says Ibuku founder Elora Hardy.
A former print designer for Donna Karan, Hardy now leads an Indonesian firm that creates innovative, luxurious structures out of cheap, sustainable, plentiful bamboo. In a talk at the TED conferencelast week, Hardy wowed the audience with spectacular images that defy traditional notions of house shapes and construction.