Found a super cheap flight to Maui last weekend, so I rented a car and explored the entire island solo. I spent the weekend sleeping in the car, waking up at sunrise, driving the entire coast, photographing, hiking, and eating the local cuisine. I can’t say there have been many other times where I felt this alive in my whole life.

Maui, Hawaii. February 2016.


by stanley yuu
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“Bamboo Brush” day 6 of #Drawmybeast
When you are very hungry but you don’t want to break the flow.

Credits to @zatsukii for this amazing idea. You can participate suggesting topics, posting drawings or pics of your pets for fun ref, I can’t draw it all but I’ll try <3 AND don’t forget to use #Drawmybeast so I can post your work on my Instagram stories! @ramonn90 :D :D