bambi july


Home, 9:37 am. 

- Unexpected Visitors (3/3)

Addie: Aren’t they cute, Caleb? 

Caleb: I love Bambi!!

Addie: Oh did you name them? 

Gen: Bambi is our friend. 

Caleb: Mommy, can we adopt a Bambi? 

Julie: Sorry kids, not those pets, those are wild animals, we can’t adopt them! 

Gen: Bambi runs free but Bambi knows we’re friends?

Elliott: *laughing* That’s right, baby!

Elliott: Maybe another pet, though. 

Julie: Yeah, maybe. But don’t let them hear you!!

“Her name is Bambi?”

Sunday 12th of July 2015
Prompt 1: Favorite Episode(s)/Quote(s)/Storyline(s)

I love season 3. It’s my favorite season and the season that has the gem of War Of The Coprophages.

We get to see Scully chilling at home. She solves several deaths in a matter of seconds LONG DISTANCE like a magician. We get to see Mulder’s awkward flirting style. And most importantly we get Mulder and Scully at their partnery friendshippery best. I love their phone conversations.

Smart is sexy.