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Word Count: 463

Author: Bambi

“Shit, that’s hot” 

  You were cleaning, making the place livable while your boyfriend, Matthew, was at practice. He didn’t have much time to tidy up behind himself so it was more than a mess. You weren’t exactly in love with cleaning, especially other people’s messes in their own separate home, but you cleaned when you had too and you absolutely had to. It wasn’t as if he was living in squalor by choice, he was busy and admittedly a bit messy by nature. 

  So you cleaned swiftly, happy that you had decided to wear the outfit you did, just shorts and a tank top. It surely cooled you not only from the heat outside but the added warmth from near constant movement since you arrived. 

  But you were happiest about being on your last room to tackle, the kitchen. You wanted to be thorough and you didn’t know what type of nasty leftovers could’ve been in the fridge so you saved it for last. Turning up your music to raise your mood you got to work, silently cursing your boyfriend as you ran dish water for a sink full because his dish washer had broken months ago and he was too busy to get someone to fix it. 

  You swayed your hips to the music nonetheless, bobbing your head along as the song switched to Oh Na Na, a small smile growing on your face. You felt a twinge of pride in your heart once his part came on, his deep voice on recording for his group’s very first song sent shivers down your spine and adrenaline from the happiness in your heart. Soon the songs addictive beat took you, and you began to dance and bit more, twerking and body rolling perfectly in sync to the beat.

  “Shit, that’s hot,” a voice chuckled from the doorway.

  The voice startled you, causing you to turn and face the doorway, a shit eating grin on Matthew’s face as he watched you. You quickly paused your music then glared at him.“You scared me half to death!” you whined, calming yourself with your hands clutched to the countertop behind you. 

  He pouted a bit at that. “Oh don’t mind me, babe.” He said dropping his practice bag on the couch as he began to make his way over to you. “Don’t let me stop you from enjoying yourself,” he was nearly flesh against you, he kissed your lips quickly. “We’ve been dating for all this time and I never knew you could dance like that,” he said reaching behind you to grab your phone and press play. He grinned as he stepped back until he was leaning on the counter opposite to the sink where you stood. “Now how about you let me see it from the beginning.” 


Clay Hair Recolors Updated

New haircolor palette because I finally wanted to make my own without using mostly Pooklet’s colors. It’s still very similar to the old palette but a lot of the colors are not so shiny anymore. Also I got rid of a few colors, but I added some new ones. :)
My old alpha hair retextures probably won’t be updated to this palette, cause there are just too many. Sorry about that, but I hope you’ll understand! ._.

Here are the links to all updated hairs. They all have my new 65 colors and also new file names - so please make sure to remove the old files if you redownload them. :)


Happy kaomoji & pairings!   (.゚ー゚) x (´・∀・`) x (`・З・´) x (‘◇‘) x ノノ`∀´ル 

~ Satoshi x Kazu x Jun           (´・∀・`) x  (.゚ー゚) x  ノノ`∀´ル 

~ Kazu x Masaki x Jun            (.゚ー゚) (‘◇‘) x  ノノ`∀´ル

~ Kazu x Sho x Masaki            (.゚ー゚) x (`・З・´) x  (‘◇‘) 

~ Sho x Satoshi x Masaki      (`・З・´)  x (´・∀・`) x (‘◇‘)

~ Sho x Jun x Satoshi             (`・З・´) x  ノノ`∀´ル x (´・∀・`)

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

Being A Ravenclaw Would Include...

Slytherin | Hufflepuff | Gryffindor

* * *

  • Getting extremely excited when people start to talk about space
  • “DiD yOu SaY sPaCe?!” 
  • Having the best ever conversations with other Ravenclaws at 3am 
  • Getting frustrated at the eagle knocker when you cant figure out the riddle.
  • “Why is a raven like a writing desk”
  • “I don’t know! Can’t you just let me in it’s been like an hour!”
  • Listening to 90′s muggle music in the common room
  • Decorating the common room with art and poems etc that house mates have made 
  • the common room being so beautifully original and obscure that everyone just smiles when they enter it 
  • Having play readings in the common room where someone chooses and play and you all just sit and read for different characters
  • secret drinking games on Saturday nights 
  • Laughing whenever someone mentions how ravenclaw are the “goodie two shoes” of all the houses because you haven’t handed homework in for at least a month
  • Being able to get away with a lot and using that to your advantage
  • Going up to the tower after a long night and finding a group of first years who can’t get into the common room
  • “Don’t even tell me the fucking riddle, I have been in the library for four hours and I am so fucking tired so just open the fucking door” 
  • *Door slowly sings open the eagle knocker staying silent*
  • Being the second loudest table after Gryffindor
  • Not even caring about house points
  • Karaoke in the common room 
  • Watching old disney movies in the common room while pure-bloods gather round in awe at how cute Bambi is 
  • Using pens because if you are going to experience running out of goddamned quill ink again you are going to scream
  • Ravenclaw PRIDE