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more lesbian jily!!!!! listen to this: butch quidditch lesbians

  • “evans, you and potter are on the same team, please refrain from aiming bludgers at her”
  • lily to herself: “but she’s so hot what am i supposed to do” lily out loud: “she asked me to beat it, so i did :)”
  • the locker room is. tense
  • james to herself: “if we shower together ppl are gonna know and i’d rather die” james out loud: “can’t shower with anyone, i don’t wanna cause injuries with my hot body ;)”
  • lily honestly thinks that’s a fair argument but she rolls her eyes with the rest of the team 
  • when they win the quidditch cup the tension finally breaks
  • the team all slap each other’s backs in congratulations and when james and lily do they just don’t separate again
  • everyone cheers and james lets go of lily’s waist to give them the finger
  • lily doesn’t know if she’s more high on quidditch or on warm gay feelings but she just laughs against james’ mouth
  • they go on to be an iconic quidditch power couple and get tons of mail from young lesbians who look up to them
  • they devote every sunday to responding to all of them
  • “gotta nurture the baby gays so they grow up to be strong, sapphic and self-confident” james nods importantly, her glasses way down her nose like a caricature of a sexy librarian
  • lily, looking up from drawing nipples on the bludgers their quidditch stationery has: “don’t forget sassy”
  • a toy broomstick is the obvious gift for their baby’s first birthday
  • naturally, their adopted child inherits the sass

in conclusion, sometimes a family is three sass monsters who love quidditch and being gay. the end


He is half-way through the automatic gesture—taking the cup—when the phrasing dawns on both of them and John freezes, his fingertips touching Sherlock’s around the ceramic circumference that is suddenly, maddeningly, too small. John doesn’t ever think of this; the uncanny ability they usually have, despite years of occupying the same cramped spaces, to avoid touching. John doesn’t ever think of this; his own uncanny ability to remember, acutely and without trying, every single time that they actually have: The average human memory is only sixty-two percent accurate on recall are you alright punch me in the face we’re going to need to cooperate let me by he’s my friend.

There’s nothing for it; you’ll need to learn how to dance.

To the best of times, John.

from Within the Narrative by Dale Pike


If there’s no one beside you, when your soul embarks, I’ll follow you into the dark

rather tempted to change my url to silverliningjohn bc look at him, he’s holding galaxies and he’s so unaware. it’s the most precious thing and he’s so beautiful

“It seemed they had always been, and would always be, friends. Time could change much but not that. They were two halves of a whole, sharing a single spirit. It was the spirit of friendship and it was alive and well.”

6/? Sherlock + Winnie the Pooh quotes