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The list of demands read aloud by Bamby Salcedo at the Creating Change conference. Written text below.

Trans People of Color: State of Emergency

Purpose: To bring awareness and attention to the issues of structural violence that continues to kill trans people, particularly trans women of color.

Statement: Brothers and sisters in our community continue to lose their lives to structural, institutional, physical, and relationship violence. We, the trans community, invite the LGBQ and allied institutions at this conference to join us in putting an end to the violence that our community has experienced for many years. We are demanding intentional, meaningful investment in our community’s efforts to eradicate this epidemic.

We demand:

  • Funders and organizations, especially LGBT foundations and grantors to intentionally invest in the Trans Community
  • Support and acknowledge trans leadership to build and foster strength in our power.
  • Meaningful equity of resources in order to eradicate the economic and health crisis that our brothers and sisters face.
  • LGBT and ally organizations to hire trans people in leadership positions. We demand for these organizations to be intentionally inclusive and truly provide leadership opportunities for the trans community. If you serve us, you need to include us.
  • Investments in new and up & coming trans specific organizations and support their work in underserved areas.
  • Big-tent and anchor organizations to leverage their access to policy makers and funders and use their privilege to support trans-led efforts in eradicating the ongoing structural violence that our community faces

i made a diagram/infographic thing from the episode, though it’s from the top of my head so I’m not sure if it’s entirely correct; correct me if i’m wrong somewhere.

edit: I just watched the episode again and I’m now positive that the first ‘waking up on the plane’ is indeed still mind palace. Mary finds what they need to know extremely fast in the ‘waking up in bed’ scene as well as in the first plane wake up, so that would logically mean that both happen inside Sherlock’s head, just as @ilonasaurus mentioned in their comment. I’ve changed the chart to what makes more sense now.


If there’s no one beside you, when your soul embarks, I’ll follow you into the dark