Unsteady - Bambi at Coachella

a ‘Unsteady’ bonus story happening between chapter 20 and 21 (can probably be read independently).

Inspired by a conversation I had with the very lovely @eclair a while back. :)

Walking through the backstage area toward the stage entrance a couple of minutes before Otabek’s gig, he couldn’t help but notice the lack of nerves and stress he felt. Sure it wasn’t completely gone, not even close to it, but it was far less severe than before Ultra last month. Maybe it was because he knew what was in front of him, knew how it felt to play a festival stage, even if this was only the second time, or maybe it was because Yuri’s words had finally truly registered, Otabek wasn’t sure. Whichever it was, he was thankful for it, happy and relieved.

Instead of driving himself insane one thought at a time, he felt excited, almost looked forward to stepping onto that stage and seeing how different the crowd would be here than the crowd in Miami.

The Sahara tent at Coachella looked a lot like the stage Otabek played at Ultra, though it was far bigger, like twice or three times its size, and the main trusses didn’t build any shapes across the ceiling but, unlike at Ultra, additional trusses hung from the ceiling forming metal cubes, the stage itself sitting much higher with far more lighting and visual effects across a bunch of LED screens, like Ultra’s main stage but packed away inside a tent. It was Coachella after all, a festival that was definitely bigger than Ultra, and quite different too, though not specifically geared to EDM artists.

The crowd welcomed him with loud cheering and screams, a reaction Otabek was pretty sure he would never get quite used to, excited energy immediately tainting the air and coaxing a small smile onto his face. From the intro Otabek easily transitioned into his first song, one he’d played a couple of times already, something like a crowd favorite, the fact evident by the way the crowd started to jump and dance, their bodies colored in shades of green and blue from the stage lighting and the lasers.

As the first drop came around the lighting switched to lighter shades infused with lots of white, they lit up the entire tent and the crowd so Otabek could see them more properly. Surprised, and equal parts confused, he took in the sight of the sheer amount of Bambi themed apparel and accessories the crowd was wearing. This wasn’t normal, was it? Coachella had nothing to do with Disney, or Bambi, so what was up with all of it? Otabek had no idea and quickly tried his best to push his thoughts aside to instead focus on the set, on speeding up the beat just that little bit to coax more movement out of the crowd.

Curiously Otabek watched the people, the shirts and crop tops in whites and grays with different Bambi related motifs on them, the entire character or just its head, some girls even wore deer antlers and ears as headbands. It was simultaneously hilarious and truly confusing. Otabek had nothing to do with Bambi so how exactly did this happen and why?

Nonetheless the crowd went wild during his set, more and more of them getting into his tracks, many of them singing along with some of the lyrics, the volume almost deafening along with the actual music and the bass going hard. Otabek cold practically feel his entire body vibrating.

About halfway through his set Yuri showed up next to him, Yuri’s eyes looking out onto the crowd, a small laugh escaping him as he noticed all the Bambi stuff. After transitioning into the next track Otabek watched as Yuri pulled out his phone from his pocket, typed around on it and then held it out toward him so Otabek could look at the screen, his eyes widening at least two sizes as he read the tweet displayed on it.

Mila Babicheva @mila-babicheva

Listen up Otababes–Join me on my quest to prank (& show support 4) our boy by wearing Bambi themed clothes at his gig @ Coachella. Don’t worry, he’ll understand

Of course, Bambi, as in the nickname Mila had given him. He wanted to say that he should’ve figured it out sooner, even without reading the tweet, but honestly on his own he never would’ve made that connection, never would’ve thought Mila would come up with an idea like this. The fact that his fans actually rolled with it was even more shocking and crazy though at the same time kind of endearing.

With a smile Yuri slipped his phone back into his pocket and then disappeared off of the stage. Shaking his head Otabek returned his attention to the audience and his track bumping up the beat and bass just a little, building toward the next drop with a smile. Just as the bass dropped and the track turned even harder, almost a little frantic, the crowd going completely wild, Yuri appeared back next to him.

A small yet somehow mischievous smile sat on Yuri’ lips and in his eyes, his hair open, one side falling across his face and the other pushed hind his ear, a pair of deer antlers with light turquoise and white flowers around them sitting on his head where before the gig he wore a golden rose crown with spikes. Even his clothes changed from shades of black and red to brown and cream.

Just like the audience Yuri had dressed up like a deer, a blond and definitely way too hot version of that innocent Disney character.

Disney Mothers

A mother loves you 

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She teaches you about the world

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She loves to make you smile and laugh

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She watches over you

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She is always ready to protect you

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And she will fight to keep you safe

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She gives you advice when you need it

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And is there for you when you’re sad

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She helps you find out who you are

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And she learns from you as well

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She supports you and your dreams

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And is proud when you succeed and fly

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No matter how far you go, she’ll be there when you return

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No matter how long you were gone

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She prepares you for the world as best as she can

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But she hates when it is cruel to you

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The one that raised you might not have been a true mother

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But somewhere in the world you will find a mother

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Your mother might be a grandmother

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Or a sister

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Or an aunt

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Or a godmother

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But you will find them

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Because everyone has a mother somewhere