150504 Mark’s friend instagram update “Haven’t seen my boy in three years until today. No words can describe how proud I am of him for everything’s he’s accomplished. From summer school to making moves in the world. We made it my boy” #GOT7inLA #America #LA #my_got7 @my_got7 @mark_tuan @bambam1a @jacksonwang852g7 @cyjcyjcwj @yu_gyeom @defjeffb @pepi_jr #Mark #Bambam #Jackson #Youngjae #JB #Jinyoung #Yugyeom #GOT7 #IGOT7 #갓세븐 #아이갓세븐 #아가새 #마크 #뱀뱀 #잭슨 #영재 #유겸 #재범 #주니어 #진영 #사랑해요 #JYPNATION (at GOT7 in LA)

Poor guy, he got hacked by this girl earlier and she was so proud of it and attempted to change his password but thankfully needed an e-mail reset:

Her account ended up getting deleted and our poor boy apologized, it’s not your fault!

The girl ended up making another Instagram, Bambam messaged her to stop source

Bambam has always been kind and heart-warming towards us because he cares about his fans a lot (King of Fan service!!!!!). He replies to fans and constantly keeps us updated. It just breaks my heart how he must be feeling, I don’t want him to be sad.

iGOT7’s let’s leave heartwarming messages on his instagram/Twitter to cheer him up! his instagram twitter

I don’t know what goes into the minds of people who do this. Some people just go to the extreme just to gain “oppa’s attention” no matter what, and you’re not even putting a good impression to both the idol and the fandom. Fucking ridiculous.


the boys have safely arrived in LA! 
[cr. Jackson and BamBam’s Instagram: @jacksonwang852g7, @bambam1a]

I remember JB saying he doesn’t like western food much but I hope he’ll still eat well. But anyway, I’m so happy they had a safe flight and I hope that even if they’re gonna be busy, they find time to relax and enjoy themselves while they are there and that Mark gets to be with his family for a bit and all that gushy stuff lol

bambam1a: Happy birthday to myself~ And my Mommy~~❤️ we have same birthday🎉🎁🎂🍰 I just want to say i love you mom you are my everything I promise that i will make you happy forever❤️ And Thank You so much my IGOT7❤️