bambam you are shit

Got7 as shit my groupchat says v.5

Mark: “There’s nothing to expose because i’m a gentle person”

Jaebum: “kekekeke MY FOOT IN YOUR ASS BITCH”

Jackson: “My nana wants me to return these shorts i just bought bc “one wrong move ya big booty on display” “

Jinyoung: “me; slams my can of soda down in a quiet room to assert my dominance”

Youngjae: “I was like “Julie, that’s herbal essence not ice cream” “

BamBam: “d-d-d-d-drop the tots”

Yugyeom: “Friends who fap together stay together”

Got7 Reaction To You Calling Them Daddy During Sex

Requested by Anonymous 

A/N: This is my first reaction so I hope you like it!! If you don’t please let me know and I’ll rewrite it -Admin Vanillakookie 

Mark: “What did you say baby girl? Say it again”

Jackson: “That’s right princess..I am your Daddy”

Jaebum: *smirks* “Hmm that’s right..You don’t know how fucking much I wanted you to say that”

Jinyoung: *grows* “Say it again..”

Youngjae: *surprised* “wh-what?” **Lowkey gets even more turned on**

Bambam: *Teasing little piece of shit* “What did you say babygirl??Say it louder I didn’t hear it..”

Yugyeom: “what is it princess?”

  • Jinyoung *helping yugyeom and bambam with their math*: so if you have 69 apples left-
  • Yugyeom: *chuckles*
  • Bambam: *laughs very loudly*
  • Jinyoung: i'm done. *throws paper* do it yourself, you little shits
  • Bambam and Yugyeom: *still dying*
Things I've Learned From GOT7


Mark has taught me that it’s okay to not have an answer or anything to say. Sometimes silence is best to observe and watch what you need to hear or be taught. A loving silence often works best than meaningless words.


Jaebum has taught me that leadership is practiced, not so much in words, but as in attitude and actions. It’s important to make a team work. And although your team may not always need a leader, set out to make a difference. It’s not about the role but about the ending goal.


Jackson has taught me that you should always stick to your one true dream in life. No matter what you have to give up or leave, never give up on your dreams. Don’t be afraid to fail; Be afraid of not ever trying. Also to not take life too seriously; Laugh, cry, and always have fun.


Jinyoung taught me It’s okay to still doubt oneself even with success in life. It’s important to test. The way to discover secrets is to be a student of your own efforts.


Youngjae has taught me to never underestimate your strength, never overestimate your weakness. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It isn’t always about having the prettiest face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a pretty soul.


BamBam has taught me not to care what other think. Don’t waste time worrying and trying to act different just to please others. Do you, and the people who accept it are the ones who truly matter. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.


Yugyeom has taught me that it’s good to be outspoken and blunt  but there’s a very fine line between being rude and honest. Never confuse the two. Theres a time to play and a time to stop and listen.

As a whole GOT7 has taught me that fame and fortune don’t matter in the end, just as long as you’re happy. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, and learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. Always keep a goal you’re trying to reach. Be grateful for the things you have and the people who helped you along the way. Stay healthy by not skipping meals, appreciate your family and love unconditionally.

Thank you Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom.

anon asked: 😳 your blog is awesome so far~! can you also do GOT7 for the cheek kiss after a first date?? tysm babe

hi anon, you’re cute


Right before you parted ways after your first date with Mark, you leaned over and pecked his cheek as he told you some funny story about the rest of the members. I hope you weren’t looking forward to hearing the ending of said story, because as soon as he felt your lips on his cheek, Mark wouldn’t be able to speak or even think anymore. A smile would burst over his features and he’d let out a feeble giggle. He’d be blushing for a while thinking about it.


Ok so here’s the thing about Jaebum- if you kiss him and then try to walk away or say goodbye, he’s going to stop you from being able to do either of those things until he can repay the favor. Seriously, he’ll grab your hand if you try to walk away, a big smile on his face as he leans in to kiss your cheek and whisper, “Have a good night,” in his deep ass voice wow can i get a jaebum


Jackson would be loud. As soon as you kissed his cheek, he’d squeal/shriek and when you pulled away, he’d do a little happy dance as you walked towards your house. I think he’d turn to make some joke to you and only then realize you were almost to your door, prompting him to sprint after you and hold the sides of your face as he planted kisses on your nose, forehead, chin, cheeks, and well, if you want, he’ll kiss your lips, too. 


Jinyoung would be internally screaming when you kissed his cheek, but he’d play it cool… for about five seconds. As soon as you pulled away and he looked over at you, he would become a blushing, smiling, mess. He’d be really shy for the remainder of your time together, blushing whenever you looked at him. Right before you said goodbye, he’d pull himself together enough to ask if you wanted to maybe do this again sometime tomorrow 


After you kissed Youngjae’s cheek, he’d freeze momentarily, his little heart racing. If you tried to walk out to your house/car/whatever, he’d probably start to whine about how cute you were and claim, “Seriously, my heart hurts!” I think that by the first date, Youngjae would have gotten over a lot of his initial shyness through recognizing you returned his feelings, so he would probably stall you from leaving for a while just to ramble about how happy he was. 


After you kissed his cheek, BamBam would be losing his shit internally, but he’d try to play it cool, winking at you and asking, “Don’t you think you missed a spot?” while pouting his lips to convey the message. If you did kiss him for real, he’d freak out and turn into a babbling, blushing wreck when you pulled away. If you didn’t, he wouldn’t be hurt or anything and would probably laugh it off before kissing your cheek back and sincerely stating that he really liked you, want to meet up again soon? 


You already made his day by going on a date with him, but you kissing Yugyeom’s cheek really sends him over the moon. He’d blush a little and noticeably become 190832x happier. Whereas the other guys would move to kiss your cheek back, I think Yugyeom would pull you into a tight hug and excitedly explain how happy you’ve made him today and how glad he is you even gave him the time of day and this might last a while

  • YUGYEOM: our hyungs are such assholes, they always treat us like shit. Especially Jaebum Hyung.
  • YUGYEOM: why aren't you saying anything?
  • BAMBAM: ...
  • YUGYEOM: *turns around to see JB right behind him* shit
  • JB: BamBam, leave the room, close the door behind you. Don't tell the others, I'll give you a dollar.
  • Bambam: ...okay
GOT7 as shit my groupchat says

Mark: “no homo tho rite”

Jaebum: “i’m going to angrily take a shit now”

Jackson: “i just called my mom crying she hung up on me”

Jinyoung: “shut up you second class trashcan”

Youngjae: “ ‘You’ve all’ if you’re gonna spill the tea spill the whole kettle bitch what’s good”

BamBam: “I was having too much fun dabbing”


  • *bambam is messing with jb's favorite vase*
  • bambam: woah these is neat-o *drops it*
  • jb: *sticks head around the corner* what was that?
  • bambam: N OTHING
  • jb: *chicken pose* nOtHiNG
  • jb: stfu you little shIT STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF

Pairing: JB | Jaebum X Reader

Genre: Fluff, Humor

Word Count: 1.2K (it was supposed to be a drabble, damn it!)

Warnings: …Does BamBam count?

Summary: In which Jaebum wants to ask you out, but you beat him to the punch.

Requested by an Anon.

Originally posted by igotdefsoul

“He’s totally pining for you.” Bambam says nonchalantly, as he scrolls through his phone. Of course, he probably shouldn’t have said something like this when you’re drinking some smoking hot coffee, because it makes your throat burn from all the choking. Very uncomfortable.

“baMBAM!” You wail, hand thumping against your chest to allievate your erratic breathing, “You don’t say stuff like that to unprepared people!”

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anon asked: oooooo what would got7 do if you randomly sat on their lap and snuggled up to them? love your writing btw

thanks babe


Mark would melt. As you climbed onto him and wrapped your arms around him, he’d smile radiantly and laugh a little before hugging you back. He’d bury his face in the crook of your neck and you would feel sigh contentedly jesus i love him and would definitely not let you go for a long time. Expect him to trace little circles on your back, too. If it were later in your relationship, though, and this was a common occurrence, he would position himself to make you more comfortable and go back to doing whatever he was doing lmfao


Jaebum would’t know wtf you were trying to do at first, but when you snuggled into his chest, a big smile would take over his face. He’d wrap his arms tightly around you and sort of sit quietly because he isn’t the best at conveying his feelings but moments like this, where the both of you are safe and in each other’s arms, let you know how much he loves you. He’d totally run his fingers through your hair, too, and lean back so he can see your face better because jesus he just loves to look at you let him live


Jackson would act so excited as you sat on his lap, but as soon as you hugged him he would start loudly proclaiming that you were hugging him too tight and he couldn’t breathe. When you pulled back to smack some sense into him look at him questioningly, he’d wink and make some remark about how you obviously couldn’t get enough of him, joking of course. That said, he’d definitely hug you back, but it would be very very tight and you’d probably have to ask him to calm down a little. Jackson’s totally the type to kiss the top of your head once he’s done being a little shit, though. Cute. 


Ok so Jinyoung loves you and thinks you’re precious, but he wouldn’t really like you sitting on his lap. His legs fall asleep and he just thinks it’s uncomfortable overall, which is why he’d let you have your fun for a minute or two, but then would suggest you two move into a better position. Then, of course, he’d cuddle all you wanted, running his fingers through your hair and listening to you talk about your day. 


Youngjae loves it. He’d smile so wide you’d wonder if it wasn’t hurting him. He’d definitely find these types of moments to be one of the best parts of your relationship because he could hold you and bury his face in your neck or your hair and just joke and talk with you. And you’d love these moments, too, because you got to see this beautiful human being up close and personal 


Piece of shit. When you buried your face in his chest and couldn’t see, BamBam would immediately take a selfie of the situation with some cocky expression on his face.That said, he’d definitely snuggle up to you, too, but if you wanted peace and quiet, you weren’t gonna get it. BamBam would tell you every little thing that sprung into his mind and it would get very weird very fast. I think he’d get bored after a while, too, and would try to get you to go shopping or something with him he loves shopping ok


Like Jaebum, would wonder what the hell you were trying to do when you climbed onto his lap. When you snuggled into him, though, he’d happily give in and weave his long ass limbs around you. He’d smile constantly and talk about something weird that happened with the other members. Speaking of the members, though, if one happened to walk in for some reason or even just call him, Yugyeom will push you off his lap. Piece of shit #2

How Got7 Met You

Anon requested: I request… bum bum bum…. Got7! For your how I met them and Thangsss. Love your page!

Thank you for loving my page!!! I love you!!! I hope this is good enough!! I tried to be creative but in the end I just thought these were generic. :(

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7 Days of Heaven (Day 6 – Bambam)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson Day 5-YoungjaeDay 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Bambam (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Sense deprivation (sight), Bondage cuffs (leather), Softdom!Bambam (ASKGHDKAD), Fingering, Sweet Dirty talk (with Bambam’s sweet accent alksdghalksd), Orgasm Denial, etc.

Length:  3,633 words

A/N:  HI!!! SURPRISE!!  YES, So here is the 6th Day of Heaven (which is looooooooooooong overdue) feat. the “Who told you I am not big” Bambam!!!!  OK so… this is going to be straight-up smut, nothing else.  Again read the warnings before you proceed ;) Also, the inspiration changed a bit from the teaser, though it may still be a bit similar, but, yeah.  Whatever lmao.  Proofreading is also zero for this one, so my apologies for any errors!

Also, I am celebrating my first anniversary as an Ahgase and for reaching 2k+ followers!  I am surprised that I still gain followers despite being on hiatus for too long ;)

This fic is also dedicated to my bestie, @wearkpop ;) Love you to the bones!!

After the boys have recovered from your confession about Youngjae, they are contemplating if they should proceed in asking you about the youngest members of their group.  Jinyoung sighed when you stood up and sat on the table in front of them.

“I have not missed any member yet, have I?”  You placed your index finger on top of your lips; thinking.

“I think we have heard enough-“

“Yah oppa, I have not talked about Bambam yet!”  You cut Jaebum off and crossed your arms over your chest and the boys dropped their bodies against the couch, before they can even stop you, you already started.

“That kinky li’l shit.  That boy will be a fucking tease – a bit dominant but on the softer side.  Dirty talking will be his absolute favorite.. His accent is just too perfect in bed, imagine him groan and dirty talk with that freaking Thai accent.”  You giggled and Jinyoung stood up and Mark laid a hand on his arm.

“What?  You two had gotten off already, why can’t I?”

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GOT7 Reaction/Imagine ‘What They Think Of You When They First Meet You’.

Requested: Yes put two request together “What they think when they first meet you and where you two first meet.”

A.N. tried to keep it gender neutral through out the whole thing practically failed at it. Italicized is his POV and sorry its super long and sorry if this was shit. 

JB: At the bank(you know how some banks you can inside after hours for the atm, watch S1Ep7 of FRIENDS this is like that)- You needed to get some cash before you were to go out with your girlfriends. After hearing horrible news from your agent you just needed to go out, you were hoping nothing would go wrong; well that’s when your luck change you just didn’t know it than. You entered the bank late at night, thinking you’ll be alone but you scanned the inside to see a young man rather attractive using the atm before you. After he was done he stepped aside for you to use it but before you could use it, the power went out. There was a city wide black out due to the weather from the week before, so you were stuck inside the bank with a stranger until the power came back on. You can feel his dark eyes staring you down, now you just had to wait before one of you two spoke to each other. You both claimed a side of the room it was completely silent that was until your phone went off and wouldn’t stop.

 “Guess your boyfriend is worried about you?” His voice asked with a concerned tone.

“Hmm? Oh no I don’t have one, its just my girlfriends asking where I’m at. We were suppose to go out to make me feel better.”

“What happened?” He got up to move towards you to have more of a personal conversation, rather than across the room.

“I’m in the process of getting my book published and its just being put back and I have so much to rewrite a few more chapters before it could even get approved again. My friends just thought I needed a break from stressing.”

From that moment on you two got to know each other more and even exchanged numbers right before the power come back on and that was a sign for the two of you two go your separate ways. He offered to drive you home but you explained that you drove yourself, you can tell that he wanted to spend a little bit more time with you so you offered to meet up for coffee sometime you both weren’t busy. He gladly accepted.

A girl who has a passion for literature, she somewhat reminds me of Jinyoung-hyung, I really hope she doesn’t have his possessive personality. Wow she can probably go on for hours on her favorite things, its kind of cute. I really hope the power doesn’t come on till another hour or so, I need ask her out before we leave.*after being asked out* Why did she have to ask me out? I should have done it but I’m glad she did. Calm down Jaebum it’s just a cup of coffee with a really cute girl..

Mark: Pet Store- You moved away from your hometown for college and hopefully get your dream job at a company you’ve been dreaming to join for a while now. You didn’t realize how lonely you would be when you moved away from everything you once loved. You thought you could do it and not crack down and just go running back to your parents but instead you had a better idea. You got yourself a dog! One you always wanted and that was regulated to live inside the apartment. A light brown and white beagle, he was your guard dog and was the emotional support you just needed. It was a beautiful day and Max wanted to go out on a walk, unfortunately you had just adopted Max two weeks ago and you’ve been meaning to get him a leash because you forgot to buy one. Luckily there was a pet shop just down the street from where you lived so told Max you’ll be back and hurriedly along to get want you needed. 

As you entered the store you went straight to the leash section to get what you needed and get out. You reached for the classic black one plus it was the cheapest one too. As you reached for it someone else was too. You made eye contact with the person to see who it was and you were surprised to see a young man and with a rather small white dog. 

“Uhm you can have it. I can just get a different one.” You motioned for him to talk it, while you awkwardly back away to go find a different leash. 

“No it’s okay you can get it, I think she(my dog) probably wants a different one.” 

“Yeah by the look she’s giving you she definitely wants a different one.” The both of you laugh. 

“Guess you have a dog or do you just buy dog leashes for fun?” He was making small talk but you can tell there was definite slight dorky flirting.

“No I have a dog, he’s waiting for me back at my place. He’s been wanting to go on a walk today.” You pulled out your phone to show him a picture of Max and he wouldn’t stop complimenting him. 

“Maybe if its okay do you mind if me and Coco joined you for your walk? There’s a park nearby we could go to.” You said yes and told him that he could meet you outside your apartment after he was done with shopping with whatever he needed.

Wow she’s really cute when she’s awkward. Should I flirt with her? Oh why did i say that!? She’s laughing, she likes me. I well at least hope so she does. Maybe I should ask her on a date, no wait just a casual friend thing right now be nice to her. *after asking you out* She said yes!! Okay be calm Mark you don’t want to scare her away.. Now it’s time to tell Youngjae that I need another two hours with coco, this won’t be pretty.

Jackson: Airport- You’re plane was on delay due whatever issues and you were just dreaded it. You needed to get on the plane and go home. You wanted nothing more but to be in your cozy bed wrapped in your fuzzy blankets. Miles away and knew nothing in this foreign country, you only went to China for a business meeting but that ended up being cancelled due to the buyer dropping out of the deal. It just hasn’t been your greatest week ever and no matter what your week kept getting worse. No one else was awake near the plane gate, you couldn’t blame them it was midnight and after being delayed for several hours you would fall asleep too. Sleep was about to win but as you were about to go to sleep, someone had tapped your shoulder.

“Do you mind if I talk to you? I’m pretty bored and you’re the only person that’s awake, also all my friends are ignoring my phone calls.”

He kept asking you why you were here and more to get to you know type of friend way. Three hours had passed. Three hours of laughs exchanged, smiles and stupid looks (mainly coming from you because boy this boy said the weirdest things ever). It was finally 3 am when you were able to board the plane and the thought of you going home hadn’t popped into your head since you started to talk to Jackson. As the two of you board the plan you asked if he wanted to get coffee after you landed in Korea, he gladly accepted and said to meet him at baggage claim after landing.

Why is she the only one awake right now? Everyone else is asleep I know if I didn’t have that cup of coffee I would be pass out right now. She probably need someone to talk to, I should get up and go over. What if she doesn’t like me, what if she wants to be left alone. She’s really pretty I doubt she would talk to me. Worth a shot *during the plane ride* she’s the sweetest thing ever, glad I went up to her… Now just be patient about our coffee date. Wait is it date? or is something else? Oh god what do I call it!?

Junior: Grocery Store- You were raised on the idea of if you ever going to the grocery store on an empty stomach you’re going to buy everything that appealed to you and to be truthful you were probably about to spend your money on so much junk food. You can regret it later when you see your bank account right now your focus is on buying food. After spending 10 minutes in the fruit and 15 minutes alone in every junk food section there was you were finally ready to just buy one more thing and that was Oreos. A must have thing to have when you’re doing nothing but watching stupid romance movies that you secretly love. You were noticing the store was starting to become empty “Must be closing time” you thought to yourself. You continued along the aisle to get to the cookies, you reached the oreos and excitement ran throughout your whole body, its cookies; cookies are great. 

There was one boxed left of your favorite oreos the red velvet flavored oreos(recommend them, they are amazing) as you were about to reach for it there was another hand about to take the same box. Luckily for your love of Oreos you were quicker and grabbed them before they had the chance to do the same thing. You faced to see a young man just giving you glance of disbelief.

“I’m guessing those are your favorite Oreo’s or else you wouldn’t have violently taken them off the shelve.” A smirk came across his face when you made eye contact with him, he may be cute but he did seem like a douche. 

“Well of course it is, its better then all the other ones including the original.” You were ready to pick a fight with this guy even its about oreos.

“The original is the best one, everyone knows that.” He scoffs at your ignorance before you could pick a fight with him a voice over the sound system interrupted you. 

“The store will closing in ten minutes all costumers please head to the registers to purchase your items. Once again the store will be closing in ten minutes.” 

“I guess we’ll continue this at the registers.” You rolled your cart down the aisle and you noticed he wasn’t following you. You stopped right where you are and turned around and said “Well are you coming or what? Because I’m going to prove to you that I’m right and you’re wrong.” He gave you a dumbfounded look, he  seemed as though he couldn’t believe what you said to him. He gave a small smile and said “Enlighten me with how those are better than the originals.”

How do you strike up a conversation with someone at a grocery store? Do you just go up to them like a normal person and be like “hey what’s up” or do you say “hey you pick out nice apples?” Wait no what the fuck thats stupid, awkward, and creepy.. Okay she’s going for the oreos better start talking to her now or else you’ll do it…. She’s really cute when she’s picks a fight. How can someone so small pick a fight, I’ll ask her out once she’s done going on about how the filling actually taste like real cream cheese. She’s dork but I want to get to know this dork.

Youngjae: Book Store- If anybody knew where to find you on a Saturday morning it would be either in sleeping in bed or at the local bookstore picking out some new books. Today was the day for you to be picking out some books. What you liked best about going early in the mornings was that there was no one else in the store and you can take all the time that you want without feeling rushed. You walked along the aisles back and forth in hope to find something that would interest you. You finally found the book that you’ve been wanting to read but always put it aside for a rainy day. As you grabbed the book you took a seat on the floor to read the first chapter of it, yet time went on and you were practically halfway through the book because there was a plot twist after another. As you reading your eyes shifted noticed a person was standing in front of you just looking at you. You looked up to acknowledge this person that turned out to be a young man just staring at you awkwardly. He keep opening and closing his mouth as if he was trying to choose what he was about to say more carefully after 10 ten seconds of him deciding what to say he finally began to talk to you.

“I know this seems rather weird and I completely understand that you probably wouldn’t talk to me but I just bought that book last week and I just wanted to say you’ll probably be mad at how the story ends. Still its a great book and I really recommend that you finish it. Well hmm I’ll let you get back to the book.” He started to walk away from you but you were utterly confused on how you’ll be mad at the ending.

“Wait!” Getting up from your little spot you hurried up to catch up to this young man. He was cute and he likes to read, he’s a keeper and you shouldn’t let him get away. “Why would I be mad at the ending!? Wait. Don’t tell me I don’t want to know.. I actually do want to know but on the other hand….” You kept babbling on about how you want to know the ending and how you didn’t want to know. He kept looking at you blankly trying to speak at a perfect opportunity but you wouldn’t let him. After minutes of babbling on you stopped and upon looking at him you just gave out a little sigh and realized how crazy he must think you’ll be. He handed you a business card and before you can ask what it was for he went on with his explanation which was pure innocence and awkwardness.

“Before you say anything else, here’s my number maybe when you’re done with the book we can probably talk about it over coffee or food? Only if you want to maybe I’m not pressuring you into a date or anything its only if you want to. I mean this is completely up to you, you know completely up to you. Maybe it doesn’t have to be date it coul-” You cut him off because you just couldn’t endure the babbling on 

“I’ll give you a call when I’m done with the book uhmmm Youngjae. I better get going though, it was nice meeting you. I’ll see you real soon.” You gave him a shy smile and a little wave and walked away from him, hoping you actually see him real soon.

You can do this Youngjae just go up to the pretty girl and just start talking to her. Don’t get distracted by her pretty looks but she really is pretty. She’s reading a book that Junior was telling me about let me google so reviews… *after talking to you the first time* okay you said what you needed to say and just walk away. Walk away.. Should I say something about her be indecisive I could just ask her out on a date. *after you said you’ll call him* Oh my god she practically said yes to the date! She said yes oh my god.. Wait I just realized I need to read that book now.. 

Bambam: Coffee Shop- As finals were coming up one after another, you felt like you’re going to die from all the stress and lack of sleep you were getting. Living on campus wasn’t that great either people were always at the library taking up all the tables making it crowded and your roommate’s partner was spending the night at your dorm studying and well just having sex when you passed out from exhaustion. When your biology final coming up in less than twelve hours you need to stay up all night to finish study on the differences between the genetics and cells in animals and plants. There was a coffee shop that was open 24 hours only in final weeks for college students, it was that far from campus either so you packed everything you needed and headed straight to the coffee shop. 

Upon entering the shop there wasn’t that many people there, just a few studying and a few other just relaxing. You ordered your drink and got yourself situated in a corner table near a window, so you can still see people walking by. A few hours passed by, three cups of coffee and now you were nearly on the verge of killing yourself. “Do I absolutely need to go to college? I mean can I just sell drugs or become a stripper, they make good money.” All these little thoughts came to your mind because there was no way in hell you would pass this final. You came to the realization that you just couldn’t do it anymore, you started to pack your things but as you did that someone walked to your table to interrupt your train of thought about literally becoming a stripper.

“Are you okay? You seem rather stressed out, do you need help with anything.” Even though this young man didn’t know you it was still sweet that he’s offering help.

“Uhm I just have a biology final coming up in a couple of hours and I’m just giving up and heading back to my dorm so I can at least sleep or something.” The tone of your voice he can tell you were actually giving up on yourself.

“I may not know you but I can’t help you study! You probably just need someone to help you out. I’ll help!! I don’t have nothing to do so I honestly don’t mind helping you.”

*After helping you to studying for a couple of hours*

It was two hours till your final and you started to pack up because it was best if you start heading out now. “It’s time for me to go I’m sorry that you helped me, you really didn’t need to but I greatly appreciate it, Kunpimook.” 

“Hey I told you to call me Bambam, and no problem Y/N we all have to help people out once in a while. After your final maybe we should hang out, after you get some sleep.” You couldn’t help but laugh because he was right about you getting sleep. You agreed to message him later that day to tell him how it went.

God that was the worst thing I ever experienced who needs biology? Why do you need to know about all these useless things, but I hope Y/N passes her finals she really deserves it after studying so much. Maybe I should take her to a different café as a way to celebrate her getting through that hell. Would she even go on a date with me? I hope she does say yes.

Yugyeom: Music store- One of the good things about working at a music store was that you got to play your favorite music. It was your favorite thing just being able to play all types of music and jamming out especially when there was no costumers around either. They wouldn’t judge you but it was always just better singing along when no one was there simply for the fact that you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. You had the late Thursday night shift which meant that you were restocking up on merchandise, and doing inventory. It was almost closing time and there was no one in the store so you started to restock so the quicker you finish the quicker you can go home. You went to the back to grab the merchandise that you needed as you were doing so you heard the little bell ring which meant someone, a costumer, entered the store. You grabbed whatever you needed and headed back out to the sales floor. You see a guy looking around the vinyl section. 

“Do you need help looking for something in particular sir?” Even though he seemed like he was around your age you still needed to be polite and talk to him formally.

“No I’m just looking around to see if something catches my eye. Do you have any recommendations?” This was your chance to tell him about your own music taste without being considered weird, he did say if you recommended anything. 

You asked him questions on his own personal taste in music and tried to find something similar and modern to that certain artist he told you. The both of you got to talking and you actually had the same taste which was pretty great because you both talked about artist and concerts you’ve both been too. You noticed the time and it was way pass closing time, this where it would be awkward tell this guy that seems pretty cool that he needed to leave.

“Hey I’m sorry but I kind of need to kick you out, I need to lock up and do some restocking before I get off.” You made that really awkward face you do when you get don’t know what to do after you say certain things.

“Its okay I completely understand, I’ll come back another time Y/N, you know so we can talk some more.” He gave you a cheeky smile and waved goodbye as he left the store. You rolled your eyes and just smiled to yourself about meeting him.

Honestly I never knew someone would like the same music as me, the other guys were starting to hate me for dragging them to concerts and blasting my music hard core in the car. She was really cute too… WAIT! I never asked when she was working again.. Crap should I go back and ask? Or is that too weird? No, I can just call and ask if she’s working that time. Yeah that’s less weird.. Stalkerish but not as weird. Hope I don’t make a fool of myself when I see her next time.

Got7 Reacts to You Surprising Them at a Fan Meet

Hey guys. I randomly wrote this while I was in class, so I decided to post it. I hope you enjoy, and remember that my inbox is open for any requests that you guys may have. If there are any groups you want me to check out, send them in and I’ll take a look at them. 

Reaction: You surprise them at a fan meet. 

Basis: The dating ban has been lifted on Got7, but your relationship is not public. Jackson and BamBam snuck in for everyone’s reactions but their own. For Jackson, Mark snuck you in, and for BamBam, Jackson snuck you in. You’re wearing a face mask and hat. The order they are sitting in is (From start to finish): Youngjae, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, BamBam, Jackson, Mark, and JB.

1. Mark

     Mark would be extremely confused when you winked at him from under your hat. You didn’t want to speak because you know he will recognize your voice. You do aegyo at him, struggling to contain your laughter when he does it back. Your laughter clues him in to your identity. He would grab your hands and pull you closer.

     “Baby, what are you doing here?” Mark asks softly, lowering your face mask. Jackson pokes his head in between the two of you so he can look at Mark’s surprised face. You lift your face mask again, leaving a shocked Mark and howling Jackson behind as you move on to JB.

2. JB

     “JB-Oppa, you’re so cute!” You say loudly, making a heart with your hands. 

     “Thank you,” JB says, his facial expression betraying his irritation at being called cute. You lower your face mask, silently laughing at him. His eyes widen as you lift it back into place.

      “Jagiya, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for coming to support us. To support me,” JB says softly, offering you a kind smile before you leave.

3. Jackson

      “Jackson-Oppa, you’re my favorite part of Markson!” You tease, suppressing laughter. Jackson would know it was you immediately because you always joked that Mark was your favorite.

     “This couldn’t possibly be my Jagi. She would never do something like this,” Jackson says dramatically, his hat expression teasing. When you take off your hat and mask, he would gasp dramatically, causing Mark to elbow him.

     You blow him a kiss before moving on to Mark. Jackson would debate pulling you behind the table with him, but he would spend so much time debating it that you had already left, ruining his opportunity.

4. Jinyoung

      “Jinyoung-Oppa, your vocals are so pretty,” You say excitedly, bouncing in place. Your hands rest on the table as you lean closer,” I love you, Oppa.”

     Jinyoung’es eyes widen and then a smile blooms on his face. He lifts your hands gently and presses soft kisses to the knuckles of both of your hands. 

     “I love you too, Jagi,” Jinyoung says softly, releasing your hands reluctantly as you move on to Yugyeom.

5. Youngjae

      “Youngjae-Oppa, your smile is so pretty,” You say, lifting your hat a little and lowering your face mask,” Can you smile for me?”

     Youngjae’s eyes widen in shock. You were almost scared they would end up on the table with how shocked he was, but then, his expression becomes excited. He smiles brightly, his eyes joining to create a gorgeous eye smile.

      “It’s so good to see you, Jagiya! I’m glad you came!” Youngjae just barely stops himself from touching your face before you move on to Jinyoung.

6. BamBam (This little shit will be the death of me, I swear…)

     BamBam would know it was you before you reached him because you decided to wear a sweater you stole from him. Much like the mischievous Seungri from Big Bang, he would make you sit with him behind the table, introducing you to everyone who approached. He wouldn’t let you go until the Fan Meet was finished and everyone knew his girlfriend. 

     “What? I wanted everyone to know my Jagiya. She’s so pretty that I thought that the fans should know how lucky I am,” BamBam says, hugging you tightly.

7. Yugyeom

     “Yugyeom-Oppa, you should show me a few of your dance movies,” You wink at him, causing his expression to furrow in confusion until your control failed and you started laughing. BamBam is laughing silently next to him, unable to control himself. He would remain confused until he realized that the hat on your head was one you kept stealing from him.

     “Jagiya, how did you get in here?” Yugyeom would look a little shy to see you. Jackson couldn’t resist coming up behind him and slapping him on the shoulder, giving away his involvement in the whole situation. He would spend a few minutes debating whether he wanted to thank them or fight them, but by the time he made up his mind, you had to move on to BamBam, whose still dying.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! You can inbox me any requests you have from my blog or you can message them to me. 

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omg im dumb af i totally forgot bc i was excited sorry ok mtl likely to be up for ddlg for got7? sorry again

Don’t say that you’re dumb. This happens to all of us :)




Jaebum and Jinyoung: It’s their kink. These two are super Dom and being called Daddy turns them on like crazy. They want you to be their little girl and take care of you like a good Daddy does. You just need to call them Daddy and they’re immediately turned on and want to fuck the shit out of you.

Bambam and Jackson: They like to be dominant sometimes and they love being called daddy by you. Actually just like Jaebum and Jinyoung, but not as extreme.  

Mark and Yugyeom: They would try it and like taking care of you. But I feel like these two also likes to be dominated by you.

Youngjae: He’s a little too giggly for this. Whenever you call him daddy, he would like it but would also start laughing.

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Jump for It

Genre: Fluff, Drama; Spy!AU

Pairing: Reader X BamBam | Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Word Count: 700-ish

Warnings: Jinyoung’s snarky ass, attempts at humor, BamBam’s existence

Drabble Game Prompts: “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” + It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’. + “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” + “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

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You stared, for a while, at the ground below you. BamBam looked away for the briefest second, eyes flitting sharply at you, before dropping back to admire the view.

So, ready to jump?”

The two of you jolted at the unexpected voice sounding in your ears, and BamBam sighed. It was the comm, of course it was.

“What do you want?” You answered instead of him, knowing the idiot wouldn’t want to, “We’re a bit busy here!”

You two looked a little too busy, if you ask me.” Your eye twitched marginally at the sound of Jinyoung’s voice filtering through your earpiece, “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.

“Piss off.” You snapped angrily, eyes narrowing on BamBam as the black-haired boy guffawed helplessly. Would pushing him off the ledge ‘accidentally’ constitute as murder? “Can you give us an actual solution here?!”

Yeah, sheesh, give me a second.” In a tone that was uncharacteristically light for the technician, Jinyoung hummed thoughtfully, “Seeing as how you guys managed to corner yourselves, jumping’s the only way to go.”

“You do know we could die, right?” BamBam demanded, though the beginnings of a grin were starting to show on his lips, “Hyung, were you secretly waiting to get rid of me this entire time?”

Shut up, brat.” Jinyoung unknowingly echoed your sentiments, “You guys have literally 23 seconds to make that jump or get caught.”

“No way,” You denied, throat drying at the sight of the milling pedestrians as specks, making you dizzy, “Are you insane?”

You stumbled slightly, nearly tripping over yourself as you tried to pummel away the vertigo, only to feel strong arms wrapped securely around you.

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” BamBam grinned down at you, making you roll your eyes in annoyance, and hit his arm.

“Let’s just get this over with.” You said, just as shouts erupted from behind you and, turning around, your eyes widened, “Oh man.”

“True.” BamBam nodded, before his arms wrapped around you and you felt weightless, wind rushing into your face—wait, no, you were fallingoh fuck!

“BAMBAM!” You screamed over the roar of the wind, and his cackles, “I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!”

Just when you thought you were going to hit the asphalt, and die as a splat, you felt yourself being tugged sideways, breath whooshing out of you at the force.

Did you honestly think we were going to let you die?” Jinyoung’s voice sounded patronizingly, as you stumbled onto the rooftop, “You’re valuable enough to keep, you know.”

“Man, you should have heard her screaming though,” BamBam complained, shit-eating grin fully in place, “It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’!”

“You are going to die by my hands one day.” You promised him seriously, though hints of a smile tugged at your lips.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” BamBam gasped dramatically, and you immediately lost the grin, eyes widening at the brief press of lips against your cheek.

BamBam was already running for it before it registered in your brain that he kissed you, and you shot off after him, screaming at him to get his ass back here, now, damn it!

Ah, young love.” Jinyoung sighed, unheard, over the comm, “What a throwback moment.”

Written By: Admin Midnight