bambam you are shit

GOT7 as shit my groupchat says

Mark: “no homo tho rite”

Jaebum: “i’m going to angrily take a shit now”

Jackson: “i just called my mom crying she hung up on me”

Jinyoung: “shut up you second class trashcan”

Youngjae: “ ‘You’ve all’ if you’re gonna spill the tea spill the whole kettle bitch what’s good”

BamBam: “I was having too much fun dabbing”


  • Jinyoung *helping yugyeom and bambam with their math*: so if you have 69 apples left-
  • Yugyeom: *chuckles*
  • Bambam: *laughs very loudly*
  • Jinyoung: i'm done. *throws paper* do it yourself, you little shits
  • Bambam and Yugyeom: *still dying*
bambam singing monster by exo be like...
  • bambam: i'm dabbing to your heart, babe
  • bambam: because dabbing in your heart makes no sense and this sounds much better anyway
  • bambam: *hears baekhyun screeching in the distance*
  • chanyeol: holy shit, rUN BOY RUN- *is holding baekhyun back*
  • bambam:
  • bambam: *dabs away*
GOT7 Reaction To You Being Thai And A Childhood Friend Of Bambam


I’ve made this into more of a gif reaction, I hope you don’t mind!!


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*Finds it adorable how long you and Bambam have known each other but also uses the fact you are dating him to annoy Bambam*


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*Always brings you up when Bambam is being a little shit*


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“What was Bambam like a child? Do you have any embarrassing stories about him? Tell me everything!”


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“Do you have any photos of Bambam that I can use as blackmail!?”


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“What was Bambam like as a child, what was growing up in Thailand like? I want to know everything!”


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“Please don’t tell the boys anything, they’ll hold it against me for the rest of my life!”


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*Uses all the information you have as blackmail against Bambam*

Finding you with another idol

What would Suga’s and Jhope reaction be if (you two are friends, but he likes you =3) if they came to your house to find you with a cute idol boy (Like Bambam or Lay or smoke shit)

Suga: Huh? That’s how it is. It seems like I have disturbed you two.

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Outside: Hey! Didn’t expect to see you here! I brought some sweets, want some?

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Inside: You really had to lead me on, huh? This was supposed to be the day I confessed.

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Got7 Drama

You all are over reactive sensitive pieces of shit! And I mean this with the most love. Bambam said he N word Yugyeom drank marks friends are snakes Those are the facts. BUT they were Just messing around. I’m not one to overlook mistakes but you all are acting like a murder happened. LIFE MOVES ON AND SO SHOULD YOU!!! I do not endorse any form of racism and bambam was very very wrong but all of you are dragging him When you should educate him. Who made you think that the world revolves around your social rules!? Korea isn’t America. So: - all these people saying things like “who’s got7 I Stan got3” aren’t fans - all the people claiming their walk through the airport is a “walk of shame” aren’t fans - people who are threatening UNSTANNING are not real fans Bambam said himself that he is not perfect and he spoke out and was sincerely sorry so your asses can sit the fuck down. As for Mark’s “friends” they wanted attention and were videotaping even though idols are serious about their image. They are constantly saying “nigga” Bam just played along! IT ISNT RIGHT!!! t but you all don’t Need to go on a rampage like this. As for yugyeom, he drank big whoop! If you’re honestly offended by that then you’re a child that shouldn’t be on the Internet. My word of advice is to calm the fuck down. No one died. Get the fuck off their Instagram Pages if all you’re saying is “apologize”. OR THE DEATH THREATS It’s not that big of a fucking deal. Tumblr lets you all turn into self important bitches that think the world revolves around their morals, wake the fuck up. I do not mean to speak over black fans but to address fans who are overreacting. If you’re mad, you have a right to be I can’t change that by I hope you understand that as kpop gets bigger, they will understand that this shit doesn’t fly and it’s our job to teach him in a CIVILIZED MANNER. I hope I shed light on this fucked up situation.

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😍😍😍my jinson!!!
holy shit did you see mark’s unhappy face after he looked at jinson!!!! 😱
and Markson wore mario/luigi costumes kkkk Jackson looks soooo cute ❤ ❤ ❤
Jinyoungie masquerading as song joongki!!!! Wooohooo!!! 😍 what is leader supposed to be?!?!

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A summary of GOT7 during ASC's recent episode:

• “I’m not gonna push you off your seat. I’m gonna slap you off your seat.”


• “Yeah man!”


• Dabbing

• Whip and Nae

• Jackson’s ability to measure Yugyeom by bending the measuring tape


• Jaebum being done with his members’ shit

• “Oh excuse me, who are you?”

• BamBam’s cute version of Just Right

• “I can’t show you guys.”


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“You know life is hard to live, okay”