bambam pre debut

What He Never Told You (Part 2)

You sat there unmoving as Mark’s words processed through your mind. He was leaving. He was leaving you.

“South Korea?” You asked, trying to figure out what could be in Korea that would make him want to leave, but alas nothing came to your mind.

“Are you mad?” Your attention snapped to your best friend and crush who was looking nervously at you, trying to gauge your reaction.

A soft sigh escaped your lips followed by a small sad smile.

“I’m not mad at you Mark, this is something you really want to do right? There has to be something in Korea that’s making you go there so how can I be mad at your determination?”

Mark released the breath that he was holding before giving you a smile, the same one that made his eyes light up, the same one that made you fall in love with him.

You took a deep breath before remembering that Mark had actually said there were a few things he needed to tell you.

“So what else is it that you wanted to tell me? You said there were a few things right?”

At your words Mark seemed to almost freeze on the spot, another nervous look appearing on his face.

"I can tell you that another time. This was enough for tonight.”

Although you really wanted answers you didn’t want to push him too much, so you let it go and merely nodded.

As the night went on you learned that he wouldn’t be leaving till a few weeks after graduation, so you had the rest for the school year and then some to hang out with him.

Hopefully by then you’ll be able to tell him how you really feel. And hopefully he’ll feel the same way.

The weeks had gone by too quickly for your liking as you now sat down with the rest of your graduating class. Mark right next to you as always, waiting for both of your names to be called to receive your diplomas.

As the graduation ceremony went on your mind kept reeling to what Mark had said about leaving, and that he still had more to tell you.

"Are you okay?” You turn to Mark who had asked you the question before nodding.

"Yeah, it’s just hard to believe that we’ve finally graduated. It’s all over now. The waking up early, the rushing to class before that final bell rang saying we were late, the staying up late to finish our homework or our projects, the football games, basketball games, all the games, the terrible school food. Everything, it’s done.” While saying everything just now you realized that you’d really only miss everything you just said because you’d done them with Mark, and he’s leaving.

You didn’t even realize that you had started crying until Mark wiped away your tears before pulling you into an embrace.

"Don’t cry, I hate seeing my best friend in tears.”

You sighed at his words.

Best friend.

That’s probably all you’ll ever be, but you couldn’t accept not trying.