bambam is such a cutie screams

got7 as boyfriends

- the shy squish who’s not so shy around you.
- “are you alright babe?”
- he would make sure you’re eating well and that you’re always positive
- he would offer you his oversized shirts (it was big on him too) and would somehow never get it back
- kisses on the lips & hugs from behind
- sudden “I love you’s”
- driving you around while playing his kind of music (hip hop)
- always smiling because of you
- feeds you ramen
- intense eye contact


- the clingy and jealous boyfriend
- he forces you to eat organic foods only and peers at you when he notices something unhealthy
- grabs your butt & boobs jokingly
- literally always following behind you never shutting up
- massages after a stressful long day
- the best of the best dates
- cringey aegyo which you find adorable sometimes
- takes care of you like a baby & spoils you in unnecessary gifts
- doesn’t like other men talking to you
- never fails to make you laugh


- the intelligently sexy boyfriend
- offers you to read like he does to expand the mind
- shares his coffee with you
- always teasing and being mean to you as a joke
- stares with a death glare at other men who dare to look in your direction
- neck kisses that drives you insane
- showers together
- takes you on classy dates
- sips wine proudly while watching you open your tons of gifts from the shopping mall (get it)
- “I’m so glad you’re mine.”


- the hot boyfriend that has other girls’ boyfriends questioning themselves
- cooks for you all the time
- corners you or grips you when you do something he doesn’t approve of
- dominant
- always smirking and admiring you
- though you’re his, he still doesn’t like when you eat his fried chicken
- picks you up
- doesn’t allow you to talk to other men
- “you’re mine and mine only.”
- butt grabs


- the adorable cutie pie boyfriend
- short but innocent pecks all over your face
- always laughing loudly which makes you laugh
- pinches your face constantly as he showers you in compliments
- attempts English
- aegyo which is always cute
- always snuggling or holding you
- “we’re together forever!”
- both lovers & best friends
- dates to theme parks


- the fancy pimp boyfriend
- always showing off his long legs to you
- inhumane screaming at random times
- makes you wonder why you’re with this dork
- buys you a 60,000 dollar watch
- your wardrobe is full of things you’re too broke to afford
- drinks wine with you at the Eiffel Tower
- cringey as ever
- always being sexual like a middle schooler
- dirty jokes & inside jokes you both only get


- the giant cute boyfriend
- always praising you
- smiles and blushes just at the sight of you
- his clothes looks like dresses when he lets you wear them
- major height difference (depending)
- gives you things you can’t reach
- lap dances
- always teasing you
- “I’m always yours”

GOT7 Reaction: Their s/o holding only one of their fingers instead of the whole hand


If yous are alone he’d bend down and kiss your forehead. If yous are around people he would just slightly blush.

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Just smiles at your cuteness

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He loves it and finds it so cute. He’d fanboy over your cuteness.

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You’d do this so much that it doesn’t phase him that much anymore, but a small smile can be seen each time you do it.

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*Internally screams*

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“Cutie” *internally dying*

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GOT7 reaction to their crush asking them to go on a date


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He would be shook haha in a good day, he would love to go on a date with you.


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Can´t help but jumping around you while saying “yes, yes!!” till the world ends haha


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He would play it cool but would be screaming inside


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(ignore jaebum and bambam haha)

Being the gigly mess this cutie is, he would be very very happy to go on a date with you


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*gif says all*


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Just like youngjae, he would blush sooo much and can´’t stop smiling, he would say yes of course


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Heey, I hope you guys liked, and sorry btw cause I am brazilian so sorry if my english is not that good :/ aaaand you can request me anytime you want!



GOT7 Reacting to You Knowing Martial Arts!

Jaebum (JB)
I feel like JB would be really shocked when first hearing about it! Since your very strict on only using your fighting skills when deemed extremely necessary, when he did find out he was totally blown away, but was really turned on by it later on. And he couldn’t help but give a goofy grin when you were practicing.

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Mark would totally be into this. He wouldn’t treat you any differently and would even want you to teach him so moves! Ever since he saw you totally owning it in the gym, he was your number one fan. 

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LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY, as soon as he saw you in the dojo kicking butt he was so shocked and amazed literally screaming in the place “That’s my girlfriend, you kick his ASS baby!” He would literally tell anyone who would listen how his girlfriend is a black belt in taekwondo, such a cutie omg. 

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I feel like BamBam would be like your #1 hype man since he himself is literally always hyped. I swear to god he would be the type that if someone cut you off while driving, he would scream out the window, “HEY MAN, MY GIRLFRIEND IS A BLACK BELT HOLDER YOU’RE GONNA REGRET THAT!” 

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Jinyoung would genuinely be so shocked upon learning this. Although he would be worried about your safety 24/7 and it took some time for him to get used to it, because he knows you really enjoy doing it, he naturally supports you 100%

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This smol cutie would be super giddy when he saw you in action, he enjoyed watching you practice so much he would go to the gym at 6am with you just so he can watch you and support you. Every time you got hurt he would always rush to help you out or just give you some water when you needed it.

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Yugyeom would be extremely proud of you, when you received your black belt he flat out cried because he knew how much effort you put into it. Every competition you had, he was in the front row and he was always there supporting you!

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Got7 reaction to you doing aegyo

JB: I think he wouldn’t try to play the cool, chic guy he always does. Your aegyo would defo affect him, but he’d be playful about it.

“Jagi~ stop it! You’re making me shy” 

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Mark: “Ah you’re so cute babe but we both know that i’m in charge of aegyo! Just look at me!! Am i cute? am I? hm? HM?”  omg look at him being cute and adorable and asdfghj i’m done bye

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Jackson: “Wooo go little cutie! That’s my girl! You are so cute! OMG!” just loud screaming and  squealing tbh

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t show a big reaction but would defenitely love it 

You’re so cute jagiyah~~

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Youngjae: He’d reply with aegyo

 “Jaagiyaah~ hihi…. bbuing bbuing”

BamBam: “Ehh what are you doing… just kidding you SO cute baby!!”

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Yugyeom: He’d just love you even more. 

“Gosh jagi i love you”

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irrimanjungkook  asked:

For Got7 when they see you in something completely different from what you normally wear (you normally wear loose clothes but you wear something tight or something like that!) Does this make sense?

Yeah man. i gotchu.


Lil cutie would blush at the sit of you and laugh out of embarrassment.

“You look beautiful, love.”

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(gif doesn’t really fit but okay.)


*lowkey checking you out*

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v v similar to Jaebum except screaming at the top of his lungs.

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Is really chill, but is definitely staring at your ass.

“Oh. Wow.” *pervy thoughts*

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(please ignore jaebum. thank.)


“DAYMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. You’re almost as sexy as me.” *sassy pose*

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This could go one of two ways.

1) *pervy thoughts*

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2) *closes eyes and runs away screaming*

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I hope this was okay. <3

Imagine walking by Got7 and they do this. (Internally screams and faints)

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