bam... and then it hits you

the main difference between male and female

Aries: a female aries is lovely and charming, she has a spark to her that makes her determined to accomplish what she sets her mind to. She’s extremely erotic and open about her sexuality.

a male aries is very serious at first glance, almost shy but once they feel comfortable around you they get all weird with their drugs and anime fetiches

Taurus: a female taurus is down to earth, she appears to be quiet and softspoken but omg this girl has the craziest things going through her brain, and she will always to be hungry, is not always expressive about emotions but she gives the best gifts and hugs.

A male taurus is always really fucking strange, he’s super quirky, a gamer, addicted to game of thrones and always uses cartoon references. Funny sense of humour (borderline offensive) says love isn’t his thing, is the first one to fall.

Gemini: a gemini male almost always seems to be super attractive, either bc he’s the cute nerdy type, or the popular hot guy. really smart, likes to laugh a lot. Can be a real douche 

a female gemini is adorable and always in the mood to goof around, so freaking versatile, if she feels betrayed will spill out all ur secrets and call u out on everything bitch watch out

Cancer: cancer boys are huge babies, they are party guys, it’s all about fun and games until someone mentions ‘’love’’ and they will sit u down and ramble about what their perfect girl would be like. is always waiting on the ‘’one’’, has high af expectations but likes the simplest and most boring girls.

cancer girls are moms, they always hug you, but omg these women are so jealous with their friends, it’s like you can’t even co-exist in a room with their bestie bc they will give u the stinky eye, i can’t

Leo: leo girls are the funniest ever, end of story. they’re divas and vulgar ass men at the same time. Fashion on fleek, always looks high but it’s just their face. belongs in the 70′s.

male leos are friends with everyone, most popular guy ever, nice, likes to act all mean but it’s all playful. has a hard time settling down, deep down always wants more in a girl

Virgo: virgo women are fierce, they are softies on the inside although they always look anxious  on the outside, stressed 24/7, loves sex so much low-key addicted to it, organized but a big ass mess

virgo guys are intelectual but stubborn mofos, say a lot of dad jokes, god complex, act like they don’t know shit about trends but really loves buying clothes and dressing nice.

Libra: libra boys are guys who look like angels, so friendly and innocent, BUT BAM BITCH they hit you with their sass, they are flirty af but SO FUCKING OPINIONATED, will flat out say ‘’i don’t like girls who ____’’, expects for you to chase after them, they are actually explosive and get moody easily, really dirty jokes

libra girls are airheads, so nice and giggle all the damn time (it’s cute srry if i sound mad), they always laugh at what ur saying even if it’s dumb and not funny at all. always has a young face, most likely not very open about sexuality, modest, easily corrupted, ——–if u have a scorpio moon u are the devil regina george— :)

Scorpio: scorpio guys are psycho, 60% are sociopaths i swear, they never laugh but when they do it’s loud and crazy and no one knows why the fuck. always walk like they’re in a hurry, STARES, is a child 4ever

scorpio women are extreme, she will not shut up for hours and the next day will not speak at all. is sexual but probably a virgin, knows everyones secrets, jealous with friends, jealous with stranger guys, jealous with mom, jealous with pet, jealous with self. stalks crush and writes poems about him but will never admit it

Sagittarius: sag guys are soooooo cheesy romantic, i swear they’re the fourth water sign, literally so many emotions, likes art, falls in love so easily it’s ridiculous, IS ALWAYS FRIENDZONED OMg hilarious but with partner, lasts 4ever

Sag girls are the ones who friendzone, will forget ur name in a second, flakey, says she’s down to go out with friends and guess what, bish fell asleep.loves to gossip with u, will always wanna hook u up with her friends or find out details about ur crush. does the dirty work for everyone

Capricorn:  cap girls are outspoken, bitchy but if she likes you she will defend u till death (she’s still gonna be a bitch to u but a softer one), confident AF, always looks ready to go to a club, boys everywhere like girl where’d u get these bruhs from. everywhere you go, guys will flock them, will make u feel like a potato bc she’s so perfect. has a hard time making decisions and letting go

cap male is competitive, ambitious, smells gooooood, style on fleek, the funniest guy ever, dark humour, smart with money, is probably gonna be a CEO, mommy’s boy, loves whiskey idk, eats SO MUCH like more than anyone, is a puppy on the inside, fuckboy but diehard romantic deep down.

Aquarius: aquarius guys always look cool, bad boy, they look like they dont care (spoiler alert: they don’t) has like 219 ex girlfriends and another hundred friends with benefits, smart ass, feels superior to everyone, thinks he’s so deep, he probably is but can never show it so no one believes him.

 aqua girls are always popular, the quirky one, the one who likes things ‘’no one else likes’’, a huge hipster, simple but attractive, has so many guys who wanna be with her and she acts like she doesn’t even notice. has so many guy friends (theyallwannabangher but ok) probably artsy, has good taste in music

Pisces: pisces men walk so fucking fast, probably because of their fucking long ass legs, has a serious face almost like he’s analizing the situation but in reality they’re thinking about memes (has amazing memes), never follows his heart, has strong feelings but rarely ever acts on them. is in love with someone they dont know, always has that little shine in their eyes

pisces girls are always the cute girl, the baby, the good one. deep down these girls will say dirty shit and has that evil side that always wants to come out and play, easily makes friends, is a disney princess and loves warm things. 

  • Psychic: -reads my mind-
  • my mind:
  • JD (spoken):
  • All is forgiven baby! Come on, get dressed. You're my date to the pep rally tonight!
  • (sung)
  • You chucked me out like I was trash,
  • For that you should be dead—
  • But! But! But!
  • Then it hit me like a flash,
  • What if high school went away instead’
  • Those assholes are the key!
  • They’re keeping you away from me!
  • They made you blind, messed up your mind
  • But I can set you free!
  • You left me and I fell apart,
  • I punched the wall and cried—
  • Bam! Bam! Bam!
  • Then I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside!
  • And so I built a bomb
  • Tonight our school is Vietnam!
  • Let’s guarantee they’ll never see their senior prom!
  • I was meant to be yours!
  • We were meant to be one!
  • Don’t give up on me now!
  • Finish what we’ve begun!
  • I was mean to be yours!
  • So when the high school gym goes boom with everyone inside—
  • Pchw! Pchw! Pchw!
  • In the rubble of their tomb
  • We’ll plant this note explaining why they died!
  • JD AND STUDENTS (spoken):
  • We, the students of Westerburg High
  • Will die. Our burnt bodies may finally get through
  • To you. Your society churns out slaves and blanks
  • No thanks. Signed the Students of Westerburg High
  • ‘Goodbye.’
  • JD (sung):
  • We’ll watch the smoke poor out the doors.
  • Bring marshmallows,
  • We’ll make s’mores!
  • We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!
  • I was meant to be yours!
  • We were meant to be one!
  • I can’t make this alone!
  • Finish what we’ve begun!
  • You were meant to be mine!
  • I am all that you need!
  • You carved open my heart!
  • Can’t just leave me to bleed!
  • Open the—open the door, please’
  • Veronica, open the door.
  • Veronica, can we not fight anymore’
  • Please, can we not fight anymore’
  • Veronica, sure, you’re scared,
  • I’ve been there. I can set you free!
  • Veronica, don’t make me come in there!
  • I’m gonna count to three!
  • (spoken) One! Two! Fuck it!
  • (JD kicks open the closet door. Veronica dangles from an improvised bedsheet noose)
  • JD-
  • (spoken) Oh my God! ‘No! ‘Veronica’!
  • (sung)
  • Please don’t leave me alone’
  • You were all I could trust’
  • I can’t do this alone’
  • Still I will if I must!
  • Psychic: What the fuck
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: MARK
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: JB, JACKSON
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: YUGYEOM, YOUNGJAE
  • looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: JINYOUNG
  • is a sinnamon: BAM BAM
Boku No Hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

Commence Study Groups!

そろそろの勉強会: Chapter 1, Part 2 [click here for part 1] [Part 3]

(t/n: for some reason I found this quite hard to translate, but it was a quick short part before they switched back to yaomomo and gang, nonetheless enjoy the bakushima! p.s dont forget to read part 1!!! ^_^)

Around the same time, there was another study group beginning at the library.

“I’m counting on you Bakugou!”

“Shut it, you and your shitty hair!” The two voices of Kirishima Eijirou and Bakugou Katsuki could be heard, they were sat by a window in a well-lit room around them sat adults and children shooting them glares because they were making too much noise.

“I’m really sorry!” Kirishima becomes flustered by the people around him and apologises, but even so his voice was still really loud!

“Ohoho, you’re quite a lively young man aren’t you?” An old man gestured at Kirishima with a smile. Because today was a Sunday, it was more lively than usual at the library, families brought along their immature children, many students were looking for study materials and there were a bunch of old people too which was causing major congestion at the library.

Why did these two decide to form their own study group? They could have joined Yaoyorozu’s group you say? Well, after the curriculum results were posted, Yaoyorozu was in 1st place, and Bakugou was in 3rd place. Kirishima saw Kaminari and the others beg Yaoyorozu for help because between Bakugou and Yaoyorozu, Kirishima could see why.

“Oi, you bastard! Do you want to die?! I can also teach!” Henceforth, Kirishima decided to take him up on his offer. By the way Kirishima placed 15th.

“Listen, I don’t think my house is gonna be okay..” Kirishima can hear how loud his voice is, so he tries to suppress it.

“What? We can’t go to yours? How annoying” Bakugou replies in a monotonous tone, he doesn’t care where they go to be honest.

“What about yours?”

“hahhh? Mine? The old hag won’t be able to shut up… tch, you done with your chattering yet?!”

“oh.. ah.. sorry…” (t/n kiri u precious beb >.<)

Kirishima keeps taking his surrounding into consideration, not wanting to cause any more ruckus he becomes small. The library rules were strict about not making no noise, but along time ago this probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. However, he has to receive as much as possible now or he won’t be able to attend the lodge camp!

“Are you gradually giving up huh? You idiot, IDIOT!”

“I’m not an idiot…? I’m not an idiot! But I am.. more of an idiot than you so that’s why you gotta teach me!”

“tch, I’m just gonna explain it once so you better do it quick!”

“oh… ahhh!”

“Hurry up and show me the first problem!”

“ahhh okay, so first one is this…” Kirishima didn’t really bother with his surrounding anymore, he opens up the textbook he brought along and pointed at the first problem he was stuck on.. an application of quadratic formulas.

“ah, isn’t mathematics refreshing?!”

“That’s an easy problem…” Said Bakugou, who barely gave it a thought and nonchalantly wrote down the answer.

“BAM in one go..”

Kirishima’s eyes became dots (?) and he forces a bitter smile.

“Dude, not the answer, I want you to teach me the method on how to get the answer”

“I didn’t give you the answer, I followed the given calculations are you an idiot?”

“But if you do it like that, I won’t understand”

“hah? you can’t even do mathematics calculations?”

“no no, I mean I just want you to teach me the skills to do good calculations!”

“If you don’t do this, I’m going to actually hit you!”

“You don’t get me! That was too easily done!”

“So, maybe you should do something about it then…” Whatever he says, Bakugou seriously just mocks Kirishima. 

Kirishima grabs his own hair, while Bakugou’s hair is untouched, he just looks at the given outline and then everything becomes logical. In other words, there is no hardship to studying for this guy, but Kirishima will never understand not understanding hardship (t/n: this was kinda what they were going for in the l/n but it doesnt rly make sense right?)

“This is basic calculations ok, if you just apply it here, then you done” That was the best advice Bakugou could give to Kirishima who tries to fight back tears while giving a thumbs up.

“Can you teach me in a manly way?!”


Bakugou’s eyebrows drew together while he watched Kirishima’s behaviour as the area between his brows deepen. 

“Wait, Don’t tell me… you bastard! You better not ask me to teach you the times table!”

shhh, the people around them had their fingers pressed to their lips signalling for them to be quiet. Looks like Bakugou has become no.1 loudest today even if it was unintentional! Kirishima goes red with embarrassment however, Bakugou chuckles a bit he couldn’t help but find pleasantness in kirishima’s suffering. 

“tch, hand it over, You can say your times table right…”

Kirishima was still apologising to the numerous eyes around them, suddenly there was a little boy with a picture book in his arms approaching them. He had cute, round pupils and stopped right in front of Bakugou.

“hah? what you want kid?”

“huh, you lost kid?” Kirishima asked the kid worringly.

“no-no” the kid shakes his head and points his fingers towards Bakugou.

“You’re the nii-chan who won the yuuei festival and got tied up right?” (t/n: this was hard to translate bc it was written quite.. brokenly? bc a kid..)


“Why did they tie you up? Is it because you couldn’t shut up? They should tie you up at the library too then, don’t you think?” (t/n ohhhh snapppp kid!)

At the yuuei festival it was pretty extreme to bind up Bakugou hands, though he was the overall winner and on the victory platform they had to restrict his mouth to stop him from grinding his teeth! 

The kid was just innocently pointing out the real result that didn’t come out of the event because Todoroki purposely lost and fell out the arena, they should have terminated Bakugou’s victory. 

Bakugou at this point has lost all patience and explode.


Kirishima tried to stop him as soon as possible before the library goes up in a huge explosion, Bakugou’s roared echoed throughout the building. For the kid, this was the first time in his life another person has shouted in front of him, you can see his eyes begin to shake, and his face distorts- and so, a storm like cry started reverberating in the library!

“SO SO SO SORRY, WE’RE REALLY SORRY!!!” Kirishima used to ruckus to escape, dragging Bakugou along with him, he worries about his participation in the lodge camp.

t/n short and sweet! but it goes back to Yaomomo’s group now, translation for that will have to wait a while ;n; sorry! but please remember, try to refrain from reposting or atleast credit!


Heart Race [George Weasley x Reader]

A/N: I’ve literally posted this like six times because I can’t figure out how to italicize on mobile because the mobile version is trash lmao  I’m so mad rn ugggh. I tried that stupid code italicize but it didn’t work but it works when I test it out and ugghhh I hate this app

Word Count: 3,340

Warnings: mild language like twice. Not proof read. Possible ooc characters. 

Summary: (Name) met George in her third year after being pushed down. After another year, what will happen when George has to find a way to keep his feelings for her in check?


To say she was shy would be an understatement.

She had a quiet voice, but a loud mind. That loud mind of hers was full of brilliant facts and opinions, but the quiet voice that she had held everything back.

And to say that it bothered George would be an understatement as well.

No, George was almost offended that she refused to speak your mind. He couldn’t really understand why (Name) felt the need to hide all of her wonderful thoughts, but that didn’t mean he didn’t respect it.

George and his twin met (Name) when she came to Hogwarts at the age of eleven. At the time they were second years who in all honesty didn’t care much for her.

It’s not like they disliked her, they just didn’t know her well enough to care.

However, that all changed when they witnessed her being pushed down in her third year by some fourth year jerks.

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don’t you go (l.h.)

warning: mild violence and smut

word count: 7k+

songfic based on all time low’s “don’t you go”

I didn’t really know why I felt the need to get so dressed up for this party, it wasn’t like I was even going to be there longer than what would please my friends. They had begged me to come for days on end, claiming it was going to be the best party of the year. Considering it was a New Year’s party on a Friday night, I had a feeling it would pretty packed. I for one would rather be at home with my boring boyfriend, in my boring apartment, watching the boring broadcasting of Times Square as the ball dropped tonight. Apparently my friends had other plans, not allowing me to do so another year in a row.

My shaky hands were doing a surprisingly good job at applying the thin eyeliner, bringing out my eyes just enough for my liking. My outfit was a bit more dressy than I would normally choose. My top was black, the solid material cut off just above my chest and transforming into an elegant lace that traveled up to my neck, sleeveless. The skirt which it was tucked into was a light mint green that reached just above my knees, and black strappy heels. My hair was in light waves, coming down center back. I felt like I was wasting such a nice outfit on such an insignificant night.

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Got7 Reaction to You Hitting their Butt and Saying “Approved.”

A/N: This may be all over the place, I tried my hardest with this one, mate. Anywhoo, I hope you like it, and to anyone looking to request–make sure to check out the guidelines, I hear it’s a pretty good read.


When getting ready one morning, in order to brighten up the normal and drab everyday routine, you figured that it would be fun to mess around and have some fun. You would turn on music and dance around Jaebum while he would be brushing his teeth, to which he would just smile and laugh at you slightly while shaking his head. It wasn’t until you slapped his butt and stated: “Approved.” where he put his toothbrush down and looked at you through the mirror, his head cocked with an amused expression on his face. Since it was a bit random, he would ask “What was that for?” and then continue to chuckle while carrying on with his morning routine.


Mark would be getting some water in the kitchen when you slowly crept up behind him and slapped his butt. “You have my stamp of approval, babe.” You would say after slightly startling him. He would probably become slightly energetic and want to try to get you back by chasing you around the house, so a few minutes of running and giggling ensued until he claimed he couldn’t catch you anymore. “But why does the stamp of approval have to be on my butt?” He would ask as you both would be catching your breath from running so much.


You both would be hanging out with the guys doing whatever, basically just having fun and talking as you do. You were sitting beside Jackson, and when he got up to get something, you slapped his butt and stated “Approved.” which caused fits of laughter from the other boys sitting around you. He looked back at you with an exaggerated shocked expression, trying to hold back his own laughter. He then turned to the boys and whispered “That girl is always looking for a reason to touch my butt, I swear!”


This one threw me through a loop because on one hand I feel like he would probably be a little quiet and unobtrusive about it, but on the other hand, I was thinking he would be more playful. So on some careful deliberation (2 seconds to be exact), I decided that he would react relatively shy. Allow me to explain: upon slapping his butt while saying “Approved.” he would probably act a bit sheepish and keep a smile on his face while walking over to where you ran to after you did it. He would probably be amused (in a quiet way, of course, because he wouldn’t want to draw attention to the situation that much). “We’ve been dating for a while now, and you’re just getting to approving me? Wow.” He would state as he kept the grin on his face with his arms crossed.


Who put you up to this, you know that this little fluff would absolutely melt in fits of laughter, even if he’s slightly confused. Honestly, if you slapped his butt around people he would probably be a tad shy and turn red, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like how playful you were around him. He loves the constant “back-and-fourth” playfulness you both share. He would cover the spot you hit on him and run away to safety while trying to make you promise not to do it again, although he’s “glad you approve of your relationship.”


I dont think Bam would be terribly shy about the matter. When you hit his butt from behind him and whispered “Approved” in his ear with a slight giggle, he would immediately try to turn around and get you back. “I’m the one that should be approving things!” He would yell while chasing you around your shared living space. Now, we all know this man is full of energy, so I’m not even going to tell you good luck getting away from him because you’re going to lose and we both know it. Once he catches you, he would mimic the hitting motion you made while stating a very much louder “Approved” directly in your face.


While around the rest of the group, it was always super playful and fun. You liked to join in on the usual antics and pranks, and was normally the one who started half of them. While walking past Yugyeom, you casually slapped his butt and said “Approved!” in a sing-song kind of voice. The rest of the members would smile and wait in anticipation of his reaction, eventually bursting into laughter as he held a shocked expression on his slightly blushed face.

Smut hoe is back? *temporarily*


I’ve been working on this fic for like ever. and I never finished it.  And tonight  decided to. The *smutty* part isnt that good but whatever. I did it.

“Bottled up”

You x Jackson Wang (GOT7) 

Feat best friend Bam Bam (non-sexual friendship)

Rated M 


One Shot.

*Disclaimer*: If you dont like smut dont read it.  Just dont do it. 

“You didn’t have to pay for my flight! What the hell Bam!” You yelled on the phone with your best friend Bam Bam.  You had discovered a notification in your email that your round trip to Thailand was booked. Only you didn’t book anything yet.

“Just think of it as a late birthday present,” He said laughing.” “I can afford it love.”

“Yeah but you know I’ve been saving up to come to Thailand! I got the money silly.”

“Use it to go shopping!” He said, chuckling in the phone.  You hated when Bam Bam paid for you. Especially because you work.  Sure he was your best friend and an idol, but you didn’t want to use him for his money. Your eyes rolled. You wanted to make it up to him but had no idea how. The boy had everything. He was the fashion king so you couldn’t buy him a new outfit. He’s already ahead of the fashion game.

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favorite headcanon

At least I think that’s today’s theme.  I am very behind oh wow.

My favorite headcanon: Mr. Lancer figured it out.  He knows about Danny.

If you pay attention to his characterization throughout the series, he goes from a pretty mean teacher, adding more antagonism to Danny’s already stressful world, to a really, truly understanding adult figure in Danny’s life.  

He begins the series with a huge bias towards Dash, athletes, and the popular crew for some reason.  But once you hit “Teacher of the Year,” BAM.  Something changes, and Mr. Lancer doesn’t really retreat back into that stereotypical version of himself again.  

In “TotY,” he is hard on Danny, as usual, but he explains that it’s because he sees great potential in Danny and thinks he has a lot more to offer.  Considering his parents are scientists and his sister is the smartest kid in school, this is a totally valid assumption, and it becomes founded when Danny actually sits down with Lancer to study and applies himself.  He gets an A, and Lancer is proud.

I think he keeps a particularly close eye on Danny after this.  The kid clearly has the potential to do great things and get good grades, but he doesn’t apply himself.  Why?  

It’s not like Mr. Lancer has a riveting personal life to speak of (“Fright Before Christmas”), so it’s pretty reasonable to say he spends a lot of time thinking about his students and his lesson plans.  I mean, the dude is like the English teacher who sometimes teaches some Science and History and possibly Math (even though he hates math??) and is a camp counselor and seems to have a lot of authority so maybe Vice Principal too?  He puts a lot into his work.  And I think he puts a lot of thought into his students.

We see a similar side to him again in TUE, in which he is hard on Danny but cuts him some slack in the end.  As though he knows there’s something else, something bigger, going on in the boy’s life to drive him to desperate measures.  

He goes from being extremely and irrationally hard on Danny (giving him detention in early episodes basically just for existing) to being much softer and more forgiving, treating Danny with a special kind of respect.

I gif’d this scene because I feel like it’s a subtle reference to the possibility that he knows.  Danny (as Phantom) is up on stage with Tucker, Sam and Jazz during this presentation.  When it’s over, the first people to clap in support are the Fentons, and the next?  Is Mr. Lancer.

He claps before Tucker’s own parents.  Or Sam’s.  And then he mentions all of them collectively when he sardonically comments that “They never put that much effort into their school work.”


I doubt he’s including Jazz in this statement, and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume he’s just talking about Sam and Tucker.  But the only two doing the actual talking/presenting are Danny and Tucker.

Danny as Phantom.  And Tucker.

And this supports my favorite headcanon that Lancer figured it out and kept it quiet, gradually coming to understand Danny and his predicament.  He really is responsible and driven, but grades, Lancer finds out, are not his first priority.  And that’s why he treats him differently, with more empathy, as the series goes on.

Because he knows.

Got7 Reaction: Girlfriend Bringing Food Over
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • Inbox is OPEN
  • Masterlist


Upon seeing you come into the JYP Dance studio, Mark would be shocked to see you here as it was already really late at night. Mark quickly comes over to help you carry the food while passing it out to the rest of the Got7 members. He’d praise you quietly that all the food is only so delicious because it’s made out of “LOVE” (for him only), and thanks you sincerely for cooking all the food and delivering it to him.

“The food is really good. Thank you so much, babe.”


Jaebum would jump at the sound of the door closing at the JYP recording room, he was so focused on writing his lyrics, he wouldn’t even notice you slipping into the room with bags of dinner. Jaebum would be really touched but he’d eat quietly and polish everything. Jaebum would probably also be a little mad at himself for causing you to come out alone so late just to deliver him food. 

“Sorry for making you come all the way, thank you. Wait for me to finish up so we can go home together.”


Jackson would squeal the sight of you coming into the got7 dorm with bags of delivery fried chicken. He runs over to you, completely ignoring the “meeting” he currently is with his members. Jackson would have a hard time trying to share food with the rest of his members because it’s FRIED CHICKEN his GIRLFRIEND bought for HIM. You’d laugh at his childishness and share to the rest of got7. The “meeting” eventually just kind of turns into a huge dinner banquet.

“I love fried chicken, but I love you more, baby. Thank you.”


The moment Jinyoung sees you walking into the movie set, he tears up a little as lord know how much stress he’s under with this new movie production and on top of that, he was hungry. Jinyoung would feel so blessed in his heart as you walk towards him with a small smile on your face and he sees the familiar lunch box bag that contains his dinner. He’d give you a small hug and sit you down on his director’s chair and have small quiet talks with you while having his dinner.

“Thank you, so, so much.”


Youngjae would beam at the sight of you entering the waiting area of the JYP Recording room while he was recording for his SoundCloud. He’d wave at you effortlessly while hitting the highest note of the song. He’d do so well that he’d finish recording in a few more tries. He rushes to you and hugs you tight as a thank you before wolfing down the dinner.

“You’re the absolute best! Let’s go home together after I finish!”

Bam Bam:

Bam Bam has always been the chief between the both of you and it was really rare that you’d cook proper meals instead of desserts for him. You arrive to the JYP Dance studio a little nervous about the food as Bam Bam was going to be late. Bam Bam is surprised to see you delivering him food in the middle of midnight and when he tastes your cooking, he’s even more shocked at how good everything tastes.

“Baby, you should cook for me more often! This is really good! Did you follow my recipe for the Tong Yam Kong??”


Yugyeom would be so blessed to eat your home-cooked food. During the comeback period, he’s been eating nothing but take-out delivery. He’d wolf down the food as he nodded and mumbled praises with his mouth completely full. His eyes are shining at how good the food is and how he’s so incredibly grateful to have you deliver yourself and amazing food to him.

“Mhmm– *This is really good* – Mhm mhmm hmmhm mhmmmh mhmm – *I haven’t had your food* – mhmm mhhhm hmmhm – *in so long*”

maelstrom [ jimin ]

noun : a powerful whirlpool in the sea or river ; a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil.

you don’t know if you want to hit him or kiss him.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: fluff
type: college au
word count: 2,101 words
warnings: none
author’s note: happy birthday to my other half #rat @dreamscript whom I love very much despite her swerving ass that goes from jimin to namjoon to inseong and maybe back to jimin someday if he’s lucky. you’re so rad and wonderful and gorgeous and memetastic, and you meme so much to me, and i’m so glad that I sent you a message a little over a year ago screaming over your writing. I heavily based this on your recent messages lmao and I apologize because I know nothing about naruto (but i think it means whirlpool in japanese, hence the title lol) but anyway ily neo phoenix congrats for surviving another year!! *cue congratulatory pterodactyl screeches*

You enjoy being a part of the UN Conference Club your college hosts very much. But do you enjoy the people in the club? Maybe not so much. First of all, how can some people be so dumb? And second of all… well, there does not really need to be a second of all because stupidity covers all of it.

During the three-day conference, there is a historical crisis committee for the Spanish American War where the main focus centered on how to avoid the war entirely in 1898. On the first day—which is the most formal day—the attorney general, Inseong, immediately requested $1.2 million dollars to fund biotech companies to end tuberculosis. In response, someone asked if he knew just how much $1.2 million dollars amounted to in 1898. He insisted that he knew and that it was only a small price.

It was equivalent to 7 billion dollars today.

And he had planned to fund that entire sum of money that into biotech companies, which were most likely nonexistent back then.

How did this kid even win Best Delegate? Granted, his face paled considerably when the 7 billion dollars were announced, and he revoked his statement, but still.

Thus, there was example number one of idiocy.

Example number two?

Park Jimin and his ridiculous antics.

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Got7 Reaction to Getting Stuck in an Elevator with their S/O (You).


When the elevator abruptly stopped while you and Jaebum were traveling to the first floor of the hotel, you two both shared a confused glance as you tried to process what just happened. He would swiftly move to the doors and try to open them, but to no avail. Instead, he would sit lazily next to the control panel, continuously pressing the alarm button to try and signal to someone that you both needed help.


The lights quickly flickered a little before the elevator stopped altogether in between two floors. Mark would let out an exasperated “Nooooo!” accompanied by a tired sigh while sulking to the door to try and open it. After a couple failed attempts of prying the doors open he would hit the alarm button a couple times before joining you on the floor to wait for help. “How about we play some games to pass the time?” He would say with a smile.


You heard a creaking noise before the elevator jerked to a stop, causing you both to grab on to the hand rails on the side of the elevator. Jackson would give you a surprised look before moving to bang on the doors of the elevator in an attempt to get anyone’s attention from the outside. When that failed, he would hit random buttons on the control panel to try to get the elevator moving, but ultimately was only successful with hitting the alarm button. He soon joined you on the other side of the elevator on the floor. “Jagi, we could act like the people in the movies and kiss!” He would exclaim with a huge smile and a laugh.


Jinyoung would probably act the most serious out of all of them. Upon hearing the squeaking noise from the elevator and coming to an abrupt stop, he would immediately go to the control panel and start hitting the alarm button along with other important-looking buttons. He wouldn’t even try to open the doors, and would probably forget to try that option, but regardless, he would act quickly to try to get you both out safely.


Youngjae would let out a half-scream as the elevator jerked to a stop. You both would exchange glances before he started to bang on the doors and try to pry them open. “Jagi, while I do this, you keep pressing the alarm button, it’s getting hot in here!” So, you both would keep working and complaining until you were finally rescued. Youngjae would high five and hug you, saying that you did great, and that you both were a great team.


Similar to Jackson, Bam would immediately try to pry open the heavy doors of the elevator, but when that failed he just resorted to hitting the alarm button a few times before joining you on the floor. “You know, we have to pass the time somehow!” He would beam with a cheeky smile. You knew exactly what he was talking about, and slapped him on the shoulder playfully. “Lets get out of here first, and worry about that later.” You would reply as he gave you a sad, puppy-dog look.


Yugyeom would probably be the most laid-back out of all of them, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t try to get you both out of there. While tugging at the doors, he would huff: “It’s not budging, I think we’re stuck here.” He would end with a shrug and come sit by you in the corner of the small elevator after pressing the alarm button. To pass the time, if you guys were waiting for longer than expected, he would get up and start dancing and would want to teach you some rad dance moves.

BTS Reaction to: You Doing A Concept Like Stellar’s “Sting”

Anon: A REQUEST PLEASE like maybe bts reacting to you doing a concept like stellar’s sting? esp the dance (if you haven’t seen the video stan them!!)

a/n: I’d never heard that song until now, it’s got such a cutesy beat ~

Jin: He’s completely enjoying the MV, your outfits and dancing, until the male dancers come out. His jaw drops and he looks accusingly at you.

“You danced with other men? Even though you have me, Worldwide Handsome who just so happens to be an incredible dancer? I can’t believe you would disrespect me in this way.”

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Suga: He was so hype and supportive of your comeback, focused more on the song than the MV until he realized how short your short shorts were.

“Do you think my butt would look cute in something like that?” he jokes, wanting to tease you for the sexy outfit.

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J-Hope: He’s in the studio, working on his mix-tape when the dance version of your song drops. He can’t wait to go home and watch it with you so he watches it then and there instead.

“Aww, my baby is so good at dancing. Truly, the perfect match for me - Wait, there’s guys?! Why are there guys, I wasn’t aware of this!”

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Rap Monster: He’s known to have been possessive and jealous in a past relationship so he swears that he’ll be different this time. He tries not to let the sexy outfits or male dancers effect him. Instead he focuses on the song, the rhythm, your fluid dance moves.

“Damn, you helped write the lyrics? I should get you to help me write songs too!”

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Jimin: He’s so extra and excited for your comeback. He had been since the day your company dropped teaser clips. Then the MV came out and now, finally, the dance version. (He’s still waiting on a dance practice so your company better drop that quick ⌚⌚👏)

“Whoa ~ Look at the colours! Wow, your band-mate dances well but NOT AS WELL AS YOU! LOOK AT YOU SHINE! Wow, I can’t believe I get to call you mine. Such beautiful legs too - WHOA I was not prepared for that close up, my heart is racing!”

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V: “Tae,” you gasp, “Where are you going?”

“To have a word with your company for not giving you more lines.”

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Jungkook: He thought he was ready for this comeback but then BAM your dance version and sexy closeups hit him hard and he’s forgotten how to breathe he wasn’t ready, it turns out.

Are those .. booty shorts? Is that .. a butt close up?

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Here’s the Baby. {Request}

Word Count: 2.1k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only! NEGAN’S MOUTH!**
Notes:  Thank you @unchartedghoul for requesting! Writing pregnancy was new to me, so I did the best I could, I hope you enjoy! Tagging @negans-network also for anyone else that has requested a fic like this.~
Pregnant Reader x Over Protective Negan = Father Negan and bonus baby scene! No smut.  

This beautiful (heartbreaking) gif doesn’t belong to me! Just the one I kept looking at to get motivation.~ *v*

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time for a really weird addition to the #su critical tag

so i was trying to figure out how to phrase my issues with su’s plot and tone… like i knew i had a phrase for it, but i couldn’t quite work it out? then it hit me.

in the game hatoful boyfriend (yes the bird dating game), there’s a bit where the protagonist has a conversation with another character about a particular book. the other character complains that the book “forces its safe ethical viewpoints on the reader”.

bam. that’s it.

su forces its safe ethical viewpoints on the reader.

fighting is bad! killing is bad! being nice to people is good! people have reasons for the things they do!

yeah - all good points. unfortunately, the show doesn’t accept that things can be more complicated than this. fighting is bad, but what if you didn’t start the fight? what if the person you’re fighting wants you fucking dead? killing is bad, but if the choice is kill or be killed… well, doesn’t it make sense to at least fight back? being nice to people is good, but you aren’t obligated to show kindness to those who have hurt you or people you care about, even if they’re “totally different now”. people can have reasons and motives to do bad things, and sometimes they might even be sympathetic, but at the end of the day it’s not an excuse for hurting people, and reasons can be bad reasons - or even flimsy justifications that aren’t really a reason at all.

su never takes that leap. it neatly divides characters into “good” and “bad”, allowing the occasional cast member (eg peridot, centipeetle) to make the leap without this really damaging the status quo. this ultimately harms the show. should not rose quartz be condemned the same as bismuth? rose shattered pink diamond and bismuth was in favour of it. bismuth is poofed and trapped while rose is seen as a saint. pearl has accidentally hurt many of the people around her, and while i can sympathise with her loss… she never really apologises. because that would mean admitting that someone in the crystal gems did something really wrong and the show doesn’t allow that.

if you never criticise your characters properly you don’t have to think about the consequences of their actions. it’s lazy, it’s cheap, and it’s safe.

(yes, i actually compared hatoful boyfriend to steven universe. except, here’s a point: hatobf also has a lot of characters who do bad things to each other for “reasons” that can be sympathetic… the difference is that it’s clearly shown that what they did is wrong and other characters are allowed to express their pain and upset. yeah, the pigeon dating game handles this stuff better than the gay rock show does. go figure.)