I don’t like that Harry ended with Ginny. Nothing against her, I just see too many tropes there. She 1. is the best friend’s little sister, 2. is the girl who wasn’t interesting, but a couple years later… bam! hot, 3. resembles his mother (not her personality, but don’t tell me anyone seeing a photo of Harry and Ginny wouldn’t think of James and Lily). I find the idea really boring. I wish JK had been more bold, or at least creative, with the choice for Harry’s love interest. Tbh, I’d be happier if he ended up single. Harry has gone through so much, I can see how he’d have trouble finding someone that was right for him.

The Collector: Teaser

He crosses his endlessly long legs, studying you in silence. All the while you’re nervous, anxious that he’ll see right through you. 

It’s obvious to you he’s not in charge; you wouldn’t meet with the boss for an initial screening. But still, he must be someone he trusts implicitly. He was, after all, in charge of procuring a woman his superior would find suitable to be his next “pet”.

You shiver at the thought, only imagining what exactly that title entails. What kind of men keep women in such a way?

“So…” he speaks, shaking his head so that the bleached hair moves from his eyes. “It’s obvious you’re beautiful, but aside from that, I want to know more about you. Tell me your darkest secret”.

Your heart races. Right now the only secret that comes to mind is the one you want to hide from him the most. He can’t know who you really are or your real intentions for being here.

“If I told you… It wouldn’t really be a secret, would it?”

He chuckles, amused by your resistance. His plump lips part as he leans dangerously close towards you. 

“Secrets don’t make friends, love. Don’t worry your pretty little head, I won’t tell a soul”.

You panic, wracking your brain for anything you can give to appease his insistent curiosity, but still, you come up blank; only able to rely on your talent for talking in circles to save you.

“How am I to believe you? Don’t you know the old saying?”

“And what saying is that?” he questions, adjusting his position to rest his chin in his hand; hanging on your every word.

“Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”.

With that, he grins wildly, even more thrilled with how this game of cat and mouse is playing out.

“I think I’ve heard all I need to. We’ll be in touch, mystery girl”.


What if the only way to ‘cure’ the nephilim, the result of Biblical love between and Angel and a Human, is in turn with a spell using the grace of an Angel in love with a Human?

BAM there’s your 3 in 1 end of season result…

1. Nephilim kid is ‘diffused’ and now harmless and Human.

2. Cas is canonically in love with Dean.

3. Human!Cas

Yeah I like this. Tongue in cheek - but pretty please?

Shopping with their S/O

A/N: Pretend like everyone is happy and in a modern au and alive :’)

▪Is poor af but wants to spoil his s/o so much
▪He will drain himself for them
▪"Eren, I really don’t need new shoes"
▪He also likes to window shop too, preferably on weekends. It’s a good way to spend time with his s/o and he enjoys it a lot because since he isn’t busy, they can spend the whole day together
▪Just genuinely loves spending time with them
▪Would totally knock kids out for his s/o during good sales

▪Is actually the best for shopping
▪Doesn’t ever say a word though
▪She’ll go into a changing room with them and they’ll put their pickings on
▪"What about this?”
▪-sits in silence-
▪"You’re right, it doesn’t flatter my arms.“
▪Is really good at finding discounts
▪"Babe, this is on sale”
▪Her s/o always tries to get her scarfs, but they know she probably won’t wear it, yet they keep trying

▪Is super good with calculating sale prices
▪Also budgeting
▪"Ok this is 35% off, that’s $20, you can spend $126 more and still pay rent"
▪He always invites Mikasa and Eren and they graciously accept because tbh they love his s/o and the two like to sit with them and watch Armin fight for a pair of pants

**If his s/o Is plus-sized**
▪He sees his love trying to pick things out but they keep putting them back because they’re too expensive
▪He, of course, being the cutie patootie he is, will buy it for them
▪But he will also take note of the store name and write a long ass letter about how they shouldn’t be overcharging people when the clothes don’t cost much more to make than those sold to people of a smaller size (He did the calculations)
▪His s/o finds out and cries and kisses him because that is so sweet

▪Hates shopping
▪But will do it if his s/o asks
▪Is BRUTALLY honest with them
▪"Oh my God put that back, yellow is not your color"
 ▪Frequently makes these faces to let them know what he thinks:
-Approval: ( ͡° o ͡°)
-Disapproval: (´-ι_-`)
▪Is great at picking things out and is weirdly good at guessing sizes
▪Also crazy hella amazing with makeup. That boy knows if his s/o is a summer or autumn or whatever

**Wedding shopping**
▪He doesn’t want to go with his s/o to pick out a dress/tux because he hates shopping
▪So he sends his mom
▪She tells him absolutely nothing because if he didn’t want to go, then he has to wait.
▪He takes care of the registry
▪Like the whole thing, fills most of it with necessary stuff, but also some stuff that isn’t needed
▪S/o looked at a KitchenAid Mixer for longer than 3 seconds, BAM!! It’s on there

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Omae is a disrespectful/offensive way of saying "you." As a Ciellizzy shipper I wouldn't exactly like him calling her that :/

This bothers me on so many levels right now so let’s count them:

Here is wikipedia:


Ciel is a freaking brat. Could you imagine him speaking to people in the most polite tone there is? No. Ciel’s simply a rude kid so I like that pronoun for him. But even if we say it’s not the politest “you”, it’s still not the end of the world, right? I doubt he speaks like that to more influencial people tho, @akumadeenglish?  Anyway, it’s not like calling Lizzy “omae” would indicate him trying to be rude to her. It says more about Ciel himself I think. 


NOW WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! You’ve probably read this above already but I feel like pointing it out: a very casual relationship with someone you’re very close to? Like for example…your fiancee whom you grew up with? I totally love this because on top of allowing him to express his big ego the pronoun also indicates he and Lizzy are close. I must say this is almost the main reason I am bothered with your ask. If he were to address her more politely it’d be because he’d have to be worried she’d take him to be rude. But she doesn’t. Elizabeth is fine with her Ciel saying “omae” to her. It’s just super casual like he can be himself. I am also not quite sure how rude it really is. Like, anime gives a lot of room for speach patterns of all kinds and even there you can see them contemplate about each other’s use of pronouns and honorifics and such. In the end of the day, isn’t “omae” just “you” without any extras? Japanese people seem to be very sensitive there already… like when you walk up to a stranger and call them by their name without any honorifics… It seems to be such a big deal in their culture…Weird. XD But in that way it suits them, right? Ciel and Elizabeth are so close. Ciel and Elizabeth don’t use honorifics for each other either so “omae” makes sense, right? @akumadeenglish, correct me if I’m wrong please, I’m only speaking from my anime experience. (Oh my God, how did I end up here? XD)


Bam baem BAM BAAAAAAAAM~ Tell me again that as a shipper you wouldn’t exactly like him to call her that. Tell me again, now’s your chance! XD Seriously, I didn’t know that either before this topic came up. THIS IS SO COOL! Acknowledgement for the ship. God bless. Japanese is so weird and so much fun! X3 

I kind of love how that pronoun suits them so perfectly, how much better could it possibly get?

But now I have to come to my main reason to be upset:


He calls her “omae” here too in the original. Does it really matter what word he uses? Like, this is what Ciel thinks of her: the girl he will protect at any cost. How could it possibly matter to anyone if Ciel were to address her with a rude pronoun!? It is simply beyond me how that could ever matter! I don’t understand what’s the big deal about it. Even if he actually were to address her rudely,which he doesn’t do, this is what his actions say. Do you as a shipper think the pronoun would actually matter compared to this?

…I feel I’ve gotten lost in a rant. Feel free to point out to me how much shit I just threw together here. Have fun. XD

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Here's how to make vegan spaghetti... buy noodles, whatever kind of veggie and herb spaghetti sauce you want, then don't buy hamburger meat or cheese (you save at least $4 here if you only buy the small package). Heat that shit up. Cook those noodles. Bam. Food for 3 or more days. Still amazing.

I feel like this is how most vegans eat. Bulk oats, packages of dried lentils, beans, and pasta, with some cans of sauce/condiments every once in a while. It’s enough to make a solid, nutritionally balanced meal, and enough portions to last a few days. The meal you just mentioned… 

1lb of brand-name spaghetti (8 servings) is $1.30 on average in store

24 oz store-brand tomato and vegetable sauce is $1.05 in store

Okay, so let’s call this 6 servings because we’re gonna be generous with our helpings…

This is $2.35 worth of food stretching for 6 meals, or $0.40 per serving. THAT’S INSANELY CHEAP. 

Want to add tofu? To make it a heartier dish, crumble and sautee firm tofu in different Italian spices, or bake it in blocks to act as “meatballs”

$1.90 for 16oz brand-name tofu would bring the total to $4.25, stretching once more between 6 meals, would bring each serving to only $0.70!

What if we really want to be frugal and make this veggie-carb-protein meal into eight meals, because we have some frozen veg to go on the side? 

$0.53 per serving!!

Let’s compare this with chicken… and chicken alone is priced (using the national average) at $3.18 for 16 oz, and with 4oz as an appropriate serving size, chicken alone would be $0.80 per serving, not including the rest of the meal. The meal mentioned above (including tofu) was still cheaper per serving, and included a healthy portion of carbohydrates to make it a meal, not just a single macronutrient. 

What about pork? Nationally, $4.14 is the average cost of 16oz of pork. 

What about beef? $6.06 is the national average for 16oz. 

It’s a damn shame that people actually think that living vegan is difficult or expensive. 

Save money, save lives, go vegan!

-Admin Samantha


CH 3.2 -CONFLICTING idEALs: 01-06 –> 07-13

 *** <3

This Update took time hehe~
BuT C’MON GUYs It WAS worth it, right?!
Sanssssssss tho! his new outfit is just so gud!

Keru: “i suck with backgrounds” -Not really lol i dont call this suck~

and ‘bout who Gaster was talking? Sans?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ANYWAY! Hope you Like! Comment! LoVE! and Re-BloG! a lot <3




source:  GOT7

When you thought Kim Taehyung is the dork of BTS, the one who always laugh and make jokes and being dorky but then BAM! 3 seconds later he turns out to be a hella hot mess. Taehyung be like: HA you didn’t see that coming did you???? Surprise motherfckers !!

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Part 2/?: Amateur Music Analysis of Hanyu Yuzuru's Programs - Hope and Legacy

In response to the first music analysis on Yuzuru’s programs, PomeloPooh replied:

Wow that’s some amazing analysis! The analogy to literature narrative structure makes a lot of sense. For something to grab your attention and keep it for 4.5 minutes the first time you hear it, these patterns are needed. Might be why music like h&l are considered risky - when I listen to it later I recognize clear climax and low points, but the first time I heard it with the program the impression was a bit undifferentiated (tho for me it’s undifferentiated beauty!).

Thank you!  :grin:

I agree with you for Hope and Legacy, the structure is complicated.

Hope and Legacy

( and On Dashboard the RISE, PLATEAU and FALL will be bolded but on the blog it is colour-coded.

1) PLATEAU to RISE. Music begins. Gentle running along 3 notes with its various variations. There is a slight increase in volume as he lands the 4Lo at 0:57 (he probably timed it as such).

2) PLATEAU. Music continues running as such, like a neverending stream, as if the 4Lo, the pebble which caused a ripple, never existed and never disturbed the ebb and flow at all.

3) RISE to FALL.1:09 Heavier piano notes (chords I think) begin. dun-dun-Dun-DUn-DUN as he sets up for the 4S, outright chords at 1:18 immediately before the 4S, before giving way as he leaves the ice to rotate, as if the 4S released the pressure building up, then he poses right before spin.

4) PLATEAU (the music is separable into layers with each spin).
Higher notes play as he enters camel spin
Strings enter midspin and he goes into donut spin
Piano re-enters and he does sit spin
As piano and string interweave he shifts and does biellman spin.
(aka any change of instruments = position/variation change)

5) PLATEAU to RISE. 1:44 Strings, he begins step sequence. First phase of step sequence.

6) RISE (HIGH PEAK). 1:56 A peak in the step sequence that attracts attention and during which he paused slightly. Interesting cos he tends to rest during the lower emotional arcs of music but in H&L he does it at peaks where its more emotional and his body (he puts his two palms facing him before opening them up and at point 10 where he grasps something) is narrating an enjoyment of music. It being a break also means those one or two seconds are drawn to his upper body, which he uses to narrate that and conduct the audience’s emotions to feel whatever he is conveying.

7) FALL to PLATEAU. (whatever goes up comes down) 1:57 Lighter strings. Second phase of step sequence.

8) RISE. 2:06 Strings pause, piano melody re-enters. Third phase of step sequence. Another short pose, very very short but this serves more as a border to mark out the boundaries between the 2nd phase and 3rd phase. Heavier piano, chords introduced. Music builds. Strings re-enter.

9) RISE to FALL (during 3F). Music builds and builds and builds, minute pause in music before shifting to piano and he does 3F during this. Lands 3F, strings play once more.

10) RISE (HIGH PEAK) to RISE. Strings, music is emotional, he pauses. Longest pause ever in the program 2:49 - 2:52, also please look back at 6) for more explanation. He just feels the music.

11) RISE. Heavy strings, music rises and suspense builds and heavy strings go heavier and heavier with each note before giving way into strings melody (ironically as effect as climax despite being more subtle than the buildup) as the 4S3T is unleashed. This is a huge climax and even the rotations match the notes.

12) RISE to FALL.3:20 Strings become heavier again + heavier piano chords, music rises and suspense builds rinse repeat 11), then music ceases suddenly and bam! 4T.

13) PLATEAU. 3:37 Quiet music, 3A2T.

14) RISE. 3:50 - 4:04. Strings, music becomes more emotional, music builds up quickly, 3A1Lo3S.

15) FALL. Music quietens and he does his spin.

16) RISE, RISE, RISE. 4:21 Intense music for the choreographic sequence.

17) RISE (HIGH PEAK). 4:33 - 4:35, in true Yuzu style, hydroblade at important point.

18) RISE (or you can say PLATEAU but at a higher emotional level than previous ones). 4:36 - 4:44. Continuation of choreographic sequence. Music builds.

19) RISE to RISE (HIGH PEAK). 4:45 - 4:50, in true Yuzu style, ina bauer at important point.

20) RISE. Setup of 3Lz, the landing of the 3Lz is a highlight, 4:55 emotional music and at the same time he does camel spin.

21) FALL. 5:04, simple piano, he changes position while matching the drop in music.

22) CLOSURE. Final note gives a sense of finality and closure that exudes a dignified air befitting the theme of Legacy.

Tbh the ending is pretty warhorsey cos it’s !intense! !dramatic! !RISE! and the old-fashioned happy ending ‘I’ll quiet down’ closure. It’s the front half that messes some people up, especially those who want things like RJ1.0 where the FALL is in the middle while H&L is rise-fall-rise-fall-rise-fall etc in the first half.

But we forget that this is about Hanyu Yuzuru, who’s life was exactly as such. He rose up quickly through novice, had a terrible first junior year, rose up to win everything in second junior year and debuted as senior at the ripe old age of 15, had a mediocre first senior season (cos mens field was deep in JP in those times) whereas he watched Kana shine in her debut season, had a huge FALL for 311, rose up to win bronze at first Worlds. This is the first half of the program. Then he rose to break SP WRs, rose to win Olys, fell non-stop for 14-15 season, rose for 15-16 season, fell for 16 Worlds FS, rose for 16-17 season, but whatever falls he had during his dominant years, those were, in the end, growing points for him so they were not counted as FALLs but as RISEs. Each one has served him well, like how his popping has actually made him more flexible in layout and resulted in a couple of firsts. With each season, his legend and legacy grows and evolves just like the RISEs in the second half of the program that just keep increasing with intensity without bounds. For this is a skater who knows no limits.

He actually has many breaks, but the breaks are very very short each time. It is interesting, because this program requires one to be the wind through the forest, the calm river and the dappled sunlight through the trees, and such small pauses make the breaks less noticeable and create the feeling of continuity. The structure of Hope and Legacy is complicated and has many highs and lows, just like that of Hanyu Yuzuru’s life, and just like how it is a worthy representation of it in spirit.

A great person will endure great tribulations. (Someone please translate, my translation abilities have not reached such a level yet.) 故天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其所为,所以动心忍性,曾益其所不能. Something along the lines of ‘When God wants to bestow a huge mission/responsibility/ etc upon someone, He will first temper your will and spirit, put you into physical trials, cause you to experience hunger, make you experience poverty, allow you to taste the bitterness of not having everything go smoothly, such that you may strengthen your heart and determination, and have renewed conviction and benefit and grow.’


That program needs more love! As I was doing the analysis, I was amazed at how artistically avant-garde it was in terms of narrative structure. The first half, I suspect, was probably what threw people off and made it “less appreciated”, and second half was (as mentioned in the post) much more similar to a typical ‘warhorse’ with the drama, yet the program never deviated from its purpose of representing Yuzu’s journey. It was about growth and taking flight and feeling hope, and then repeatedly seemingly losing hope but regaining it despite all odds, and then it was finally about his dominance and his legacy. Overall, it is a RISE, evident from the post. The overall big picture structure is still within the 6 traditional emotional arcs (see: , but because Yuzu chose to embellish the growth part very much, it is so rich in content that people can’t see the forest for the trees (AHAH forest imagery) and get so hung up about ‘how hard to grasp’/‘how seemingly unstructured’ the first part was.

Tbh, I think he is actually doing a very intimate act by sharing his life and journey and all the bitterness and joys accompanying it. It may sound presumptuous and prolly I am overthinking it and assuming something that doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t only fans be able to appreciate it fully since we know deeply about his history? That might also be another reason why judges only see the surface and do not have the contextual knowledge for true enjoyment.

Good grief I can’t seem to shut up, can I? 


The only thing I can add further right now would be that he still sees himself as still growing (also because he is humble and self-critical), and I wonder if it might also have influenced the program and cause a heavy focus on the growth part? But idk how much his input and influence was in relation to Shae’s, though I know he has always been more involved in his FS. (he is one of the painters in FS, but he seems to also want to attempt to be the painted by Buttle for SP)

ABP Writing (Fic) Challenge Prompt List

 Overall Rules: 10K word limit. This isn’t to say you couldn’t continue the story later, but for the initial challenge period, we’d like to keep the words around 10k. You are allowed to choose more than one, but make sure you can finish what you claim. If you think you will be unable to finish, please let me know so I can re-open that slot.

Please use the hashtag #ABPChallenge so that those following the challenge will be easily able to find your fics. If we have a large response, we may open a side blog to reblog all the entries.

Due Date: July 5th, 2017 - This is 3 weeks from the season premier and should be plenty of time!

To Reserve a Slot: Please send me an ask, reblog or a message (preferrably, ask). I will update taken slots.

Generic Fics:

These prompts can be any subject matter (fluff, angst, smut, platonic, etc.), any rating. Any narrative perspective. Can be OC, Reader.

Matt x OC (3 prompts)

Bam x OC (3 prompts)

Bear x OC (3 prompts)

Gabe x OC (3 prompts)

Noah x OC (3 prompts)


AU Fics:

These are prompts outside of the typical lives of each Brown. They are broken down by brother.These prompts can be any subject matter (fluff, angst, smut, platonic, etc.), any rating. Any narrative perspective. Can be OC, Reader or just about the specified brother. (1 slot for each)


  1. Pirate Matt
  2. Cowboy/Old West Matt
  3. Robin Hood Matt 


  1. Professor Bam
  2. Officer Bam
  3. Photography/Art Bam 


  1. Stuntman Bear
  2. Secret/Agent Spy Bear
  3. Ninja Warrior/Karate Bear


  1. Fireman Gabe
  2. Lumberjack Gabe
  3. Mechanic Gabe 


  1. Musician Noah
  2. Knight Noah
  3. Chemistry Professor Noah


Plot Prompts:


  1. Hide and Seek (Any) - 5 slots
  2. Fishing (Matt) - 2 slots
  3. Skinny Dipping (Any) - 5 Slots (1 for each)
  4. Coffee Shop (Any) -  5 Slots (1 for each)
  5. Hunting (Matt, Gabe, Bam, Bear) - 4 Slots (1 for each)
  6. Target Practice (Any, Any Weapon)  - 5 Slots (1 for each)
  7. Foraging (Any) - 2 slots
  8. Beachcombing(Any) - 5 Slots (1 for each)
  9. Naked and Afraid (any) - 5 Slots (1 for each)
  10. Truth or Dare (any) - 5 slots (1 for each, or multiple brothers/OC’s in the same story)


Formatting: Please use the following format when posting your fics.

 Title: Obviously, title of your story

 Rating: Use whatever rating system to get your point across (G, PG, T, R, M, NC-17, etc)

 Word Count: Total words in the fic.

 Warnings?: This is a place to include anything that might be upsetting or some sort of trigger for someone who’s had a negative past experience. If there is a kink for it, best to put it down here.

 Description: Short teaser line about the fic, include your pairing.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime! Happy Writing!