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a series of unlikely crossovers

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Cough so I did a casual fanfic at 11 pm for @reimeijennoir …….. Enjoy the Ryde..pff sorry I tried

Hyde came closer. There, Red was trapped between the wall and him. Then SLAM! He put his hands on the wall…. Wait whaaaaaa??? Is this the cliche KABEDON?????

Woah woah how will Red react? There’s a blush on her face and Hyde matched the same red as hers. Are you guys tomatoes?

Oh my God he’s getting even closer to her face. Kiss kiss KISS! JUST FREAKING DO IT! Either Red should go for it or be swept by the atmosphere. Suddenly-


Huh? Confusion filled the atmosphere for Hyde. Now he was the one trapped. Red smirked and raised his chin. Sneaky Red, that’s my girl.

I pull out my camera and with my other hand pinch my nose. Here comes the shot.

Hyde panted in embarrassment. She freaking switched their roles. Quite in an amazing way. Impressive- Red 1 Hyde 0

Now for the moment I’ve been waiting for!!!!!

Le gasp. She licked her lips, then coming closer to Hyde…. Their lips met for a short moment. But I had perfect timing. Red 10000 Hyde 0.1

Now. I can die in peace. Things are getting black for me. Goodbye cruel world.

I’m shaking, no wait- Someone’s shaking me.

“Serena get up!”

Oh, it’s Red. She’s calling my name. I poke one eye open. She hugs me immediately.

“Thank God, I thought I lost you!”

I pouted my face. Silent treatment you-

Wait. Where’s my phone? I find it on the floor and almost SCREAM.

“I-its cracked. No. 아니! AAAAAGHHAHHH”

Red’s eyes widen and looks at the phone.

“Oh no…”

I grab the phone, worried. I’m sure the pic is still there. I unlock the phone, scroll through the galleries, but alas. It is nowhere to be found. My other photos of them were gone too.

Hyde is in the corner. I can tell he’s hiding something. He did it.

I stand. Walk. And then-


Red holds me back and threatens to take away my cookies. I stop and think. I forgive Hyde, but I won’t forget what he did. You don’t mess with my ships.

don’t need apologies; know that you are worthy
[ i will love you unconditionally ]

[Fic][Request] Be My Happiness

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Title: Be My Happiness
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2011
Summary: It wasn’t like Jungkook was obsessed with Jimin’s laughter. Nope, not at all, even with all the footage he’s collected.

Also on AO3.

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*screams* I forgot!!! I forgot to finish this!

here, have some cliche Pyrrha art that’s a thousand years late

(an experiment with using no lines…it turned out okay…)