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Love grown in a Dance Studio

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Summary: “You’re not a little girl anymore~”

Word Count: 1,154

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Drinking, Light swearing (nothing too serious.)


So I’m going to start putting my author’s notes at the beginning of my scenarios. This is just a classic best friends falling in love kind of story, I know it’s cliche but I really don’t think there are many romance scenarios that aren’t cliche. There is a part where it might seem it will get smutty but it doesn’t I promise lol. I also apologize for the cheesy title I’m shit at naming things. Also IDK what’s been going on with me but I’ve been having trouble writing well so I apologize if this is bad. I am going to be updating a little bit less, I’m going to try and do more quality scenarios for you guys rather than one every day, this doesn’t mean I won’t be posting often just maybe not every single day. I hope it doesn’t bother you~ Hope you enjoy this!

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Sticks and Stones

Pairing: BamBam X reader
Genre: Angst/fluff
Word count: 1,559
Summary: After you and your boyfriend decide to go public about your relationship you start to see some comments that have you questioning yourself. Are you really the best person for him?
(A/N: I used they/them pronouns so anyone could read and it wasn’t strictly female or male, so you can replace them with your pronouns if it makes you feel as if it flows better!)


Hey guys, so I couldn’t sleep last night which apparently makes me want to write a bit of angst. I’m not the best at angst so I hope it’s okay, still has fluff as well! Also first Got7 drabble, yay!
~Mod Phoenix


“Are you positive you want to go public?” JYP asked as he looked between you and BamBam seated beside you. You both had been together for months and have managed to stay under the radar, other than the rest of Got7 and JYP. JYP knew early on and didn’t try to stop the relationship as long as it didn’t become a scandal or come to light quickly.

“Yes, sir,” BamBam responded, “Y/N and I have both thought long and hard about this. We decided now is the best time because we’ve been together for a while and the dating ban was lifted a while ago. We’re done with trying to hide our relationship and I feel like it’s almost like lying to the fans.”

“It’s not lying, it’s for your own safety,” JYP responded sternly before turning his gaze to you, “It is a mutual agreement right? You want it to be public as well? You know the responses some fans will have, right?”

You answered without hesitation, “Yes, it’s mutual and I know how some ahgase’s will react, but I’m ready for it.” ‘I hope..’ You thought.

With a sigh the company founder nodded, “Okay then, I’ll write up the official statement to release to the public. Once that’s out your free to post about each other and make your own statements if you wish.”

The two of you said in unison, “Thank you!” Before getting up and leaving his office.

“I have an hour and a half before I have to practice, so wanna hang out in the dance studio?” Bam asked as he happily grabbed your hand, no longer afraid of who saw.

“Sounds like a plan!” You responded happily. As you made your way to the studio you looked up at your boyfriend and questioned, “When do you think the statement will be released?”

“Probably within the hour since it’s such big news,” He guessed, “Hopefully within the hour so we can post something on my social media together!” His eyes sparkled with excitement as he locked eyes with you. Both of you had dreamed of having a public relationship and now it was finally coming true.

“We can finally do normal couple things, no more hiding!” You beamed, already planning on what you could do together.

You had made your way to the studio and both of you sat on the floor, gently leaning on one another. “You know where I want to take you first?” He asked before answering it in the same breath, “I want to take you to a fancy restaurant, no more dates in the dorm with takeout.”

You giggled at his confession, “That sounds perfect, Bammie. Maybe we could go see a movie together in theaters for once, too.”

He smiled at that, “Sounds like a date!”

You both sat and talked for a while or sat in a comfortable silence. After about forty five minutes he checked his phone and exclaimed, “The official statement was released!”

You quickly looked over his shoulder at the document, the confirmation that you two were officially public. You both hugged each other tightly before he pulled away with the brightest smile you had ever seen, “We have to take a selfie together so I can post about this!”

You laughed as he pulled his camera up, “Why can’t you use one of the hundreds of selfies we already have on your phone?”

“Because it’s our first day officially out to the fans, it needs to be commemorated!” He held his phone up and was still beaming. You smiled as well, holding up a peace sign. He quickly snapped the picture and went to type up the caption for the picture on Instagram. ‘Hello ahgase’s, I’m sure you all are surprised by the sudden announcement that just came out. So here we are, this is Y/N! We’ve been together for almost six months and decided now was a good time to tell the public. I hope it’s not too shocking, but I really love them and I hope you support us as well as continue supporting Got7!’

“Annnd, posted!” He declared. He looked at you again and giggled, “I’m so excited, Y/N, I can’t wait for what’s ahead of us.” He kissed your cheek happily with another giddy laugh.

“Me either, it’s going to be amazing,” You giggled and lay your head on his shoulder, watching him post similar stuff on his other social media.

Soon the other boys began to enter, congratulating the both of you and there was plenty of teasing. You stood up and stretched, BamBam following suit.

“I’m gonna head back to my place, text me if you want to do something after your done at practice,” You chimed as you headed towards the door.

“Of course! Text you when we’re done!” He answered excitedly.

When you left you could here the boys teasing Bam, to which you just shook your head and smiled.


When you returned home you decided to check the buzz on social media you two must have caused. You knew some people would be cruel about it, but you weren’t as ready as you thought you were for these comments. There were so many hateful comments, some were simple and tame compared to others, 'they stole our oppa!’ Others stung a lot more than you thought, 'Who is this ugly bitch? How the hell did they ever get him?’, 'They’re no good for him, he can do way better.’, 'Why would he choose them when he could date anyone he wanted?’ The worst ones were the death threats, there were many comments saying 'If I see them I’ll kill them.’ or 'I hope they get hit by a car.’

You spent a long time reading these comments and they affected you a lot more than you had anticipated. You could feel your chest tighten and tears come to your eyes. You set your phone down and slowly laid down on your couch. The tears came quickly and you found yourself sobbing. Thoughts raced in your head, 'Maybe you’re not good enough for him.’, 'He could do way better.’ 'Why does he like me? I’m just some nobody, really..’ 'Am I no good for him?’ Thoughts like these took over your conscience and you couldn’t escape. You cried and cried, you thought you could handle this, but maybe you were wrong. The next hours were complete silence broken up by bouts of crying.

The black screen of your phone lit up, when you checked it was a text from BamBam, 'Hey babe, just finished practice! Want to do something?’

You couldn’t bring yourself to respond, you felt hot tears burn your face again as you ignored the text. Ten minutes later another one followed, 'Hey, you okay? It’s not like you not to respond. I’m going back to the dorm if you want to come over.’ Again you didn’t respond and fifteen minutes later another text, 'Y/N, please answer me. I’m really worried…’ You turned your phone over and sighed, you just couldn’t bring yourself to answer him, you felt like you didn’t deserve to talk to him.


'Why aren’t they responding, they always answers in a few minutes..’ Bam thought as he helplessly stared at his texts. That’s when he decided to check social media, he was shocked at the hostile comments and knew you had seen them. “Oh no.. No,no..” He muttered to himself and ran to Mark’s room and knocked frantically.

“What?” Mark opened the door, annoyance clear on his face before seeing the young boy so distraught. “What’s wrong?”

“I need you to drive me to Y/N’s place!” He almost yelled out of a mixture of panic and anger.

“Yeah, yeah I can,” the older boy stuttered at the question, “Why?”

To answer he simply held up his phone with the horrible comments and stated, “She’s not responding and I’m guessing she’s read these. I have to make sure she’s okay.”


You had just stopped crying again when you heard a knock on your door followed by Bam’s panicked voice, “Y/N? Are you in there? Please let me in.”

You didn’t have the energy to get up from the couch, but you did sit up and call, “It’s unlocked, you can come in.” Your voice was strained from crying.

He burst through the door and ran to the couch sitting down beside you, “Why didn’t you respond to my texts? Are you okay? You’ve been crying.” The last sentence wasn’t a question as he looked at your red, puffy eyes and the tears still present on your face.

“Why did you choose me? You could find someone so much better than me, why me? You could date anyone you wanted, models, other idols, actors, but you chose a nobody. Why? Why did you fall for me? I’m nothing special.” You rambled off your thoughts so quickly you were surprised he even caught any of it. You had started to cry again and you couldn’t bring yourself to look at your boyfriend, so you stared at your hands in your lap.

He took your hands in his and gently pleaded, “Look at me. Y/N, please look at me.” When you refused to look up he released one of your hands and lifted your chin to look at his face. His dark eyes were glistening with tears and you could see the hurt on his face. He moved his hand from your face and took ahold of your hand again.

“You want to know why I chose you? Why I fell for you?” He asked before explaining, “I fell for you because you could see the real me, not the me everyone thinks they know. I’m seen as the guy who can’t stop dabbing, the guy who can never be serious, that member of Got7 that’s a walking meme. Nobody ever took me seriously, they saw me as an idol who loved to be goofy. But you were different, you didn’t treat me differently because I was an idol. When we first met you didn’t assume I was this goofy guy, instead you asked about my personal life and learned about the real me. You’re the first person to do that other than my family and the other guys. I don’t want a model, an actor, or an idol- I want you. You’re my rock that grounds me, you’re there for me no matter what, so don’t you dare say you’re a nobody. You can’t say you’re not special either, you’re the most kind, smart, funny, easygoing, and trustworthy person I know. THAT’S why I fell for you, THAT’S why I chose you, THAT’S why I love you,” He squeezed your hands tightly as some tears fell.

You were crying as well and took your hands from his to tightly hug him. He embraced you as you tucked your head in his chest and cried, “I love you too, Bammie. I’m sorry about all of this, it’s just those fans comments got to me…”

“You don’t need to apologize, you’re human and have emotions that will always be valid. And those nasty comments may come from so called 'fans’, but the real fans are the ones who support us, not try and tear us down.”

You nodded as he planted a kiss on top of your head. You looked up at him and mustered a smile, “Thank you.”

“We’ll get through this together,” He stated, returning the smile and squeezing you a bit tighter.

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Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! by Ryan Kirkpatrick

Only I
Request by anon: Can I request a scenario where you’re in a relationship with Jackson, but a night when you and GOT7 went out you and almost everyone got drunk lol and suddenly another member kisses you (he was like really drunk and you too lol) and Jackeyyy gets jealous? You can end it how you want ♥Eugh, i feel like this wasn’t written well…sorry. I tried. I seem to suck at writing any sort of conflict, but anyway here you go.-Admin Kitty

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Bostyn Brown
People (2013)
Choreography by Krista Barker

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Preference for 4/4 where you are dating one of them but then accidentally give at least one of the other boys a boner and your boyfriend sees it? (I'm not saying he has to get angry but yeah)

oh mAN this is good im thinking more of an innocent situation too likeyou just came to some band meetup wearing really tight yoga pants or leggings and he asked for your help picking some shit up around the studio and bam 

i could see ashton getting really angry honestly like he’d just notice and he’d start glaring at them like what the fUCK guys you are literal animals and he’d make you leave and he’d yell at the guys to figure out their shit like his emotion would just be disgust at the guys

i think that mikey would get pissed but he’d just think it was really really funny too like he’d just be battling the fact that he was mad that his best friends were popping boners for his girlfriend but also how funny it was first off them trying to conceal it and then how guilty they looked and just the situation as a whole like he’d let it fly if it didn’t happen again

luke wouldn’t notice for a bit until they really tried hiding it and then he’d just be so aghast that they could even halfway possibly think of his girlfriend in that way and he’d get mad and then he’d feel bad for you because like you were just innocently coming to a band meet and then that happened and he’d totally make all of the guys apologize to you whether or not they were the ones with the boners 

calum would take it so seriously like he’d just notice what was going on and he’d just start yelling at the other guys about how rude it was and how they could possibly be thinking about you that way when you were his and he just honestly wouldnt understand it in the least bit and it’d take a while for him to forgive them

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many fans of NaruHina are saying tha scarf was made by Hinata for Naruto ( of course I don’t believe on that crap) but this tweet said this:

劇場版『THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-』の本ポスタービジュアルが解禁されました!!ナルトの赤いマフラーと横向きのヒナタ!?キャッチコピーコピーにも注目です!宣伝K #劇場版NARUTO

“This poster presents visual theater version of "THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-” has been lifted! ! Hinata sideways scarf and red Naruto! ? Also look out for the catch copy copy! Propaganda K # theater version NARUTO “

I’m afraid now T^T it wouldn’t make any sense if the movie end up with NaruHina!! I’m mean c'mon! >:( Naruto and Sakura were always fucking together!! and now they "wanna” put NaruHina?! FUCK NO! 
probably you guys can’t understand those comments but they all happy because it’s “gonna happen” NH -___-“ really? REALLY?!
Masashi is the one boss his own manga! NH fans are so fucking desperate that they want make both characters loving each when one of them don’t love, only like as friend. We NaruSaku we never "make” or “forced” Naruto loving Sakura or Sakura loving Naruto! we just wait for a cute moment to happen and BAM! Masashi and studios Perriot make a fucking cute moment! IT’S IN EVERYWHERE NARUSAKU!! BOOKS, MANGAS, POSTERS, MOVIE, DATABOOKS,OVAS, MUSICS, OPS, EDS, ANIME, GAMES, ILLUSTRATION BOOKS, FESTIVALS AND A DAY FOR A TRIBUTE FOR THEM!!…want more?!
Japanese people actually love NaruSaku and love Sakura so much! don’t believe me? that’s your bad not mine!