bam squared

Deaf! Lance Headcannon

-Lance is deaf in one ear because of an accident as a kid

-Something stupid idk, freedom of creativity on that i guess

-He can’t hear anything on his right side, so being ambidextrous, he tends to favor his left side. 

-Walking with people on his left. 

-Keeping his gun to the left side of him. 

-Always glancing over his right shoulder to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. 

-Hunk knows this and will always come up behind on the left because he knows this. 

-How the rest of the team finds out can be kinda funny.

-Like Keith grabbing Lance’s right shoulder and surprising him


-Lance punches Keith square in the face on reflex.

-Both are pissed, until they work it out as Lance tells Keith why he reacted on instinct like that.

-Pidge likes to fuck with him and throw things over his right shoulder

-He’s ready to punch the damn gremlin too

-Coran is just interested, deafness was a curable illness in Altea, but sadly it wouldn’t work for Lance

-Lance doesn’t mind tbh

portgirl0w0  asked:

Can I have some advice for drawing kiibo's body? I have some troubles drawing him QvQ

hello portgirl0w0!

a very, very good question. i feel your pain. to be very honest with you i bs my way through drawing keebo hahahahahahaha. THE DETAILS DOESNT MATTER ITS OK :D trust me. 

as long as you draw the thing around his neck, draw circles and squares for the buttons, square thing on his shoulder/upper arm, and a box in his right chest for a pocket….just fill the rest of the empty spaces with random squares and bam!! keebo. magic. 

if youre not too sure have a reference picture next to your drawing and compare while you draw. that seems to help for me.

good luck my friend! and have a happy friday/weekend(👍ㆆᴗㆆ)👍 

Holy shit let's recap

So when I got to the venue I met lots of awesome people I was by far the youngest ghost fan there but I don’t really care. I stood around until we got in and then stood around some more I got my spirit board and didn’t know what to do with it. Once I secured my spot and my two concert buddies Danielle and Monica held my spot I go water. Then we just stood in our spots until like 7:55 when I left TO GO MEET PAPA I was sooooo nervous and excited after some more standing around and a little bit more I was about to meet papa. At this point I was a nervous wreck on the edge of a panic attack and I said so. Papa said “no, no no need to panic” in his cute fake accent and I was okay. I told him all I wanted to tell him and he gave me a hug and I gave him one he said “I’m glad you got that shit out of your life” I said thank you papa for helping me and he said “no, thank you.” Then I died. It was awesome. Next the concert. After I got back to my spot we had to wait another 30 ish minutes. And then the red light and ominous spooky music (u know what I’m talking about) started and BAM straight into square hammer. Some concert highlights, fire looked and pointed at me no less then THREE times and aether did once. During body and blood air was snapping his fingers and dancing in his chair. Speaking of Air he fucking killed it. So energetic and excited and still killed his mummy dust solo and everything. He was awesome. After Ritual they did the little fake ending and then we got a little speech and promised papa we’d orgasm that night and then Monstrous clock. After that Danielle and I wandered around until we found the tour bus which tbh wasn’t that hard to find. We waited some more and then fire came out. Both fire and aether were unmasked and this was the first time I’d seen them unmasked and it was awesome. Fire walked around the street and then came back and got back in the bus. Aether came out and signed two things for me an envelope and my laminate and he hugged me and kissed the top of my head it was lit. I got hugged my fire TWICE bc I needed to get my laminate signed as well obviously. He gives good hugs maybe it’s all his muscles or maybe it’s his small stature but I was sooooo intimidated by him. Idk why but he was really nice. The first time I hugged him I said “oh my god you really do smell of mint” he laughed and then said “yes it’s my hair gel” I then died for the 19th time that night. And when someone told him he was the best part of the concert he yelled “ya here that awww yeah” and gave a little jump of joy it was adorable. At this point I’d been standing for 8 hours and needed to rest so I left slowly and sadly aether came running past me and ran across the street idk where he was going but his lil beanie was flopping around and it was v cute. Papa was still sick so he didn’t come out until after I left I was a little bit upset but he needs his rest so I can’t complain. Then went home and fell dead asleep. I can not tell you how much fun it was or how much it was worth it. Meeting papa and the ghouls was truly a surreal experience. I will never forget it. Also they play so good it sounds so good! Bash em all you want but the new ghouls are kind talented people who will bring any house down with guitar solos and jumping. I can’t wait to see them again!!!

Okay, but today in class we had to start an animation. It included this one simple sketch of a person doing a really exaggerated jump.

Before we started though, our teacher showed us a key frame example of what we had to do. I didn’t think much of it, I just kept paying attention until, by the end of it, the person landed on their on all fours and, as they stood up, they put their hands on their hips in a really kind of smug pose.

The motion was so fucking Chat Noir that I swear I could actually hear the little stick guy grin and say in the most smug way possible “You see, my Lady? I told you I could do it!” And the fun thing is, I was not the only one who was reminded of him, another friend of mine who is also an ML fan thought the same!

Now all I can think of is Chat trying to impress his Lady with the most unimpressive and stupid stuff, and Ladybug not finding it in herself to stop him because it’s funny and he looks so excited that it’s actually kind of cute. Damn it.

Crush (Kris)

This goes to any girl or boy who has or had a huge crush on someone. We all, or will eventually, know how this feels :D Love ya 

Mondays, the utmost worst day of the entire week. The only thing that got me out of the Monday Mourning was that I knew I could see him again. Him, only him, the one that made me heart race every time we met each others eyes.

Knowing the fact that he would suffer this horrible day too was good enough for me to get through the day.

Walking up the endless stairs to the empty and quiet hallways that would turn crowded and rowdy, I shuffled with my heavy coat and scarf to my locker.

This was the favorite part of my day, no people to block my way when walking, just peace and quiet before the start of a dreadful and constant moving day. Putting away my coat and scarf, I closed my locker and slid my back down the wall so I sat looking out the big school window looking towards the small enclosed garden with a tall clock. The sun was rising indicating dawn was ending. Sighing I hear a group of people walking through the hallways. Here we go.

Getting up I gathered my bag and books and turned around.


Hitting my face square into someone’s chest, my books fell as I stepped away rubbing my sore nose.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you,” I rambled as I started picking up my books.

The figure bent down to help me as I looked up. Thump thump thump.

It was him. His big hands easily grasping the siding of the binders, his broad shoulders with his blonde hair setting his flawless face.

“It’s fine, I wasn’t paying attention either,” he said as he stood up.

I followed and tried to be cool, but let’s face it, I was totally failing.

My casual goofy eye smile attacked my face as I tried suppressing my inner screaming.

Handing over my books, he brushed off the dirt and returned the smile. It was as if I totally forgot about my morning. His smile lit my surroundings and as if time slowed down. I got to admire it more.

“Here, sorry again.”

I gently grabbed them, slightly brushing my hands against his. “Thanks.”

This is my opportunity.

Holding out my free hand and with a smile I said, “_____, my name is _____.”

He nodded and shook my hand, “Kris.”

Feeling the surge of energy flow throughout my arms, I quickly let go and blushed slightly.

Standing for a few awkward seconds he said, “Well…first bell is about to ring so…I guess see you around ____.”

Meeting his gaze I smiled, “Uh, yeah…you too.”

With him walking away first I couldn’t help but scream a little inside as I bit my fist. Watching as he turned the corner I ran to my next class with a huge smile plastered on my face hidden behind my bitten fist.


The period before my audition. Fidgeting in my seat, I blocked out my teacher’s lecture on how the earth rotates and blah blah blah. The school’s dance company is hosting their yearly audition for eager freshmen and returning members. Me, as a freshmen, was super frantic because hardly any freshmen get in and if they do, they are only in 2 or 3 dances in the back. 

Ding ding ding

Everyone filed out of the room as I calmly, or more like nerve wrecked on the inside, got my bag and made my way through the suffocating hallway.

Three auditions for 6 dances. If I get in, maybe I will get into half. What are you thinking, you’re not as good as some of the others! No, you got this!

Changing into a new set of clothes, I made my way to the cafeteria seeing a lot of my peers with anxious and determined faces. You got this.

All of a sudden, there he was. Standing at the front with all of the other choreographers, looking at the familiar and new faces to judge according to their dances.

“We will give you your numbers and you will learn all your wanted choreography you want to try out for and you will audition tomorrow.”

My friend came over and clapped me over my shoulder, “You ready ___?! I’m so excited!”

She pointed over to him and said, “See him. I want to be his partner for the partner dancing. Are you going to try out for it?”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so. We’re only freshmen I just wanna join the other ones.”

She elbowed me, “Too bad. I hear he’s really good dancing with if you know what I mean.”

She laughed as I lightly laughed with her and looked back at him. His eyes were on mine surprisingly. Panicking I looked away.



Taking a step closer to the table with scattered numbers on it, the older student smiled at me, “Dana told me a lot about you! I hear you’re really good!”

Blushing as I took the number I shook my head, “No no no, I’m not that good.”

She laughed, “Well she is the co-president, we’ll see.”

Walking back to the group of anticipating girls, Kris stood on top of one of the tables and yelled, “Jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop will be taught one hour each. If you are interested in either, move to the right of the cafeteria. Partnering will be learned on the left. Pointe will be taught tomorrow and auditioned the day after!”

Walking to the right, I watched as he stepped down and smiled at Dana. He must like her.

Each hour I learned each style of dance, easily memorizing each move. Every once in a while, I would catch a glimpse of Kris teaching the routine with Dana as his partner. I saw my friend alternate partners until she got to him. With a huge smile she gave me a thumbs up sign. Encouragingly I returned it but for some reason I couldn’t help but feel regret. 

After learning each routine, we returned our numbers and I got my belongings as I made it out of the school.

“_____! _____!”

Turning around, I saw my friend running towards me, “_____! Oh my god did you see me and Kris?! Weren’t we so cute!”

Smiling I said, “Yeah…really cute.”

She laughed, “I hope I get in! Especially if I get into the partner dances, with Kris huh that would be a present from fate don’t you think?!”

Nodding I replied, “Yeah, that would be pretty cool.”

Taking in a chilly breath I couldn’t help but feel jealous of him and Dana. I shouldn’t feel this way…he’s older than me…it’s not right…


Ah guys I’m sorry for not updating First Touch :( I’ve been thinking of different endings and neither of them have been that good. But I’m trying my hardest so please wait lol Also for the anon requesting the Baekhyun scenario, I will be getting to that so please wait as well! Love you guys!-    a-bit-crooked

The worst thing is when you think you’re getting better and suddenly one thing happens which isn’t even a big deal and everything comes crumbling down. And then bam, you’re in square one all over again

Why MariChat? Because:

● when Adrien is Chat Noir he is the person he wants to be/truly is, no holding back emotions or opinions, he can be himself

● Marinette doesn’t need a mask to be herself (why would she, she is just a normal civilian), she only starts acting different when she’s Ladybug

● in Mari’s opinion LB is a lot better than her civilian self, and that everyone would choose LB over Marinette (my poor baby)

● when CN tries to become close to someone he doesn’t need to fear that they only like him because he’s rich and famous (*points at Chloé*)

● he doesn’t want fangirls, he just wants someone that likes him for who he really is

● and (surprise) Mari wants the exact same thing (well, especially with Adrikin but that’s not the point!)

● so basically if CN and Mari fall in love with each other, they fall in love with the side of the mask their partner wants them to fall in love with

● therefore MariChat is the most important ship in the square

● BAM!

idk I just think that Mamamoo has such the perfect combination that demonstrates how there are different ways of having a good voice?? The only way I can describe it is shapes

So Like Solar is a rectangle. Her voice is very powerful and dramatic. It’s very authoritative. She can do these incredible high notes, as demonstrated with the short sides of the rectangle, but even belting out the “low” notes, aka the long sides of the rectangle, you get the same, no nonsense feel. It’s the type of voice your voice would bow to. She has very straight lines in her voice, so when you listen to it, even the simplest of tunes becomes this… rumble? Like an earthquake that shakes you to its core, and but doesn’t damages anything. It’s very heavy, like the way hot chocolate sits in your stomach on a cold day. And, like hot chocolate, its very addicting.

Wheein is a triangle. You are going all fine along the edges of her voice, thinking “Hey, probably a square” Then BAM,suddenly you are going a different way. Like a triangle, she has 3 types. The equilateral comes in high-register. It is unfairly even, almost to the point where you find yourself wondering how it can exist in such perfection. Her voice does this thing that solar’s doesn’t when it gets higher, and its hard to explain without an example, but the best way I can say it is if you took the soft beam of light light of the mid notes and focused it into a lazer the higher you went up. Almost as if her voice becomes like the edge of a razor. The isosceles is the lower notes. Perhaps not as satisfying as the perfect-sided mid notes, but still has 2 equal angles to remind you that she is in control. The scalene are those runs that she does. It is hard to measure each side, and each angle is different, but when you look at it, they always add up to 180 and you realize how much calculation went into such a random seeming string of notes. Her voice is ice cream on a hot day. Watch out for brain freeze; it will be deliciously painful.

Hwasa is a circle. She doesn’t have the straight lines that wheein and solar do, and yet there is something so satisfying about her soft edges. She can do these low notes that you feel in your throat. They just sound so… full? But she doesn’t always stay in that direction; she turns in this perfect arch and hits you with some whistle notes that, again, sound so deliciously full, as if she doesn’t have to strain for them at all. Her voice is husky, sexy, turns and breaks at just the right moment to create the perfect circumference. She is chocolate covered pretzels, having both a sweet, soft side that you crave and a salty, filling side that satisfies.

Moonbyul is the colouring in all these shapes. Her voice takes no specific shape, but rather grows on whatever it is accompanied by. Don’t let this fool you though, it is just as perfect and necessary as the other three. After all, without colouring, the shapes would just be lines. And sometimes that is nice, but after a while you wonder why you are hearing in black and white. Her voice is solid, unchanging at first until you hear the small hills and valleys she puts in, the little articulations that fill it out so beautifully you wonder how you missed them in the first place. Her voice is more savoury than sweet; like the first bite of a hamburger after not eating all day. At first you think its just bread and meat, but then you realize there are all these toppings inside that create this beautiful harmony in your mouth.

TL;DR - Mamamoo invented singing