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Is it weird that I HATE writing on paper?? Is it weird that I find it hard to call myself a writer??? Is it weird that I want to write but I can't make my own OCs or make a good enough plot???? 😭 btw love ur blog ❤️❤️❤️

  1. No!  Absolutely not!  There’s lots of different ways to get your story across, pen and paper only being one of them.  If writing on paper is just not your cup of tea, that is a-okay.  Personally, I prefer an electronic notebook.
  2. Oh, dear.  No, that’s not weird either.  There can be a lot of reasons a person would hesitate to call themselves a writer.  Maybe they haven’t had the time, motivation, inspiration, etc. to write recently, and they feel pressured by the expectations that come when others hear the word “writer” in reference to them.  Maybe others in their life have made comments such as, “Well, technically, are you really a writer?  Maybe an amateur blah blah blah.”  It’s our belief that if you like writing– could be poetry, original fiction, fanfics, scripts, songs, journaling, whatever– bam, you’re a writer.  But if you have other reasons for being uncomfortable with the word, that’s okay too.  
  3. And once again, nope, that’s not weird at all.  It can be difficult to create OCs and plot.  Luckily, there are writing prompts, aus, and templates that can help ease the process (some of the time).

You just do you, and remember that we support you in doing what you love!

The Reylo Meta Library, version 1.0

(As of April 3, 2016)

Hello Reylo Fandom! 

We proudly present to you the growing Reylo Meta Library, version 1.0!

1. Reylo Meta

Force Bond Meta

Music Meta

2. Ben Solo / Kylo Ren Meta

3. Rey Meta

Rey and Obi-Wan Kenobi Parallels

4. Other Meta

Thank you very much to @kagomehime369, A, and all those who sent meta. 

Have or know of a meta you’d like to see here? Send us a message with “Title of Meta (linked to Meta) by @Author”.

The plan may be to release a weekly update of meta added to the Library, like “The International Journal of Reylo Studies”, as suggested by @the-reylo-void​. 

If you’d like to join the could-reylo-be-canon-today team, just send a message to @hello-reylo​. :D

Reylo forever and ever, because it’s canon.

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