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The Council: Teaser

How far would you be willing to go to find the truth? Would you knowingly throw yourself into the lions’ den? 

Glamour. Sex. Deceit. Danger. It’s all so enticing.

The deeper you go, the more you begin to realize that all things aren’t quite as the appear. 

All the answers you seek lie with them. 

The Face:

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The Architect:

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The Shadow:

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The Enforcer:

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The Negotiator:

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The Collector:

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The Virus:

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OMG okay so I just arrived back from the Melbourne Fanmeet and it was absolutely amazing!

- When seated I met a few other IGOT7’S and they were so sweet!
- The sheet didn’t fall when it was supposed to and the boys were like ‘Ummm…Now what? Are we supposed to perform like this the whole night?’
- They started beatboxing and singing acapella to a few of their old tracks and I was shook!
- They interacted a lot with the fans a lot and were quite shocked at the reactions they were getting!
- Youngjae left a video for us and my heart broke when he said he felt very disappointed in himself, he looked so drained! Get better sunshine!
- Jackson was awefully quiet and worried a lot of us, he only started talking properly during the games He was just staring into the crowd for most of the time, I felt kinda sad for him (I felt it might have beem because he didn’t get to spend time with his mum for her birthday)
- Jinyoung did Aeygo and apologised! Was so cute and sweet to the fans
- Bam Bam spoke and dabbed so much! DAMN BOY!
- Mark aka hubbie, also spoke quite a lot!
- Markjin had a fight over who did aeygo
- Jaebum was so squishy and cute! He got embarrassed and smiled when the crowd cheered for when we were asked if he was hot (I mean who wouldn’t cheer for that?)
- Yugyeom was so fucking sexy! His outfit was on point! He did a sexy dance which SHOOK ME LIKE NO TOMOORROW! AND HE SAID A WHOLE ENGLISH SPEECH AT THE END!
- They were so concerned for our safety at one point when the crowds pushed forward towards the stage a lot!

Over all I still can’t really believe that I got to see my favourite people perform before my very eyes! I appreciate them even more after seeing all their hard work shine through their amazing performances! Thank GOT7 for an amazing night and for allowing me to meet other fans too!


Idk why y'all keep exposing my face lol, but here’s my selfie tag!! Tagged by the adorable: @mixedcaramelbliss

That bare egg face middle one is actually from today!! (It was was wash day 🙃🙃)

Imma tag all my babies, but anyone can do it. please tag me if you do!!!

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