Beautiful sunrise in the city this morning … Best light for a morning run - love my city

I live in the Distillery District in Toronto - and it really is quite probably my favourite spot in the city - just below the sunrise is the lake - by mid morning all you see is blue water and blue sky.  There are some great spots in this area - one of the most dangerous is Soma Choclatiers ( - I can see this amazingly wonderful choc-gasmic boutique from my living room windows … and I run right past it every day on my way back from my Beaches run.  

Some great galleries in the hood and Balzac’s Coffee makes a mean ass Latte.

There is a very cool Sake Brewer who just opened up here as well - I often go in and by a product they have left over from the brewing process - it’s a paste that can be used as a really amazingly moisturizing face mask.

So many great things about living here - best of all though - the morning sun rise.

#toronto  (Taken with instagram)