Just a heads up because I know it’s gonna happen:
Balz has a family and pets and him and Ryan have a successful business. Ryan herself just won ink master. There’s a lot going on in his life.
That’s a lot to do in itself, but being in a band also? That actively tours and still makes music? That’s a LOT of stress on a person. So he made a decision to leave the band and focus on what he wants to do.
We can be sad. He was in the band for ten years and was a great keyboardist and a cool guy and loved being connected with the fans. I’ll miss him being in the band. But we just have to respect his decision and be happy for him because he’s focusing on what he wants to do, and we want him to be happy right?
So just please. Do him a favor and respect his decision and don’t attack him or Ryan for him wanting to do what makes him happiest. He’s a human being who just wants to be happy like everybody else, not someone meant just to exist to make music and cater to fans. Don’t be an asshole. Thanks.