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Hello hello hello!!! So I'm quite new to this IPKKND fandom (I'm 75 episodes in) but you seem quite educated on this topic so I'm asking you. As i'm scrolling thru the IPK tag on Tumblr I'm seeing a lot of Balwant Kaur song references? Who is she?? Is she a really important character? It seems to be an inside joke and I want to be in on it too!!

Hello :)

Welcome to the fandom!! I hope you enjoy watching my two favourite idiots and their adventures, and please feel free to ask any and all questions (it’s probably best to watch it all once, though, as my responses are spoiler central!).

Balwant Kaur is not part of the canon! She is not a character at all.

The cast used to sing a Punjabi folk song off-screen all the time, and it became a THING. The lyrics:

Balwant Kaur na aayi.   [Balwant Kaur hasn’t come]
Balwant Kaur na aayi.   [Balwant Kaur hasn’t come]
Sariya bibiya ayya,     [All the ladies have arrived]
Balwant Kaur na aayi    [But Balwant Kaur hasn’t come]
O te kendi si mein bara vaje aawangi     [She said “I will come at 12″]
O te kendi si mein bara vaje aawangi     [She said “I will come at 12″]
Aithe baj gaye dhai,    [And now it’s two thirty]
Balwant Kaur na aayi.    [But Balwant Kaur still hasn’t arrived]

I think original song is one of those hilariously inappropriate songs that aunties sing at weddings, where the lyrics can be anything and everything, so there are also different versions of it. You can probably find most of them if you search youtube or dailymotion with the words “balwant kaur ipkknd”.

So yeah, it’s a bit of an inside joke in the fandom and now you’re in on it too :)

On stay of his execution, Balwant singh said, I have dedicated my life to the Panth and have no regrets. So the stay doesn’t make any difference to me". He also added, “This is a victory of real Khalsa Panth after every member of the Sikh Nation rose to the occasion and successfully conveyed the strength of the Khalsa religion. I am ready to be hanged at any time and will live till the God permits me. My happiness over the stay shouldn’t be considered as my weakness. I am happy because Sikh religion has shacked the walls of Delhi government, not because my hanging has been postponed.