balto ending

i made an oc questionnaire

it is unlike all(most) others 

1: What is your character’s full name?
2: What is their birth?
3: What is/are your character’s favorite show(s)?
4: What kind of drug(s) does your character do?
5: Favorite brand when it comes to shoes?
6: Where does your OC buy most of their clothes? Who pays for them?
7: Can your character cook anything well? If so, what?
8: Would your character sacrifice a friend for $10,000,000
9: What song does your character always sing in the shower?
10: As a child, what did your OC wanna be when they grew up?
11: Favorite kind of alcohol?
12: Who is/are your OC’s best friend(s)?
13: Favorite store?
14: Favorite book?
15: Most visited website(s)?
16: If your OC was a character from King of the Hill who would they be?
17: Propane or charcoal?
18: Favorite troll from Homestuck?
19: Has your character ever complained about how Invader Zim got canceled?
20: Nintendo or Sony?
21: Favorite video game(s)?
22: What’s the password they use for everything?
23: What was their email in the 6th grade?
24: Does your character tan or burn?
25: What invisible illness does your OC live with?
26: If charged by a swarm of wild animals, what wild animal would scare your character the most?
27: Everybody Loves Raymond comes on but the batteries in the remote are dead. Does your character watch ELR or get up and change it?
28: What was their favorite disney show as a kid?
29: If your character is LGBT+, when and how did they realize?
30: Who are your OC’s celebrity crushes?
31: How does your character want to die? How do they actually die?
32: How does your OC deal with having a crush on someone?
33: Did your OC cry at the end of Balto?
34: What Bands does your character own merch to?
35: Emo, scene, goth, or punk?
36: Does your OC use words or fists to argue?
37: Did your OC read the book The Secret? Did it change their lives?
38: Did you character get deeper into My Little Pony than they let on?
39: Spotify or Pandora?
40: Do they pay for music or download it off the web?
41: iPhone or Android?
42: Most used emoji?
43: Do they get lost on IMDB for hours looking up random movie trivia?
44: Remember when Donnie Darko was about to jerk off in his therapists office that was fucked up
45: Does your character think Elijah Wood’s is hot?
46: Does your character believe in the Illuminati
47: What do you think youtube would recommend your character watch?
48: Your OC stops at a gas station to buy a drink. What did they buy?
49: Does your character have an enemy/rival?
50: What kind of blog would/does your character have?(ie: food, aesthetic, SJW, porn, b&w, anime, etc..)

EDIT: hey guys if you use this please tag me in it so i can check out your OCs!!!