10.29 (SAT) SUBduction Productions presents || HAUNTED HAUS || at All Asia!

Join SUBduction Crew and All Asia for the costume party that will satisfy your EDM/BASS MUSIC needs! 

Girls get in Free!!! Dudes get in free too, but only beofre 11 and after $5. nuff said. 

21+ 9PM-1AM

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BALTIMORODER (Mmmmaven - Boston, MA)

“Baltimoroder was born out of necessity. The story begins in Illinois, where Baltimoroder (aka Erik Pearson) abused cheap Yamaha keytars and Fisher-Price turntables. In high school, punk shows, record stores and raw performance spaces filled his time. On to college, Los Angeles and the mighty KXLU radio station, where he absorbed avant-garde sounds, ambient music and experimental artists. The turning point came after a cross-country trek to Boston and a low-key house party. He took the decks, mixing tracks he had never heard into a swell that kick-started a dance floor. From that night on, the floor never stopped growing. DJing to dance fiends night after night is his passion—whether thugged-out Baltimore music or the retro-sexual glam of Giorgio Moroder. Behold Baltimoroder. New residencies started popping up in all different styles, all the way from Balearic dinner music to Dancehall/Hip-Hop to Techno and Electro. Baltimoroder mixes aggressively and flawlessly in any genre put in his path. It was a chance meeting with David Day; a local promoter and European techno aficionado that took him from the bedrooms to the clubs. Their natural talents were a perfect match; Erik the technical party-rocker and Dave the consummate promoter. In search of greater platform for artists and musicians, they opened the art/event space sQuareOne in the Boston Fort Point district showcasing everything from 2-D painting, photography, and film/video to music production, live performance, and some amazing dance parties.”

WHEEZ-IE (Well Rounded, Embassy - Boston, MA/Houston, TX)

Wheez-ie aka Matt Mauldin is a Texas transplant who’s making a serious come up. In case you needed any more proof that juke had moved far beyond its roots in the streets of Chicago, this Houston bad boy enrolled at Berklee has become a jedi in manipulating the 808 business. With his debut release on Well Rounded Matt put his foot down defining his sound and showing the world that juke is more than just a flash in the pan. And we all know he’s got the mixing skills to match so get ready to remember the score and give him a five fingered salute!

with SUBd Residents: 

General Motor

“General Motor is a beat fanatic. While he is firmly rooted in 4x4 beats…GM’s sets seamlessly move from techno to house, wobbly basslines and vicious blends of cut time magic. His musical styling showcases his upbringing amongst some of the best in Berlin while cutting his teeth on this side of the pond.”


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