My three cosplays from Baltimore Comic-Con 2016.

Please note:  Blue & Red Bodysuits = Purple Dress, and Yellow & Red Hair = Orange Hair.

PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS AMAZING COSPLAYER. I met this breathtaking Furiosa cosplayer at Baltimore Comic Con – LOOK AT THIS. The arm, the belt buckle, the fierce makeup and attitude, all of it–this is perfection. (And this cospeep was so nice!!) Also: I feel like my Cap would look right at home in the Thunderdome, surprisingly. “Mad Max and the Crazy Captain” as the next film? Yes? Maybe?? Yes?


Part 2:  sunday.  Had a lot more fun today as the human torch with my fantastic four group.  Made my day getting another picture with the flame princess and pyro, this was a much more themed shot!  The Pet Sematary group was awesome; one of my favorite movies and an incredibly creative idea.  Also saw some great mlp princesses during the contest, but wish i could have gotten them all together!