baltimore feminists


Do you all remember that time in 2013 when over 3 thousand students at the University of Delaware rioted just for the sake of looking fun? Or that time in 2014 when students at the University of Dayton rioted because they beat Stanford? How about the time in 2010 when James Madison University students rioted during “Springfest” because police reasonably asked the 8,000 students to disperse? And that time in 2011 when over a thousand people rioted in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup?

You probably remember these. But do you remember these people being classified as thugs or even anything remotely derogatory towards race? No? That’s because they weren’t. They were just “drunk” or “kids being kids.”

White people will lose their shit like pit bulls high off crystal meth if their favorite athlete so much as touches a football. But how dare black people revolt against the depravity and degradation they are forced to endure in a system that unethically utilizes racial profiling and denies the constitutional rule of law for police, right?

This is in no way an endorsement for the use of violence and destruction as a mechanism for justice and change. However, that does not mean that you can use these reactions from injustice as a pedestal to aggrandize the white race, especially when you can’t possibly put yourself in the position of a victim of racial injustice. 

So please, take a damn seat because you know you’d do the same exact thing had the situation been flipped.