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Musical Shitpost

this is what happens when i watch mama mia with my mum and we both cry at meryl streep

team voltron love musicals. this is a fact. but who loves what


  • keith loves legally blonde
  • he can’t help it
  • the music is all so fun
  • and they all have such a good time and no one ends up hurt except a couple assholes
  • every time he watches it he starts to sing the song what you want at lance behind his back
  • no one minds
  • hunk and him do a perfect duet of serious


  • this man loves les mis
  • he doesn’t hide it either, his jean val jean impression is spot on
  • sometimes he’s found doing his eyeliner singing both parts of a duet to the mirror
  • often it’s the confrontation
  • he isn’t good at it
  • he cries whenever a character dies too which is hard
  • because like
  • they all die


  • you do not wanna get between this woman and wicked
  • she used to love hamilton but as soon as she heard no good deed she fell in love
  • she can hit all the high notes especially in deying gravity
  • she tried to make keith duet what is this feeling but he couldn’t learn the lyrics
  • sometimes she and lance sing popular together and lance kills it as glinda
  • she refers to the mice as munchkins sometimes


  • when lance is sad he sings my favourite things and it chers him up without fail
  • he has a playlist of his favourite sound of music songs to go to sleep listening to
  • spoiler alert: it’s all of them
  • he convinced the team to do do re mi together and it almost made him cry when they did
  • once when they found a planet where the hills actually were alive he almost died imitating julie andrews
  • he still says it would have been worth it


  • i don’t know if you know this but pidge and heathers go together like shiro and suffering
  • candystore is her anthem
  • and whenever lance pisses her off which is a lot she belts out yo girl around the ship
  • losing rover put her into full on i am damaged mode for weeks
  • lifeboat makes her sad because it reminds her how much of her family she’s lost. sometimes she’ll be alone in her room crying thinking how much she’s lost. no one knows.
  • dead girl walking reprise puts her back in a good mood though so it’s fine


  • i bet you thought this would say high school musical
  • everyone loves highschool musical lance isn’t a basic bitch
  • although he does love it
  • lance‘s favourite is obviously mamma mia and i’m not just saying that because i just watched it
  • it has meryl streep in it for christsake
  • and abba
  • dancing queen is his anthem but lay all your love on me is pretty awesome to him too
  • winner takes it all still makes him cry with pride
  • he’s sung S.O.S about both hunk and keith at different times and same times. they are so perfect for it
  • the musical both makes him incredibly happy and incredibly homesick. use only when needed


  • avenue q of course
  • this was the first musical he’d ever heard and every one since has been a disappointment in comparison
  • he sang everyone’s a little bit racist to allura when she was having her issues with keith
  • it didn’t help
  • he sang if you were gay when keith first got his crush on lance
  • it didn’t help
  • when lance had to handle keith’s bonding moment issue he sang mixtape
  • it helped.


  • grease all the way
  • alone at a drive in moo-vie is his favourite
  • beauty school dropout also resonates deep in his heart
  • this is the only musical the poor cow has seen, he saw it when lance watched it with shiro
  • grease is the word was a spiritual experience

im sorry this is what i made tonight


  • zarkon likes Hairspray purely for Miss Baltimore Crabs
  • haggar enjoys chorus line surprisingly
  • shay adores RENT in every way
  • the blades of marmora watch rocky horror regularly and each have assigned roles to sing. ulaz was dr frank n furter
  • lotor is high school musical 2. he wants fabulous.
  • varkon likes shrek the musical.
I’ve Been Thinking...

My favorite (non-living) things are food and theater.

I know there are a lot of restaurants on Broadway the street, but there aren’t a ton of Broadway-themed restaurants.

There should be. I would call mine “Annie Get Your Lunch” or “Everything Is Beautiful At The Buffet.”

Sample Dishes:

  • You Won’t Succeed On Broadway If You Don’t Have Any Juice
  • Avenue Q-cumber Salad
  • Oh The Things You Can Think When You Think About Soup!
  • Cheese and Rice Superstar
  • It’s Pasta-ble
  • Lettuce From The Refuge
  • The Poor GUY’S Bread Is Spinning!
  • Everything’s Coming Up Roast Beef
  • Thoroughly Modern Meatloaf
  • Miss Baltimore Crab Cakes
  • A Light In The Pizza (cheese pizza, for the vegetarians among us)
  • The Dessert of Desserts: The Dessert!- a medley of sorts, featuring Pippin apples, Kiss Me Cake and My Fair Ladyfingers, as well as one’s choice of sorbet (Cell Block Mango or Lime Warp) or Ice Cream (Ice Cream A Cream In Time Gone By….when hope was high and life worth living)
I listened to all 7 episodes of Serial


  • Where the fuck is Jay?
  • I don’t know what the crab crib is but I want in on that shrimp sale 
  • Deirdre deserves her own reality show
  • Mail Chimp did it
  • I probably would’ve been in love with Adnan Syed if we were in high school together
  • Sometimes I think Dana isn’t listening to me
  • Jay is such a fuck boy
  • Sarah is probably in love with Adnan
  • It’s not Thursday yet
  • I need it to be Thursday 
  • He did it
  • He didn’t do it
  • The girl that mispronounces Mail Chimp did it
  • Who knows
  • Still not Thursday

satellite-smith  asked:

For the playlist challenge: Vain and Powerful

Oooh, I love this one. 

1. (The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs from Hairspray
2. My Strongest Suit from Aida
3. Rainbow High from Evita
4. Does Your Mother Know? from Mamma Mia!
5. Loud from Matilda
6. Whatever Lola Wants from Damn Yankees
7. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
8. Prima Donna from The Phantom of the Opera
9. I Don’t Know What I’d Do from A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
10. When You’ve Got It Flaunt It from The Producers
11. Spread A Little Sunshine from Pippin
12. Diva’s Lament from Spamalot
13. You and Me (But Mostly Me) from The Book of Mormon
14. Me from Beauty and the Beast
15. Honestly Sincere from Bye Bye Birdie
16. Why Can’t The English? from My Fair Lady
17. Sex Is In The Heel from Kinky Boots
18. Extraordinary from Pippin
Bonus: Popular from Wicked

A neighborhood crab house in Baltimore in the 1930′s wasn’t exactly what we expect of our modern crab establishments. The “house” part was often quite literal-  proprietors were frequently women who ran a crabcake and clamcake business out of their kitchen, or in this case, their front window. Customers, lured in by the smell of fried things wafting on the breeze, could plunk down a few nickels, pull up a patch of curb and demolish a perfectly golden, perfectly greasy crabcake, right on the spot.

Though the venues may have changed, the ritual of a summer crabcake is deeply ingrained in Chesapeake tradition. Served between two slices of white bread, it is a taste of the Bay that conjures nostalgia, comfort, and the humid pleasures of a July afternoon in Baltimore.

From the Library of Congress, by “Look” magazine photographer John Vachon, 1938.

Marylanders worship no god other than an ancient being that was here long before humanity, an elder one, a being that is the synergy of Baltimore Oriole, Blue Crab, Raven, and Terrapin.

Sacrifices to it are made every full moon, and it only accepts offerings of Natty Boh and lacrosse equipment. All Marylanders, by law, must keep Old Bay in the house, as it is His essence in pure form.

We’re ready to move and groove!

anonymous asked:

Do you think that "Don't Rain on My Parade" would be an okay audition song for Mama Rose in Gypsy?

meh fine but overdone. 

Miss Baltimore Crabs from Hairspray

Last Midnight from Into the Woods

Before the Parade Passes By from Hello Dolly

Show Business (Reprise) from Annie Get Your Gun

A TON OF STUFF from Women on the Verge

Waiting the Wings from Ain’t Broadway Grand