Too many Flints to count: America’s infrastructure is rotting — and poisoning our children
By David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz

“I know if I was a parent up there, I would be beside myself if my kids’ health could be at risk,” said President Obama on a recent trip to Michigan.  “Up there” was Flint, a rusting industrial city in the grip of a “water crisis” brought on by a government austerity scheme.  To save a couple of million dollars, that city switched its source of water from Lake Huron to the Flint River, a long-time industrial dumping ground for the toxic industries that had once made their home along its banks.  Now, the city is enveloped in a public health emergency, with elevated levels of lead in its water supply and in the blood of its children.

The price tag for replacing the lead pipes that contaminated its drinking water, thanks to the corrosive toxins found in the Flint River, is now estimated at up to $1.5 billion. No one knows where that money will come from or when it will arrive.  In the meantime, the cost to the children of Flint has been and will be incalculable.   As little as a few specks of lead in the water children drink or in flakes of paint that come off the walls of old houses and are ingested can change the course of a life. The amount of lead dust that covers a thumbnail is enough to send a child into a coma or into convulsions leading to death. It takes less than a tenth of that amount to cause IQ loss, hearing loss, or behavioral problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the government agency responsible for tracking and protecting the nation’s health, says simply, “No safe blood lead level in children has been identified.”

Michigan is making headlines, but the whole country is a ticking time bomb – one austerity measure from disaster


Just posted a split tape called Geography by West America/File Island!

It’s sick that i got to make tapes for these kiddos. The songs are great. 

File Island is no longer a band, but digimon never truly die. They get reborn!

Hope all is well. 

Sorry that Dog Belly has been quiet. I think I finally have time to do this experiment a little bit better. Announcing another release soon :+)

Click here to stream/download/purchase!

Tapes are 5$ + shipping.

You may support the artists directly here:

Hey You, Come Back.

[ #tbt event review by Michael Shattuck ]

Organized and Hosted by Jenny Xie and Jessica Hudgins. Poetry by Suzie Doogan, Fiction by Courtney Sender and Khaliah Williams, at The Crown 2016 Thursday February 4, 20:00 EST.

Everything is wet outside. Crowd collects around the Blue Room’s L shaped bar, only 8:15, a clamor of welcoming. 2016 is a month old but a dimension slightly different, “everything stolen and replaced with an exact replica.”

Sole blond bartender gracefully orchestrates the simmering audience. Chain of rainbow Christmas sparks overhead, a hush a nanosecond long. Sullen artists hiding. “It happens so quickly” here to soak up the light and moisture in the glasses.

With an implication of swords the chatter cut quiet by a song – attention to time and sequence focuses the chaos and poets. Not flagless or united sitting in the ordered space of the hardwood lacquered floor, half-frown smiles and leg-shifts and question the integrity of our choices, like the “kitchen mug / our favorite / that our loved one broke” and that too replaced.

We listen like search engines filling in the previous entries before we hit enter / return and pay attention, lock the seat belt, we wait to hear what we’ve been waiting for our entire lives, “Welcome home.” And wait for the funny part please, please give or allow some distance as a part of this whole thing.

Recall ancient myths of ourselves, our friends, loves, families, are skeptical of ourselves, unsure that’s why we pull up a chair or sit on the floor and listen over a search engine that runs on fear, even the perfect, the objects of envy, maybe most of all. These are just the ground elements of one amplified “long goodbye.” Crowd is rapt in patience.

Fueled and ready for the wet web of sidewalks outside. Long suffering concrete split from the invading ice seeping into and stretching out the breaks.

As I leave I think I should have been a secret agent with a bottle of oil, silencing the knuckles of screaming hinges.

Feb. 9   10:00 am

Today, Berniesrevolution announces our endorsement of the shocking DeRay Mckesson campaign for mayor of Baltimore! DeRay is one of the central leaders of #BlackLivesMatter and played a pivotal role in the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore.

DeRay has yet to reveal a full policy platform but has proven a breadth of knowledge for the plight of the poor and struggling in the city! We will keep you all updated on policy introductions as they come in.

The #feelthebern movement we are all building and #BlackLivesMatter are two movements that should be united in fighting for economic, racial, and social justice and equity and this is an essential first step!

Click right HERE to donate to DeRay’s Mayorial campaign!

DeRay For Mayor

DeRay McKesson has been a prominent voice for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and has become the go-to guy on the internet for the latest information on the front lines. DeRay, among others, serve as a peep hole to current events, such as the #BaltimoreRising movement. 

DeRay shook things up Wednesday night by throwing his name in the already crowded hat for mayor of Baltimore. He entered the race minutes before the deadline, creating a shockwave throughout Baltimore.

“Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility,” the Black Lives Matter member told The Baltimore Sun. “We can’t rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk those paths if we want transformational change.” (source:

If DeRay wins the election he will be the first social media personality to be elected to office. 

Happy Black History Month?