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DeRay For Mayor

DeRay McKesson has been a prominent voice for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and has become the go-to guy on the internet for the latest information on the front lines. DeRay, among others, serve as a peep hole to current events, such as the #BaltimoreRising movement. 

DeRay shook things up Wednesday night by throwing his name in the already crowded hat for mayor of Baltimore. He entered the race minutes before the deadline, creating a shockwave throughout Baltimore.

“Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility,” the Black Lives Matter member told The Baltimore Sun. “We can’t rely on traditional pathways to politics and the traditional politicians who walk those paths if we want transformational change.” (source:

If DeRay wins the election he will be the first social media personality to be elected to office. 

Happy Black History Month? 

Today, Berniesrevolution announces our endorsement of the shocking DeRay Mckesson campaign for mayor of Baltimore! DeRay is one of the central leaders of #BlackLivesMatter and played a pivotal role in the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore.

DeRay has yet to reveal a full policy platform but has proven a breadth of knowledge for the plight of the poor and struggling in the city! We will keep you all updated on policy introductions as they come in.

The #feelthebern movement we are all building and #BlackLivesMatter are two movements that should be united in fighting for economic, racial, and social justice and equity and this is an essential first step!

Click right HERE to donate to DeRay’s Mayorial campaign!

DeRay McKesson Is Running to Be the 50th Mayor of Baltimore

That’s a good intention. To change the reality you should be a part of this reality. Baltimore survived hell and black activists proved that they care about people and life of Baltimore. I believe that DeRay McKesson is aware person who can handle the issues of this city.

You can donate to DeRay’s campaign here.