Baltimore school tutor charged with child abuse in Trayvon Grayson beating

  • Authorities have charged a Baltimore school tutor with multiple counts of felony child abuse. 
  • Baltimore Curriculum Project employee Timothy Randall Korr, 25,  is accused of violently disciplining Grayson at City Springs Elementary School by throwing him against a wall, seriously injuring him. 
  • He allegedly broke 7-year-old Trayvon Grayson’s jaw and knocking out several of his teeth
  • The Baltimore Curriculum Project, the school’s charter operator, said Korr has been fired and they are “heartsick that this child suffered this injury.” Read more

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Mindfulness is taking the place of punishment at school.

Our schools are famous for cruelty to children. Especially when it comes to white teachers and black students. They receive severe punishments for minor offenses.

But Baltimore found another way to put them right! And this is great, because these children now can learn how to stay calm and and not to react appropriately.