It’s been four months since more than 400 Baltimore businesses were damaged in riots following the death of Freddie Gray. Most — but not all — of those businesses have reopened, although some are still struggling to get back the customers they lost.

Six weeks after the April riots, the windows of Taylor Alexander’s women’s clothing store were still boarded up. Her shop, Flawless Damsels, was so empty inside that her voice echoed off the walls when she described what it used to look like before looters cleared her out.

But this past weekend was an entirely different story. The store, located near the city’s downtown, was crammed with people helping Alexander celebrate her grand reopening. There were a DJ who had the music blaring and free cupcakes. The walls were covered with the latest fall fashions and handbags. A glass display case was filled with jewelry.

Alexander was able to reopen because she got a no-interest loan of up to $35,000 from the city. Friends and family raised $7,000 online to help her restock. She also had to make some changes, including installing metal shutters to cover the doors and windows at night. But Alexander says she never doubted she’d be back in business.

For A Baltimore Boutique Owner, A ‘Joyous’ Reopening After The Riots

Credit: Pam Fessler/NPR


A hundred years ago they used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound against Negroes. Today they’ve taken off the white sheet and put on police uniforms, they’ve traded in the bloodhounds for police dogs, and they’re still doing the same thing. And just as Uncle Tom, back during slavery, used to keep the Negroes from resisting the bloodhound, or resisting the Ku Klux Klan, by teaching them to love their enemy, or pray for those who use them spitefully, today Martin Luther King is just a 20th century or modern Uncle Tom, or a religious Uncle Tom, who is doing the same thing today, to keep Negroes defenseless in the face of an attack, that Uncle Tom did on the plantation to keep those Negroes defenseless in the face of the attacks of the Klan in that day.

(June, 1963)

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Happening now: At hearing for Freddie Grey’s killers, Baltimore police arrested an African American protester after he was hit by a car, Sept. 2, 2015.

Report from Sharon Black of People’s Power Assembly at the scene: “Court out on lunch break. Lots  of media. Demo took to street briefly shut  down traffic. Protester hit by car. In hospital. Arrested. Police shoved people on ground. Protest planned for tonight.”

Baltimore Sun: Baltimore police make arrest, urge protesters to ‘remain on sidewalk’

Just because a person has on a uniform does not give him the right to come and shoot up your neighborhood. No, this is not right, and my suggestion would be that as long as the police department doesn’t use those methods in white neighborhoods, they shouldn’t come to Harlem and use them in our neighborhood.

I’d rather be dead than let someone walk around my house or in my neighborhood shooting it up, where my children are in the line of fire. Either they’d die or I’d die. It’s not intelligent, and it all started when a little boy was shot by a policeman, and he was turned loose, the same as the sheriff was turned loose in Mississippi when he killed the three civil rights workers.

I hope you don’t misunderstand me when I say that…and I’m not advocating anything illegal against the police. I know good policemen, and I know bad policemen. I know policemen that bend over backwards to be human, and to protect other humans and to treat people as if they are human beings. Then I know others who shouldn’t be on the force. They’re not qualified, morally…even mentally.
Former commissioner says Baltimore police intentionally let murders spike because their feelings were hurt
By Bonnie Kristian

Holy crap, if this allegation is true—

Like the NYPD, Baltimore police felt their leadership wasn’t “standing up for them,” and they decided to protest with a work stoppage.

Only the BPD didn’t stop ticketing people for unimportant, nonviolent violations that maybe shouldn’t be illegal anyway. Instead, as former Baltimore police commissioner Anthony W. Batts said yesterday night, Baltimore cops deliberately let the murder rate spike.

If Batts’ allegation is true, this is an appalling revelation. No matter what disagreements a community and its police department have over police tactics, misconduct, and accountability, intentionally letting more people get killed is not an acceptable police protest model. Full stop.

So far, the BPD has not responded to Batts’ comments. It should. These are grave charges, and the families of Baltimore’s murder victims deserve to know the truth.

A judge ordered Wednesday afternoon for the six Baltimore Police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray to be tried separately after earlier ruling to uphold the charges.

Judge Barry Williams also said Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will not be recused despite a motion filed by the defense citing an alleged conflict of interest.

read the rest here:

Baltimore judge refuses to drop the charges against the Freddie Gray six

Defense attorneys for the six Baltimore police officers facing charges for the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray appeared in court Wednesday for the first in a pair of pre-trial hearings. Judge Barry Williams denied the attorneys’ request to have the charges against the officers dropped, as well as a motion to have an outside prosecutor handle the case instead of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby. The trial of the so-called “Freddie Gray Six” is expected to begin in October. All this went on as protests occurred outside the court house.


Dan Deacon Ponders Creativity in Music, Architecture and Kermit the Frog Memes

To see more of Dan’s photos, check out @dandeaconofficial on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Dan Deacon finds beauty and amazement in everything: bright desert flowers; cheap, obscure DVDs that he buys at gas stations with titles like Mr. Art Critic — even jumbled snapshots of himself or his friends, where he misplaces and doubles up basic facial features.

“I like how disturbing they are. I find them to be hysterical,” the Baltimore-based electronic musician says of the twisted portraits. “I love the mixture of comments. There’s no more polarizing post than a face on a human head sideways with, like, two mouths. No one doesn’t have an opinion on that photo.”

These days, the 33-year-old spends a lot of time on his tour bus — a converted school bus named Vantastic that he and his pals gut and remodel before every trek — scrolling through pictures, pondering why and how people respond to them all.

“I love when someone posts something they think has a powerful message and then the first comment is something completely having nothing to do with it or completely changes the context of how everyone is going to see it next,” he says. “Like, the fact that Kermit the Frog drinking tea became a set of memes that completely changed the entire character of Kermit the Frog is insane. The fractal effects of what happens once you put an idea in the world is endless.”

In a way, that represents how Dan looks at his own musical output, from his early days self-releasing albums as a student at State University of New York at Purchase to his most recent album, 2015’s Gliss Riffer. “I think my whole life is seeing a point on a horizon and wanting to get to it but not knowing how to do that, and figuring it out as I go. Or, vice versa, seeing a path in the woods and not knowing where it’s going to take you and following it anyway. For each song, it’s the closest thing to meditating I could probably ever do, sitting there and letting the music take me where it’s taking me and trying to get what’s inside my head outside without thinking about it too much.”

Yet, for all the school bus travels and international audiences he leaves in pools of sweat with his egalitarian shows — where he almost always performs in the midst of the crowd — Dan gets bored like any other human. And when DVDs like Mr. Art Critic and Two-Headed Shark Attack aren’t enough, he’ll find a unique way to entertain himself. Take the recent prank he pulled at Ireland’s Body & Soul festival.

“I was talking about how I was obsessed with The Doors in high school and I used to draw The Doors logo in notebooks. Then someone was like, ‘What does The Doors logo look like?’ And I said, ‘I can draw it for you, exactly, from memory.’ There was no table space, so I was leaning up against our dressing room door while doing it, so I thought, I should just tape this here. And then, I don’t know why, I started drawing it again and then I was like, I’ll tape this on the door of Savages’ dressing room.’ Then I really liked how it looked, so I did it to all the dressing rooms.” Eventually, a worker at the festival took them all down, but Deacon took them out of the trash and reapplied them. “I don’t know,” he says of his motives. “It was really fun. I had a great time.”

For the rest of the summer and a bit into autumn, Dan will be playing gigs, mostly festivals, in Europe and the US. After that, it’s back to figuring out a path to the figurative point on the horizon. “I’m starting to sketch out the new record. I’d like to get going on that. It takes me a while to formulate an idea. We’re going to have some non-pop music projects as well and getting into production of music that’s not my own, so I’m excited for that. Nothing at the confirmed stage to talk about, but I’m trying to diversify my output. I really want to keep making as much music as possible in as many different forms as you can make it, and trying to expand on what music is — or the next art form of what will be sound-based but not music.”

There doesn’t seem to be a way to explain it, so we’ll just have to trust Dan’s ability to see and hear the world in his own unique way and turn it into something that fascinates and entertains us, just as a dollar DVD or face-swapping app does for him.

—Dan Reilly for Instagram @music