Mubina by Quynh Anh Photography Via Flickr:   

Little angel from the Baltistan village of Turtuk, formerly part of Pakistan until 1971. The Balti is an ethnic group of Tibetan descent with some Dardic admixture, who live in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan, in addition, smaller populations also exist in Ladakh. Dard people is an Indo-European minority. Their facial features, with their slender noses, Caucasian-looking eyes and relatively fair skin, do not share many similarities with Asian features. INDIA. Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh. Nubra Valley. 2014

KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA. Shandur Pass, Chitral district. July 5, 2004. 

A Balti man (left) of Tibetan origin and a Pashtun man (right) from Afghanistan talk business at the annual Shandur Polo Festival in Chitral, the highest polo ground on earth. All the main tribes from northern Pakistan, including Kalash, Pashtun and Balti people meet at this three-day multicultural festival.

Photograph by Matthieu Paley.