Supernatural - Where Were You? (Castiel/Balthazar)

And then I cried into my cereal.

Ok, to compensate for my last fill. Not within the limit because I say so.-


Dean thinks it’s pretty fucking appropriate to curse loudly when you’re suddenly confronted by a lot of naked angel. 

Castiel disagrees. ’…your mother is not present, Dean. Nor is she even currently capable of sexual relations.’

Dean briefly considers replying but…his brain just isn’t functioning.Which is when the second half of the angel-pile starts to speak. Sardonically. Because it’s fucking Balthazar. Who rolls them over until he’s looking at Dean the right way up. 

‘As lovely as this is - fuck off, Dean, we’re busy. You can join in later, okay?’

Dean is, quite suddenly, outside a closed door. 

Fucking angel mojo. 

Several very unholy noises start up from within the room and Dean’s eyes bulge before he shoots off down the corridor and absolutely does not think about what Cas sounds like when he’s fucking. Or 'later’.

He’s straight. Really.