balthasar capulet


Tybalt Ferdinand Capp
Human Student, Chaotic Good
Tybalt lost a bet to Puck Summerdream. That is why he is here. He is not under any circumstances the kind of person who spends his days pretending to be someone else. Puck’s terms were just that he had to try it, not stay and actually play, but that is hardly the point. When not experiencing extreme denial, Tybalt overcompensates at family reunions, kicks Monty ass, and lords over the obviously inferior students in his Economics 101 class.

Balthasar Capulet
Human Wizard, Lawful Neutral
Lord Balthasar Capulet is a seventh son of a seventh son. That does not make him a wizard, he was already that, it just makes him the youngest. And, being the youngest, he inherited absolutely nothing upon the death of his parents but a meager 200 gold pieces and a lifetime of being hopelessly spoiled. He has lowered himself to the level of an adventurer in hopes of getting to Waterdeep, where he has noble friends that will, out of the pure goodness of their hearts, lend him the money to get back on his feet. Until then, however, he is stuck in this hellish party.