RUBEN / Mattia Balsamini. A few weeks ago on a train heading home I met Ruben, at that time a total stranger. I continued to stare at him all the way. He got off before I could find the opportunity to ask if I could photograph him. So I asked his girlfriend, who got off with me in Venice - looking at me skeptically. I never thought that she would forward my request.

She unexpectedly did.

And we finally met.

THE QUADRANGLE / Mattia Balsamini

Part of an ongoing project on Rozzol Melara, a district of Trieste known
for hosting the popular residential complex operated by ATER. It was
designed based on the social and architectural theories of Le Corbusier, by
a group of architects and engineers coordinated by Carlo Celli. Built
between the late ‘60s and early '80s with the intent to create a
self-sufficient village, it was featured with shops, schools, churches,
bars and everything else. Globally the Quadrangle (the informal name given
by the residents because of its shape) covers an area of 89,000 and hosts
2,500 residents spread over 468 apartments.

'Nives Fozzer has been living in Melara for the last 5 years. She was moved
here from her old house in downtown Trieste where she lived with her mother
and husband. What she hates the most about the neighborhood are the
episodes of vandalism towards her Fiat Sport Coupè 850, her first and only


Paolo Pellegrin at his desk. Rome, September 2012.

“Yes, I think photojournalism is still necessary. I think it’s a completely
different language compared to television or radio. It takes a specific
effort of interpretation from the viewer – but particularly because of
that, it creates a stronger connection and understandment between who
creates the image and who looks at it.”


WIRED NEXT FEST / Mattia Balsamini. Installation conceived by Italo Rota at the Museum of Natural History for
Wired Next Fest - the first innovation festival held in Milan, May 30th -
June 1st.

Giovanni Chiaramonte and Mattia Balsamini designed two different routes
for visitors, allowing them to explore the dioramas and different
relationships between man and nature.

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“What is home to you? To me what is thought of as a traditional home (apartment, house, etc) is not my home, that will pass away one day like I will. Then I will go to the Other Side, that is my home to me.

Dani Swann 

P.S. I live my life with my future home in mind as I live in this temporary home, storing up wealth that can be spent only in my permanent home.”

© Mattia Balsamini / LUZ

From IL POST/ #INEDITO "Qual è la tua casa" by Mattia Balsamini


Mattia Balsamini for Leroy Merlin / ag. M&C Saatchi


LA MEJO FAMEIA / Mattia Balsamini

L’ adunata degli alpini is an event that takes place annually, on the
second weekend of May in a city of Italy that changes each year. Alpini are
a particular military force, founded in 1872, specialized in mountain
warfare. They are the oldest active mountain infantry corps in the world,
originally created to protect the northern borders of Italy with
Austria-Hungary during World War I.

The commemorative event involves each year 300-400,000 people, which,
gathered in cities where population is estimated to be around 50.000,
truly destabilizes the normal balance of the citizens. Central streets and
outskirts of the city are filled with camping tents, chemical toilets and
improvised barbeques, radically transforming the appearance of the town.

What makes it different from similar italian political or religious
manifestations is the sense of unity and attachment to the country, unlike
any other event - this is why some of them like to be called la meio
fameia (a northern-italian dialectal expression that means ‘the best

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