RUBEN / Mattia Balsamini. A few weeks ago on a train heading home I met Ruben, at that time a total stranger. I continued to stare at him all the way. He got off before I could find the opportunity to ask if I could photograph him. So I asked his girlfriend, who got off with me in Venice - looking at me skeptically. I never thought that she would forward my request.

She unexpectedly did.

And we finally met.

THE QUADRANGLE / Mattia Balsamini

Part of an ongoing project on Rozzol Melara, a district of Trieste known
for hosting the popular residential complex operated by ATER. It was
designed based on the social and architectural theories of Le Corbusier, by
a group of architects and engineers coordinated by Carlo Celli. Built
between the late ‘60s and early '80s with the intent to create a
self-sufficient village, it was featured with shops, schools, churches,
bars and everything else. Globally the Quadrangle (the informal name given
by the residents because of its shape) covers an area of 89,000 and hosts
2,500 residents spread over 468 apartments.

'Nives Fozzer has been living in Melara for the last 5 years. She was moved
here from her old house in downtown Trieste where she lived with her mother
and husband. What she hates the most about the neighborhood are the
episodes of vandalism towards her Fiat Sport Coupè 850, her first and only


Paolo Pellegrin at his desk. Rome, September 2012.

“Yes, I think photojournalism is still necessary. I think it’s a completely
different language compared to television or radio. It takes a specific
effort of interpretation from the viewer – but particularly because of
that, it creates a stronger connection and understandment between who
creates the image and who looks at it.”



Mattia Balsamini for Leroy Merlin / ag. M&C Saatchi