baloon quotes


So, today is my little sister’s ( strawberrydaydreams ) birthday and I wanted to make her a lot of Steven Universe stuff because a) she loves Steven and b) she deserves it. She’s still asleep so this is all a surprise and we’ll see if she likes it all! I baked Cookie Cats (though the ice cream is just vanilla flavored because the store wouldn’t cooperate), I made a SU themed sign and hanged a lot of baloons with song quotes (plus Greg’s porkchop quote and Li’l Butler, because who doesn’t love Li’l Butler?). I also sew a Steven plushie (by hand, because the machine they were going to lend me didn’t work :( ) and he has the gem on his belly button, that I made as well. I got her the #1 comic on ibooks as a surprise and I also made a figurine of Steven and Connie (which you can see rotating in 4 gifs because otherwise it’d be too heavy for tumblr) that I’ll put on the cake as decoration but she can later use as she pleases. She has more presents than these, but they’re not SU-related, so I wanted to cover that myself. I hope she likes all this and I can cheer her up on her birthday!