Proud Of You

I was procrastinating my studies and ended up writing a little Hak/Yona drabble.  Well, it was supposed to be mostly centered on those two but the other guys refused to be ignored.  Anyway, enjoy.

Only a few months back Hak would have openly laughed in the face of anyone who dared to say he’d be witnessing what was in front of him now. Even in the present he occasionally could not believe his eyes.  That asseveration was especially true in this moment as Hak found himself admiring his princess’s ability to confidently command a situation.  His flower that had for so long been slowly and carefully unfurling was close to blooming.

It all began earlier in the day, when their odd group stumbled upon a man face down on the side of the road, still as the balmy afternoon air enveloping them.  Kija saw him first, white coat trailing behind his retreating figure as he darted over. The white dragon crouched down for a moment before standing once more and turning to address the group.

“He’s alive.”  

With that brief announcement everyone else hurriedly poured around the fallen male.  Unlike the others who were frantic over the stranger’s condition, Hak remained on guard. One could never be too careful and so he took in the man’s clothing trying to absorb any possible information the fabric offered.  His garments were a rich powder blue, but the vivacious color was muted with smears of brown dirt and crimson.  Whoever this guy was, he’d been through a hell of a fight.  That was for sure.

“We need to flip him over” Yoon ordered gruffly, already digging through his pack, “be careful; do it gently.  He’s not an exceptional beast like you lot.”

“Let Zeno do it” the blond murmured quietly, and though it was only for a second Hak though he detected a sorrowful tint to Zeno’s words.  None of them liked to witness innocents being hurt or slaughtered, but the pain of such situations seemed to resonate acutely with the yellow dragon.

Shin-Ah held up his hand asking Zeno to wait for a moment before stretching out his furry cloak next to the man.  He meant it to serve as a bed.  The blue dragon looked ghoulish with his odd clothing and reticent demeanor, like a figment one might stumble across in a nightmare. Truthfully however this silent fellow was gentle, so gentle, with such kindness it seeped into anyone he encountered.  

Jae-Ha assisted in turning the man over and once that task was complete it only took a few seconds for Ao to appear by his face, adamantly attempting to shove an acorn into his mouth.  The princess hastily scooped up the squirrel as Hak noted the cut on the man’s right shoulder.  Yoon gingerly inspected the gash before sifting through his bag once more.

“Well?” Jae-Ha prompted.

“He needs stitches, a lot of them.  This could take a while.”  The self proclaimed genius pretty boy finally produced a needle and thread along with some spare bandages.  “Before I can begin we need to get this needle disinfected.  There’s no point helping him now if he’s just going to die from an infection later.”

And the conclusion of that statement brought Hak to the present situation, the one in which he could only watch on with astonishment.  There was the princess, a girl whose biggest concern use to be the color of her hair, directing the dragons so naturally.  She wasn’t panicking over finding a half dead man as she would have done in the past.  No, the princess in front of Hak now was aiding Yoon in caring for his patient, not at all worried about the dirt staining her clothes and face.  The girl in front of him now was sharper, and it didn’t take her but a minute to catch him staring.  

“What is it?” She asked glancing up from where she sat on the ground. Hak just smirked and her eyes narrowed awaiting his jab.  Hak wasn’t going to tease her this time, not when she was practically shining enough to rival the sun.


One day he’d tell her how proud he was of this girl whose core was composed of steel wrapped in layers of fire and lace.  This leader who possessed an unwavering will and the gentlest of hearts.  This person who took it upon herself to give and give until the well ran dry.  One day he’d tell her all that, among other things. But for now he’d simply offer his silent support and watch her burst into bloom.

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Describe my ideal house:

Ideally I would love to live by the beach and the city which isn’t always possible I’m Australia. In a place like Barcelona however…. Haha it would be perfect. Honestly that would be my dream. Living in a beautiful double story house that backed onto the beach, with my bedroom upstairs with french doors that opened onto a balcony where I can enjoy those hot balmy spanish nights with the person I love. Then in the morning leave and have it only take me ten minutes to reach the city centre. I’m not a country boy, I need noise.

The signs as nice words

Aries: Vitality, springtime, untiring, full of life, dynamic.

Taurus: folksy, rustic, of the earth, unyielding, yearning.

Gemini: airy, balmy, bellowing, pleasant, fickle.

Cancer: delicate, powerful, serene, of the sea, zealous.

Leo: fearless, unwavering, luminescent, spirited, radiant.

Virgo: bucolic, dreamy, astral, celestial, intuitive.

Libra: fluttery, harmonious, adored, exalted, enchanting.

Scorpio: luxurious, opulent,
protective, dignified, regal.

Sagittarius: vagrant, enigmatic, electric, astir, compelling.

Capricorn: abstract, deep thinking, mysterious, frugal, sensible.

Aquarius: ethereal, divine, intangible, heavenly, of the sky and stars.

Pisces: imaginative, quixotic, poetic, amorous, whimsical.

There’s an area of Seoul which has managed to retain a lot of pre-war/colonial architecture, markedly different from a lot of the cookie-cutter buildings built nowadays: high ceilings, huge, wall-length windows, etc. Because the buildings are so old, they can’t be developed, which means elevators can’t be installed. This, in turn, means that the rent stays low, and it’s becoming the perfect place for artists and designers who can’t afford to be in, say, Hongdae.

We climbed to the top of this one, right in the heart of the city, built in 1937. We drank wine from red cups and enjoyed the cool breeze, a welcome retreat from the normally humid Seoul summer.


We’re having a mouth-off moment.

This summer, it’s all or nothing. When it comes to lip products, we refuse to sacrifice the quality of one feature just so we can have another. And at Sephora, we’re not just all talk and no action—we’re in the business of beauty problem-solving. So today, we’re pleased to introduce you to a variety of innovative, no-compromise lip hybrids. For the first time ever, we invite you to enjoy the best of both worlds.





Texas Gothic

- “Remember the Alamo,” people say. They glance toward the horizon with fear in their eyes and plan their yearly pilgrimage to San Antonio.  The Alamo does not like to be forgotten.

- The lake is not natural. It was built as a reservoir, everyone says, but when you go out on your cousin’s boat, you always see strange movements in your wake. In summer, when the water level drops low and lower still, bare branches reach from below the surface, strangely twisted and contorted. The lake lodges close down. Your cousin puts his boat in storage. No one mentions that there are more branches this summer than last. No one mentions how they move even when there’s no wind.

- Each winter, the Northerners come, driving in by the dozens from Michigan and New York and Oregon, even Canada. “We’re getting too old to brave the snow,” they tell you. “It’s so warm here! Such balmy weather. You must love living here year ‘round.” They look somehow thinner than they were when they arrived, eyes fever-bright and fingers twitching nervously. “Such nice weather,” they whisper. “So warm.”

- “Everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach,” proclaims a T-shirt in the back of your closet. You have never been to Luckenbach, and neither has anyone you know. The shirt hangs there as a reminder: someday Luckenbach will call to you, and you will not be able to resist.

- It is fifty degrees out and everyone you pass in the street is in heavy winter gear, as though their skin feels a chill that the thermometer doesn’t register. 

-  In the night, you hear gunshots. “It’s okay,” your mother says. “Just dove hunters.” You  know it’s not dove season, but you go back to bed anyway. It’s better than thinking of alternative reasons for the gunfire.

- After a day of excruciating heat, the skies open and rain pours down. At first, you’re delighted, but as the rain goes on and on, you start calling family members to make sure they’re on high ground. The rivers rise and flow over the roads, dividing the town into a series of islands, and still it rains. There’s a dip in the road at the entrance to your neighborhood, and it fills with water. You count your canned foods and check the weather-proofing on your doors and windows. It is still raining. You no longer remember what dry ground looks like.

- You pass a recent roadkill on the highway. In the split-second glimpse you get of it, it seems too big for a deer. There are too many limbs. A high-pitched ringing starts up in your ears and you quickly look away. When you drive past the spot again later that day, there’s nothing there.

- “Texas-sized,” says the 64-ounce cup you bought at the gas station. “Texas-sized,” brags the diner about its burgers. “Texas-sized,” whispers your neighbor, pointing out the tracks in your lawn. They look like coyote tracks, but they’re ten inches across.


Ban the boring. Take care with color.

True or false: Venn diagrams are the best way to explain overlapping concepts. Picture a diagram where in set A, it’s all your favorite lip balms. In set B, it’s your favorite lip colors. In the union, you get lip products that are both nourishing and tinted. Too good to be true? We’re not just being hypothetical here. Meet the Balmy Tint: a new lip-hybrid category that gives you the comfort of a balm without compromising hues. And P.S., you aren’t the only one thinking bare lips are kind of blah for summer. KELLEY HOFFMAN