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anonymous asked:

Please please please do a prompt where Harry is with Eggsy back in his apartment and gets affected by the Valentine signal and has to find a way to stop Harry from killing him...

Eggsy had saved the world …sort of. 

Everything had gone to hell after he had managed to kill Valentine, what with most world leaders dead and many cities in shambles. Nevertheless, the human race wasn’t extinct, so Eggsy took it as a small victory. 

Still, the aftermath, even after a year, could still be felt. A few people that had been affected by Valentine’s signal had not recovered as their brains could not revert the damage done by Valentine’s signal. Some others had smallepisodes, never lasting more than a few minutes, but, as people were findingout, one needed less than a minute to take a life. 

Merlin, the brilliant genius that he was, had managed to make tablets to fight these vestiges, but they could only be administered once a person had an “episode”, for, if given to someone that hadn’t been exposed or didn’t have any vestiges, it could potentially change not only their personality but the chemical components of their brain, either making them violent or suicidal. 

Which is why, no matter how much Harry asked for the pills, Merlin would not give them to him; he would not even budge to bribes- and Harry had tried quite a few, from strange delicacies to taking over the paperwork for him for a year. 

His fears, sadly, became a reality one Sunday afternoon when both he and Eggsy were at home. 

They were having lunch, Eggsy’s feet comfortably hidden under his thighs, when he felt his head begin ringing, and a raging pain explode behind his eyes. 

His body seized up, stiffening, and he fell to the ground. 

“Harry?” Eggsy’s voice pierced the room, dripping with concern.

Harry’s skin tingled, making him feel numb; he knew this feeling. He had felt like this once before, in Kentucky, when he had slaughtered at least a hundred people. 

“Eggsy… Run!” He gasped, and then everything went to hell. 

He felt his body become unresponsive as the numbness eclipsed him, his muscles slipping out of his control. And then he felt that want, that crazed desire to hurt, to kill, that had filled his mind in Kentucky, take a hold of him. 

He stood up, and watched in horror as his body lunged for Eggsy. He tried to stop himself, tried to reign back his blood thirsty mind, but he didn’t know what to do. He had no idea how to save his boy. 

The, albeit small, part of his brain that was still him was screaming, wallowing in self hatred as his fist made contact with Eggsy’s face, throwing him to the ground. 

Why hadn’t he run? He was going to kill Eggsy if he stayed here. He wanted to warn him, to shake him so that he’d snap out of his stupor and run, but he couldn’t even move his mouth. 

A part of him wanted nothing more than to end himself, anything at this point to stop himself from hurting Eggsy.

Eggsy seemed to snap out of his initial surprise, and looked at his lover apologetically. “This might hurt a bit, Harry.” 

Eggsy tackled him, throwing him to the ground, but he was going too soft on him, dammit, Harry was a bloody kingsman. He quickly used Eggsy’s weight against him, flipping them over in one smooth roll. He straddled Eggsy, closing his hands around the boy’s neck. Eggsy, knowing there was no way he could break Harry’s chokehold by merely pushing against the man’s hands, grabbed the first ornament he saw, which ended up being a small glass in the shape of a flower, and hit Harry hard in the head. 

The man fell to his side quickly getting up. He grabbed both knives from the dining table and threw them at Eggsy, who had the good fortune of having a book nearby and managed to put it in between the knives and his face. 

Damn, Harry had a bloody good aim.

Eggsy dropped the book to the ground, running towards Harry and jumped backwards, kicking Harry in the chest, and landed perfectly on his hands. He came out of his headstand quickly, his fists up and ready to both block and attack. If Harry wouldn’t be out of control right now, Eggsy would have looked at him to see that little smile Harry always gave him when he was proud of Eggsy’s prowess. But right now, all he saw was a blank expression and a pair of murderous eyes looking at him.

Harry suddenly took out a golden lighter. He didn’t want to throw it, but he was not the master of his body, and so he turned it on and threw it towards Eggsy.

The young man jumped, catching Harry by the waist, getting them both out of the way as the grenade destroyed the dining room. 

He pinned Harry down, and, although he knew it was useless, he screamed “What the fuck, Harry? Why do you have a fucking grenade on your pocket?”

Harry raised his knee with brutal force, missing Eggsy’s shaft by an inch, managing to shake the young man off as he grunted in pain.

“You utter prick,” murmured Eggsy, as he realized that he wouldn’t be able to bring down Harry like this. He ran towards the bookshelf and pulled out a red book, which contained two injections, as Harry broke one of the stair’s balusters, holding it up as a make do spear. 

Eggsy cursed, berating himself for not having kicked Valentine a little harder when he had the chance. He should have fucking stabbed the guy a few more times, just so that the last thing he saw was blood. 

“Harry, put it down,” Eggsy ordered, as one tells a dog to sit. But of course, Harry did not listen.

Ah, fuck, he’d really have to do this.

He picked up the book again, and just as Harry was about to stab him, he slammed his face with the book and injected him with the shots just as Harry stumbled backwards. 

Harry fell to the floor, touching his neck with a confused look. 

Eggsy, who by this point was panting heavily, looked at him and said “It’ll be alright. I promise.”

And then everything went black.


Harry opened his eyes with a start, wincing as a bright light hit his sensitive eyes. He looked around, getting more and more confused as he could not recognize the place. 

His bed sheets where a sickening white, and there was an IV on his left arm. So hospital then.

He turned his head to the other side and froze as he took in the sight of a rather battered Eggsy, sleeping on a chair next to him, holding his hand. His cheek was bruised as well as his neck, where handmarks could clearly be spotted, and he was sure there were many other bruises hidden underneath his clothing. He felt his eyes prick at the sight. This was all his fault. He, who had sworn to protect this boy, had failed miserably. How could he even look at Eggsy in the eye?

Egssy woke up as the sound of the heart monitor, that was connected to Harry, picked up speed, sensing the man’s distress.

He straightened up in his chair, his eyes turning warmer as soon as he realized Harry was awake. “Hey,” he whispered.

“Eggsy, I-”

“No, stop that,” Eggsy said with a tone of finality, knowing Harry’s guilty expression all too well. “none of it was your fault, it was Valentine’s, so don’t go balmin’ yourself for nothing." 

"Eggsy, I physically harmed you." 

"It’s not like you wanted to do it.”

“But what if it happens again?”

“It won’t. Merlin’s gonna prescribe you those pills you wanted now.” He gave him a crooked smile. “He almost fell off his seat when he heard he’d have to deal with the paperwork of what happened to the house." 

Harry covered his face with his hand. “Oh, god, I completely destroyed the dining room, didn’t I?”

Eggsy squeezed his hand. “I’d been wanting to redecorate anyways.”

Harry couldn’t help but chuckle. “Liar.” 

"am not,” Eggsy said, pretending to be offended. Eventually he smiled, kissing Harry’s hand. “It’ll be fine, Harry, now sleep." 

"What did you inject me with, by the way?”

Eggsy gave him a mischievous smile “potent tranquilizer.”

“And where the bloody hell did you get that?”

“Merlin gave it to me, said I should keep it just in case, ‘cause it would knock you right off.”

Harry smiled tiredly. Yes, he could tell it had been a strong tranquilizer, if the headache he had was anything to go by. Still, it had probably saved Eggsy’s live. He’d have to thank Merlin later for helping him, yet again, keep the young man sitting next to him, who had managed to worm his way into Harry’s heart, safe.