In my own time, Jarred, childhood friend of King Endon, tried to warn Endon to wear the magic Belt, and mingle with the people. So Jarred was called assassin, as Ballum had been, and forced to flee for his life.  (Josef, Tales of Deltora)

Since so much is made of comparing Ballum and Jarred: 


  • literally ran to the other end of the country to get away from elstred and never checked in on his bro ever again 
  • did not appreciate that elstred nursed him day and night despite his busy king job, accepted that weird mask thing, and basically adored him
  • wore a mask because he could ‘not bear the sight of his ruined beauty’
  • so salty about elstred’s betrayal that even his great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren would happily straight up murder his brother’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren if given the chance


  • deliberately stayed close to endon (five minutes away), then showed up at the palace all ‘hey i’m back i dare you to arrest me’ because endon needed him
  • never forgot endon, and after not seeing him for seven years declares they are ‘friends to the death’ and happily gives up his entire world for him
  • has a facial scar but is body positive and doesn’t walk around in a mask
  • loves endon’s son so much he is happy for lief to father his grandbabies 

theory: the masked one’s language was developed because you can make a short ‘a’ sound without moving your lips and cheeks

when Ballum was burned, the skin around his mouth, and on his lips, was so badly scarred that he could not longer form other vowel sounds without some pain

so the ‘language’ isn’t a language at all, it is just the masked one’s emulating how their first leader spoke 

(seriously though test it- try saying ‘murderers’ without moving your lips and mouth- it comes out sounding like mardaras)

Trying to figure out veteran villain characters, I give you Mr. Lee, a full time English/Sociology high school teacher that some how has a part time job as a villain. He’s got wind powers and can float on clouds.

Personality wise, he’s pretty calm in his school environment but he can get vocal when it comes to debating certain issues with his students (he doesn’t mind this). As a villain, he’s pretty quit and keeps to himself, unless his brother Slicker is around.