balls winging around

Jin stole TWO army bombs tonight at two separate times, I hope this means he was having a blast

I’ve seen so many beautiful Gaster space capes out there. And it got me thinking, what if he occasionally lent it to Sans? 

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*kicks the incubus in the balls and runs*


Trevor roared as white hot agony temporarily blinded him. The pain brought him to his knees and made him cough up a small bit of bile into his mouth.

Every single nerve in his body was on high-alert, aching and stinging like crazy. The incubus curled up into a ball, wrapping his wings around himself, and clutching his stomach. He wanted to throw up so badly.


The Secret About Angels

Author: waywardfreewilloneshots

Summary: After the fall, you try to find your older brother Castiel, but instead find the Winchesters.

Pairing: None!

Character(s): Sam and Dean

Warnings: Blood, injury, pain, probably some slight angst… that should be it.

Words: 2196

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