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EXO Reacts To When You Wake Up From A Nightmare

heyo, heyo! this was a simple one to do, but i didn’t write as much as i usually do lmao. i’m going through a bit of a busy time, but i hope you guys enjoy!


Xiumin: He’d be pretty confused when you suddenly sprang up and when he saw the sweat rolling down your forehead, he would instantly drag you back to bed and embrace you in a tight hug. 

“It’s okay. Just breathe”

Luhan: He would come back from work pretty late one night and when he saw the bedroom light turned on from the front door, he would walk in with a confused face, but would instantly rush to your side when he saw tears. 

“Baobei?! Are you okay?”

Kris: He was a sensitive guy anyway, but not many people knew. So, when he returned home to you curled up in a ball and tears rolling down your face, he would immediately hug you while trying to control his own tears. 

“What happened?”

Suho: He hated seeing anyone in pain, especially you. So, waking up in the middle of the night with you panting and letting out quiet gasps with teardrops painting your face, yeah. Let’s just say he didn’t take it very well. 

“Jagiya? What happened? Please..tell me”

Lay: He cared about everyone to an extreme level, so coming back into your bedroom to hear you let out loud gasps and clutching the blanket tightly with wide eyes instantly broke him. 

“Baobei, please no…don’t cry” 

Baekhyun: It killed him when he saw you being upset so seeing you cry was even worse. He would try his best to not break into tears himself, but he would just be happy and hug you, trying to cheer you up. 

“Come on, jagi. Show me that smile!”

Chen: He would definitely hide the fact that he himself was about to start bawling because you looked so scared and that you had such big tears rolling down your face, but he would start acting like an idiot to make you smile.

“Look, Y/N! I’ll show you our new dance move!”

Chanyeol: He hated seeing anyone upset in general, but if the people he was closest to were upset, he couldn’t bear it. He’d instantly forget about everything and engulf you in a huge hug, swallowing back his tears and rubbing your back. 

“It’s gonna be okay. Just breathe and talk to me, okay?”

Kyungsoo: He wouldn’t show his emotion too much anyway, and he knew that you usually never cried, so seeing you quietly cry underneath the heap of blankets, he’d be incredibly worried and would try to talk out everything. 

“You’re not okay. What happened?”

Tao: This boy is already sensitive, so seeing you cry made him cry harder than you did, and he’d instantly give you the tightest hug he could manage and listening to you silently as you spoke of the nightmare. 

“I’m here. Just talk to me”

Kai: He would hold his tears back as he saw you quickly rub your eyes and give him a tired smile, which weakened him even more, but he’d just walk over to you and silently hug you, rubbing your hair softly. 

“It’s okay. Just look at me”

Sehun: Waking up in the middle of the night to someone gasping like a crazy person never really helped anyone. He’s hug you tightly and whisper sweet things to you, weakening you and making you let out a few tears. 

“I love you, okay? It’s just a nightmare”

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Having a snowball fight with the marauders would include

Having a snowball fight with the marauders would include

  • It not being intentional.
  • It would be on christmas eve.
  • You and the marauders would be walking the Hogwarts grounds down near the black lake.
  • Sirius with his arm around you shoulder, thanking you again for staying at hogwarts for him.

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  • James looking at you both with furrowed eyebrows.
  • And the next thing you know theres ice hitting the back of your neck.
  • “JAMES POTTER” You glare picking up a hand full of snow.
  • “OUCH!” It hits him square in the face.
  • “Did that hurt?”
  • “Yes it bloody did!” He would exclaim wiping the snow off his face.
  • “Good”

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  • Another ball of snow hits your back.
  • “Seriously?” You turn around filling your hands with more, this time Sirius and Remus getting involved.
  • snow would be flying in every direction
  • The sound of laughter filling the air.

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  • James making you his prime target.
  • “OW JAMES” You shout as he lobs snow ball after snow ball.
  • Falling onto your bum and him laughing at you.
  • “Help me up” You say giggling a little yourself.
  • Sirius thinking it would be hilarious to push james ontop of you as he leans to help you up.

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  • Huffing as you get pushed further into the snow.
  • “Its not funny"you say as all the boys are now rolling on the snow laughing.
  • James giving you a piggy back on your way to the castle.
  • Ignoring all the winks and remarks Sirius was giving you.
  • All four of your sitting by the fire getting warm.
  • Hot chocolate and marshmellows.
  • Falling asleep in the common room all together.

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 2

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5  

Summary: There was surely no way the your father could be serious about marrying this…this stranger from another kingdom! Right?

Word Count:2840 

Warnings:Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

     You stormed into your father’s study, fists balled and face red with fury,

    “I won’t marry him! I won’t do it!” you roared as you entered the room. Your father rubbed his forehead and sighed, tired.

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Kirk: I don’t want to scare anyone but I still demand respect so I’m going to lovingly throw this music at your face. *balls up sheet music and chucks it at a trumpet playing*

Spock: *Throws a music stand at the door breaking the music stand* STOP BEING NERVOUS ABOUT YOUR SOLO!!

Bones: When I fix your tune don’t change it! Be like a dog and stay fixed!

Uhura: Flutes! It does not go ~da ~da BLAHHHH! *picks up music and point at it* Do you see a blahhh here?

Sulu: Remember everyone be graceful in the contest. Grind the competitors into dust but be graceful about it.

Chekov: *looks around* I’m trying to figure out what I can throw that won’t break your nose.

Scotty: Ya’ll know Muhammed Ali? He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. Well, you guys float like a brick and sting like a spoon!

Jaylah: For the last time I will not ask “What’s updog?”


“nefelibata” ~ daydreamer; someone who lives in their own imagination or dreams 

Request: Hi raquel!! Can you write a Jimin angst based on GD’s song That XX?

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1.413

A/N: to intensify the pain in your heart you can check out the lyrics to GD’s That XX, the MV broke my heart. also I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes whatsoever it’s way too late but my heart was begging me to answer this request asap so here it iiiiissss!

(Y/B/N) stands for “your boyfriend’s name”

His jaw clenched and hands balled into fists as he saw your boyfriend gently grab that girl’s face in between his hands, softly leaving a kiss on her plump lips, making her giggle and hide in his chest. Jimin’s thoughts ran wild, poisoned blood pumping through his veins at the thought of that guy’s lips back on yours without you knowing about his unfaithfulness.

His eyes never left the giggling couple as he grabbed into his back pocket, pulling his phone out and blind dialing your number. After the second ringing you picked up.

“Jiminie”, you greeted happily. “What’s up?”

Your boyfriend grabbed the girl by her hips, whispering something into her ear, as a faint blush spread across her face.

“Where’s (Y/B/N)?”, Jimin bluntly asked, already knowing the answer to his own question.

“He’s at a family dinner”, you answered irritated. “Why?”

He had lied to you. As far as Jimin could tell that girl was no way near being family. His pulse started increasing, rage taking over his body.

“Are you sure?”, he breathed out.

An exaggerated sigh left your lips. “Yes, Jimin I’m sure. Why are you suddenly so interested in him? Whenever I mention him towards you, all you do is talk bad about him or ignore it completely. Why the sudden interest?”

Jimin’s heart stopped at your question. How should he explain to you what he had just witnessed? You would be heart broken. He knew how much you loved that idiot and no matter how much Jimin hated him, he knew that you would never believe him if he told you the truth.

But you deserved better. You deserved to know. It was worth a try.

“(Y/N)”, he started, calming himself down before mentioning the risky subject. “Your boyfriend is standing on the opposite street side, being extremely touchy and flirty with a girl that is not you.”

He was met with silence. 

“(Y/N)?”, Jimin asked carefully. “Please don’t cry, you deserve so much better than him.”

A shaky breath was audible through the line. “Jimin, why can’t you just accept the fact that I’m dating him? I know you dislike him but we’re happy. I really don’t know who that guy in front of you is but it’s definitely not (Y/B/N). I trust him. He would never lie to me. Even less cheat on me.”

You took a short break and continued before Jimin could protest. “Why can’t none of you accept that he treats me good? Do you not want me to be happy? Are you jealous? Why are you imagining things?”

Jimin’s heart clenched and he had to close his eyes to stop the pain that shot through his heart at your words. Yes, he was jealous, very much to be exact. He loved you with every cell of his body, he was ready to give his all to you while your boyfriend played you like there was no tomorrow. Taking advantage of your kindness, playing with your heart without you even noticing and it hurt him. It hurt him that you believed that guy more than him. That he was more important to you than him. That (Y/B/N) had you but Jimin didn’t. That (Y/B/N) could call you his, while all Jimin was, was a friend.

“You’re right, sorry”, he mumbled. “I guess I’m really imagining things. He’s probably not as bad as I keep thinking he is.”

It physically hurt Jimin to say those words while directly staring at your boyfriend cheating on you. Yet, he wanted nothing more than your happiness even though it meant to lie to you to keep your bubble of love alive.

“Thank you”, you whispered. “Do you want to come over and watch a movie? That way we both get distracted for a while and spent some quality time together.”

You giggled, making his heart jump and a small smile automatically spread across his face. Gosh, he loved you so much. 

“Be there in 10″, he chuckled before turning his phone off, glancing towards your boyfriend one last time who was now practically swallowing the other girl before turning his back to him, walking to your apartment.

A soft ringing echoed through his bedroom, making Jimin flinch in his sleep and turning around in his bed before a hard pillow was thrown onto his head.

“Hyung, get the freaking phone, I want to sleep”, a grumpy Jungkook growled, while Jimin lazily grabbed over the night table.

“Hello?”, his sleepy voice answered the call.

“Jimin? Are you awake?”, your muffled sobs were heard through the phone. Jimin’s body immediately tensed and shot up, ready to run over to your apartment and save you from any bad that was currently happening to you.

“Yes, yes what’s wrong?”, he asked worriedly before glancing down onto his clock.


“He- he just came back home, hickeys all over his neck”, new sobs shook your body, making it hard for you to speak. “I- I don’t know what to do Jimin, he keeps pleading me to forgive him and insists that nothing happened b- but he cheated on me! I- I can’t forgive him like that”

He knew it. He knew that that idiot would break your heart sooner or later. He knew that he would be the one to pick up the pieces, yet only to be seen as the lovable, cute, little friend of yours. The one that would always be there for you, no matter what. 

“Listen (Y/N), don’t move and most importantly - don’t listen to what he says okay? I’ll be there as soon as I can”, Jimin pleaded, already getting dressed and putting on his shoes.

“Okay. Thank you Jiminie”, you sniffled before hanging up, leaving Jimin with his love confession on his lips.

“Of course. I love you (Y/N). I’d do anything for you”, he whispered to himself before heading out the door.

Sweat dropping down his forehead and panting hard, he knocked on your door, trying to catch his breath before you opened the door so you wouldn’t notice that he basically sprinted his best time to get to you.

Jimin expected you to be in an awful state, red eyes and puffy face, sobbing like crazy and barely being able to hold yourself up, just as you sounded on the phone. But when the door swung open, a huge smile was on your beautiful face, as your boyfriend hugged you from behind, smiling down at you.

“Oh hey Jimin”, you greeted him. “Come in!”

Jimin’s eyes went wide as he saw the comical scene in front of him, looking from one face to the other, trying to understand what was going on.

“What’s this?”, he finally asked confused, denying the offer to step inside, staying still and searching in your eyes for an understandable answer.

You shrugged and grabbed your boyfriend’s hand. “I forgive him. Everyone makes mistakes but you need to learn to forgive and give second chances. His apologies were sincere and I felt his earnest regret so I decided to let this one go if he swears to never betray me like that again.”

Your voice was shaky and a fake smile appeared on your lips as you spoke those words, as if you were trying to convince yourself - not Jimin. 

But as Jimin heard those words leave your lips, he felt as if his world was breaking into a million pieces. It would have hurt him less to be rejected by you than to see you like this. He saw the pain behind those words of yours, he saw the struggle and the toxic love you felt for your boyfriend that just wouldn’t let you let him go. He saw the insecurity that was taking over you and the fear that was burned into your heart. 

He saw it all, yet he knew that you wouldn’t let him help you. You didn’t want to know the truth. And he couldn’t keep on seeing you getting hurt over and over again.

“I see”, was all Jimin said before giving you one last pleading look. Your eyes traveled downwards, avoiding his gaze and the love that was visible in it.

“I have to go”, he said as his word almost choked the air out of his lungs, turning his back to you, heading out of your building back to the dorm, ready to cry himself to sleep and try to get over the unbearable love he felt towards you.

Sleeping Positions - Avengers

Includes Loki and Bucky because why not. (The request was for cuddling positions but this is similar enough, right?)

Tony would lie in many different positions but would usually settle with his head on your stomach or sometimes resting on your thighs. He liked to have his head in connection with you for some reason. 

Steve would like to face you so that if he woke up in the night you’d be the first thing he’d see and he’d be able to smile. Knowing that at least you were still here.

Natasha would be the big spoon. She’d drape her arm across your chest, burying her face in your hair. 

Bruce would hold you against his chest, your breathing calming him. When you would fall asleep it would relax him and he could fall asleep as well. 

Clint would lay curled up in a ball and you’d do the same, facing each other with your hands intertwined.

You’d sleep with Thor lying flat on his back with his arms outstretched on either side of the bed. Your head would be rested on his chest as you stayed as close to him as possible to avoid falling off the bed. 

Wanda would like to sleep side by side, your bodies only just brushing. She’d make sure she always had you touching her hands. That way she knew you were safe. 

Pietro would lie flat on his stomach, his arm resting over your back or chest depending on which way you slept. 

Bucky always sleeps so that his right arm is closest to you. He wraps this arm around you tightly, making sure the other one is far away from you. As your relationship progresses he’s still wary but ends up sleeping on his side with both arms around you, pressing his lips into your neck.

Loki liked to lay flat on his back with just his fingers laced with yours. He liked to feel free to move in the night without waking you up. 

Scott would lay on his side, resting his head on his arm facing you. Your fingers would be intertwined between the two of you, holding you together.

Blue is the sunlight filtering through trees in the morning. She’s a field of flowers; bluebells and daisies and snow drops and honeysuckle. She’s the drive to breakfast on a Sunday morning at 7am, yawning against your knuckle, turning your face into the sun. She’s pancakes with berries and yoghurt, honey and coffee and sticky vinyl tables. She’s oversized knitwear, hiding you face behind scarves, your hands balled up in sleeves. She’s kicking up leaves in mud-splattered boots and wind flushed cheeks and unapologetic laughter. She’s the hushed silence at the end of the night.

Gansey is the sound of a library at two am. He’s murmurs over coffee, the sound of a page turning. He’s the first stretch after you wake up, lazy smiles over pillows, that little laugh you do to break the silence. He’s the way you push your glasses up your nose, the embodiment of a whirring thought. He’s the burn in your lungs after running up a hill, gulping air like liquid life into your lungs. He’s grass and morning dew, light and fresh and just the right side of cold. He’s the trip in your gut when you miss a step, the pad of a thumb over a cheek. He’s looking at the stars on a clear winter night.

Noah is the first conversation in the morning. He’s the smell of cooking waffles, cream and sugar and syrup. He’s drawings in a foggy mirror, the steam pouring from a shower. He’s the biting chill of frost, the thrill of slipping on ice. He’s winter gloves and duffle jackets and laughing at each other being silly. He’s snowflakes stuck in your hair, your breath on a cold day. He’s art, paint smudged on your cheek, deliberate movements. He’s milkshakes when it’s too cold, brain freeze, pastel coloured diners. He’s pale pinks and washed out greys and cold blues. He’s the catch in your chest when you see something beautiful. 

Adam is dusty summers, tumbleweeds and shielding your eyes from the sun. He’s your favourite pair of shoes, reliable and soft. He’s the night someone puts their arms around you while staring at the stars, the sound of silence. He’s the way your lip twitches when you hear a joke you shouldn’t laugh at. He’s the smell of the ground after rain, water rolling down your spine. He’s the flickering lightbulb hanging loose from your ceiling, a single streetlamp on a forgotten road. He’s running when you have no idea where you’re going, the small exhale of breath when you come to a stop. He’s the gentle hush when you wake up beside someone you love. He’s the hands that hold you when you think you’re falling apart. 

Ronan is smoke and tyres and burning rubber. He’s the anticipation of a street light turning green. He’s soft whispers across your skin, teeth dragging over your lip. He’s a shout and a whimper, the two of them combined. He’s satisfied smiles and longing eyes. He’s digging up soil with your bare hands, dirt trapped under your finger nails. He’s confident winks and subtle touches, a steady hand at the base of your spine. He’s balled fists and shattered windows and blood splattered floors. He’s the sensation of being home in a place you’ve never been. He’s coffee and split lips and gold chains with crosses hanging just out of sight. He’s the chink of light through the window of a dark room. He’s the embodiment of Autumn; just the right side of falling apart. 


1980. Animal Magnetism

is the seventh album by band Scorpions, released in 31 March.

The album cover was created by Storm Thorgerson of the design firm Hipgnosis and, as with earlier Scorpions album sleeves, courted controversy. However, unlike several of their previous album sleeves the controversy did not result in the cover being replaced with an alternate sleeve. Recalling the cover photo, Thorgerson remarked, “That one was funny. I don’t think we figured it out. We just knew there was something rude somewhere.

The cover of the album insinuates sex and that is what this album delivers. A strong heavy metal album with sexual overtones and in your face ball wagging by the greatest sexmetal band ever! Overall,a classic metal album that should definitely be part of your music!

Klaus Meine   Matthias Jabs   Rudolf Schenker   Francis Buchholz   Herman Rarebell

My Last // Kim Seokjin

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Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: First time Smut

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Hiiii you’re requests are open yay 😆😊 so I would like to request a GOT7’s Youngjae or BTS Jin smut where it’s your first time and they’re loving to you and you had doubts and you were nervous

You had been having one of the best days of your life. It was your 1 year anniversary with your boyfriend, Jin, and you couldn’t have been more in love and happy.

He had taken you to the place where he first asked you to be his girlfriend – under the cherry blossom trees in the park. He had prepared a feast for a picnic, all of the food which he cooked himself; even including your favourite little rice balls with cute panda faces decorated on them. After that, you both went to the arcade to play games, which resulted in him winning you a huge Pikachu plushie from the claw machines. Upon leaving the arcade, it was beginning to turn dark; the city lights slowly turning on and illuminating the streets as Jin held your hand and you held your Pikachu in the other.

You arrived home to your apartment, closing and locking the door while Jin went into your bedroom to get the TV ready for you both to watch a movie that he rented out. You made your way into the kitchen to start preparing the popcorn, smiling to yourself and wondering how you got so lucky to be with someone like Jin. He completely captivated your heart from the moment you first met him and it was pretty much love at first sight for the both of you.

“Ready when you are jagi” Jin called from the bedroom as he propped himself up in the middle of your bed, smelling the salty popcorn wafting through your home as he grabbed your favourite pink blankie and new Pikachu and pulled them beside him, waiting for you to arrive with the popcorn.

You carefully carried the two bowls of popcorn into the bedroom, seeing that Jin had everything ready and waiting to go. He even turned on your fairy lights wrapped around your headboard, leaving the room half lit with just the glare from the TV shining on the bed. You looked at him, thinking how comfy and soft he looked among the pink of your room; your heart rate slowing as you grinned from ear to ear, passing him the popcorn as you crawled over beside him.

“Thank you for such an amazing day jagiya” you cooed into his face, earning a smile from him as he wrapped his free arm around you, pulling you closer into his fluffy sweater.

“Well, thank you for the best year of my life so far. May we have many, many more” he replied, kissing your forehead and rubbing his nose against yours, before pressing play on the remote and snuggling down with you to watch the movie.

The movie ended about an hour and a half later, the popcorn having been devoured within the first 20 minutes. You watched Jin as he reached for the remote to turn off the TV before turning round to you and embracing you tightly, snuggling his face into your neck as he blew small raspberries on to the most sensitive parts of your skin, tickling you and making you giggle loudly.

“No! Please! Oppa please stop I can’t breathe, oh my god!” you squealed as he continued to attack your neck with his soft, plump lips. He gave in, granting you mercy as he pulled you closer towards him. His deep, brown eyes found yours as he stared into them, completely in adoration.

“I love you (Y/N)” he whispered gently, as his hands traced up and down your back through the fabric of your t-shirt. You smiled, thinking your cheeks were about to fall off at how much he made you smile today.

“And I love you, Jin” you replied, as Jin caressed the back of your neck, pulling you in closer to his face. His lips ghosted over yours, before fully committing to pressing them together as he gently kissed you. You returned the kiss by deepening it, pressing your hands against his chest and feeling his heartbeat thundering through his ribcage. You pulled him closer by the fabric of his sweater, making his breath hitch in his throat at your sudden advancement, making him completely intoxicated by your love for him. He began to feel himself getting overly excited as he slowly rolled his hips against yours, causing you to open your eyes in shock. He knew immediately that you felt uncomfortable, as he broke away from the kiss.

“I’m sorry (Y/N)…I…I don’t know what happened. I didn’t scare you, did I?” he said, stroking your face and feeling guilty about losing his control.

You looked into his eyes, seeing the guilt and regret swimming around in them. You felt awful for shying away from him, but you were terrified of going any further. You were a virgin and Jin was your first ever boyfriend. You wanted to give yourself to him entirely, but you were just too scared about it being painful or anything like your sex ed teachers had informed you back when you were in school.

“No, don’t be sorry. It’s my fault…” you whispered back, fluttering your eyes downward to the bed sheets. Jin smiled, lifting your chin with his fingers before lightly kissing your nose, earning a small giggle from you.

“It’s not your fault. You’re not ready yet, and that’s okay. Just know that I’ll always wait for you, okay? I’m not going anywhere jagiya. I promise you.” He said, before leaning over to look at your bedside clock.

“It’s late, I should start heading back to the dorms…” he sighed, wishing that he really didn’t have to go. You replayed his words in your head, wishing so badly to have the courage to tell him that you were absolutely ready to let him have all of you, but you were just scared. He went to move to get up, only to be pulled back down by you.

“Don’t go, Jin…stay with me.” You said quietly, your cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

“Stay just a little longer?” he asked, thinking that if he stayed longer, the taxi fare would be more expensive seeing as it was coming on after 12am.

“No. I want you to…sleep in my bed tonight. With me.” You almost squeaked, making Jin stop and stare at you; feeling overjoyed but strange at the same time. He had never slept over before, always going home after things got too heated and late.

“Are you sure (Y/N)? You don’t have to ask just becau-“

“I want you to. I…I’m ready Jin” you finally admitted, feeling a strange fire ignite inside of you.

Jin lay back down beside you, studying your facial expressions and silently jumping for joy on the inside. He had wanted to become more intimate with you for a long time, but Jin was the definition of a complete and utter gentleman to you. He vowed to wait until you felt you were ready, that he would never push you to make a hasty decision.

“I’m just…I’m just scared it will hurt, you know?” you said softly, twiddling your fingers nervously. Jin smiled, putting his larger hand over yours.

“I won’t hurt you jagiya. And if you feel pain, or if you feel uncomfortable at anytime, all you have to do is tell me to stop, and I will. Because I love you, and I never want you to feel that way with me, ever.” He whispered as you looked up into his face, his eyes completely softened as he reassured you with his sincere, heartfelt words. You fluttered your eyes closed, before leaning in and kissing him once again.

Jin lay his hands gently on your frame, tenderly squeezing the sides of your arms and moving himself closer to you. The kiss deepened, becoming more passionate but still soft, as you put your hand over his neck, tickling the back of his blonde hair as you locked your fingers through it. Jin moved over you as you instinctively opened your legs to let him rest between them as he began kissing along your jawline, moving to the sensitive skin underneath your ear as he littered soft, open mouthed kisses. You lightly mewled at his gentleness, feeling complete euphoria – even now as you also felt something inside of you burn with desire.

Jin sat back a little, his hands trailing to the bottom of your shirt and looking to you for permission. You nodded your head gently, before letting him lift it up and over your body. He gazed his eyes on your half naked form, completely becoming bewitched at your beauty. You felt extremely nervous and embarrassed under his gaze, as you reached to cover your top half, your arms resting over you bra.

“You’re so gorgeous (Y/N)…don’t hide from me, okay? You are perfect…” he whispered as he lay soft kisses on your belly button, making you giggle at the strange feeling of someone kissing you there. You let you arms fall down to your sides, watching him as he moved north towards your bra, kissing along your stomach and ribs. His hands wandered over your breasts, feeling the delicate fabric of your bra and kissing the soft skin of your cleavage. You felt him tugging at the material, wanting to obviously free you of it. You suddenly became nervous, feeling insecure about him seeing you naked. And as if reading your mind, Jin stopped.

“You can leave it on if you want to Jagiya, but just know that I think you’re beautiful” he smiled lovingly at you, his fingers stopping just below the flimsy material.

“I’m just a little…can we leave it on just this time?” you asked, raising your eyebrows and feeling your cheeks burning crimson. Jin nodded, kissing back down your stomach before stopping at your jeans. He looked up at you as you nodded to him, before starting to undo the button and sliding your jeans down your legs, dropping them gently to the floor. He began softly kissing the warm skin in between your thighs, leaving damp kisses in his wake. You breathed heavily as he got closer to your core, the realisation of the situation finally setting in as he pulled back to remove his shirt, letting you gaze upon his impressive physique as you bit your lip and wondered how such a perfect looking person could be with you. Jin then placed his mouth over your clothed core, kissing you through your panties as he gently hooked his finger around them, tugging them down gently. He sensed you tensing your body up as you became nervous and scared of what was about to happen.

“I know it might feel strange, but I don’t want you to feel any pain. This will help, I promise. Just relax and breathe for me okay? It will feel really good, I promise jagiya” he assured you as he smiled gently at you, putting your mind at ease but not stopping your heart which was thundering through your chest. He slipped your panties off, letting them join your jeans on the floor, before positioning his face in front of you.

You felt his hot breath fanning over your already wet womanhood as he lightly kissed the soft mound in between your legs.

“Give me your hands (Y/N)” he said gently, as you interlocked your fingers with his, feeling safe and secure at his touch. He closed his eyes, pressing his tongue flat against your core, causing you to inhale sharply at the contact. He ran his tongue along your folds, stopping at your entrance to taste you, before dragging it gently to your clit, making you moan involuntarily. You moved your hips against his face, not knowing why but it felt so good – just as he said it would. He removed one of his hands, still holding your other one, as he very slowly slid one digit into your entrance. You gasped at the foreign feeling of his finger inside you, how it felt against your tight walls as they contracted around it, how he curled his digit as he pumped you slowly, grazing a spot deep within you that you didn’t know existed. He pressed his tongue against your throbbing clit again, going between small kitten licks, to taking it in his mouth and humming against it, the vibrations of his voice pushing you towards something you weren’t familiar of. It was then you felt a second digit being introduced, stretching you out even further. You winced at it, feeling a slight discomfort, but soon forgetting about it as you felt was complete bliss as he pumped you faster.

“Just let go baby, let go, don’t fight it. I love you” he said before returning his mouth to your clit. You felt your entire body tense up as it began to shake uncontrollably. Jin held you down by your thighs, letting you ride out your high as you came in his mouth, coating his fingers in your sweet juices as you moaned loudly, gripping the bed sheets and flinging your head back in pure pleasure.

Jin lay back a few moments later, taking off his jeans. Your eyes went to the obvious bulge in his boxers, curious to see what lat beneath. He smiled coyly at you, before removing them completely. You gasped, unknowingly feeding his ego as he gripped his length, pumping it from base to tip. Suddenly, you became aware of one little problem; you didn’t have any condoms.

“Jin…I don’t have any, um…you know…” you said, completely embarrassed and thinking that all of this was a complete waste of time. Jin smiled as he fumbled for his bag on the floor, taking out his smaller vanity bag that he kept various creams and makeup in, before taking out a small foil packet.

“I’ve always kept a few in here, just in case” he chuckled, feeling slightly creepy at the fact he always kept one, but you couldn’t have been more relieved in that moment. You watched him carefully as he removed the foil and began sliding it on to his length, gently securing it and making sure it was on properly before shifting himself back up towards you, lining himself with your entrance. You heart started beating faster again as you thought “This is it.” Jin rested his chest lightly above yours, his face level with your face as he kissed you once again. You tasted the saltiness and sweetness of yourself on his mouth as you put your arms around him.

“If it hurts at all, just tell me and I’ll stop straight away, okay baby?” he said seriously, looking into your eyes as he kissed your nose. You nodded, swallowing nervously as bracing yourself for him.

He reached down between your bodies, guiding his member to your opening. You felt the tip of his cock enter you, stretching you out yet again. It wasn’t so painful, but it felt very strange as you held your breath and let him slide his length in, inch by inch. He was so gentle and caring, watching your face for any sign of distress as he filled you entirely. He stopped moving, letting you adjust to him as you felt the little pain die down as you got used to the foreign feeling inside of you. You nodded your head slightly, letting him know he could continue.

He pulled back slowly, before pushing himself in again and again, gently rolling his hips into yours. You groaned at the strange but pleasurable feeling of him moving deep within you, reaching parts of you that you didn’t know existed. It was then you felt something inside you quite literally ‘pop’, causing you a brief moment of pain, to which you gripped Jin’s arms and winced slightly.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s normal. Everything is fine okay? Do you want me to continue?” Jin said calmly, gazing into your eyes while ceasing all movement. He began kissing your neck gently, tickling your soft skin, earning a slight giggle from you and distracting you from the slight discomfort as it slowly died down. Jin began to move again, resting his head in the crook of your neck as he built up a nice steady pace.

You began to moan as you clutched his back, moving your legs around his waist primitively as he reached deeper inside you, penetrating your g-spot over and over. Jin felt his end nearing fast, trying his best not to finish so quickly as your tight walls clenched around his member. He placed his lips on yours, kissing you passionately as he moaned upon reaching his climax. His thrusts which had now become more sporadic as he came, filling the condom with his seed. You could feel his member twitching inside of you as you felt yourself becoming sensitive from the over stimulation. He began slowing down, before eventually stopping and reaching down to remove himself from inside of you gently. You lay on the bed with your eyes closed, breathing heavily and trying to catch your breath.

“Baby, I don’t want you to panic at all, but there is a little bit of blood okay? But it’s completely natural alright? Let’s go and get you cleaned up and I’ll help you change your sheets okay?” Jin said softly as to not alarm you, and you weren’t alarmed at all. You had read that it was natural for some women to bleed their first time, so you were sort of expecting it anyway.

“Can I hug you first?” you blurted out, needy for his touch just a second longer. Jin let out a cute giggle, before taking the soiled condom off, tying it and throwing it into your garbage can.

“Of course I can baby, you can have all of my hugs…and kisses” he said, laying down and rolling you on top of him. You let your head rest on his chest, moving up and down with it and listening to his heartbeat gradually becoming more steady.

“I love you (Y/N). Thank you for trusting me. You’ve no idea how much you mean to me…” he cooed into you ear, rubbing the small of your back as you smiled into his chest.

“I love you too…you made everything perfect. It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined it.” You replied as you hugged him tighter. You knew you had made the right decision – waiting and now giving yourself to him. You felt insecure at first, him being your first even though he had told you before that he lost his virginity a few years ago. But you thought back to what he said to you at that time, smiling to yourself uncontrollably and knowing he meant every word he said.

“(Y/N), you may not have been my first, but I know that you’ll be my last. I don’t want anyone else but you, so I’ll wait for you, forever if I must.”


I love the taste of hairy, sweetie, southern boys. No matter how long it’s been since they showed, no matter how dirty their cock and balls are, they are tasty. Rub their cock and balls in and on my face while you thrust your package in my mouth; you will successfully unload the biggest load of your career….at least a shot-glass full, or more. If you live close to Massachusetts, contact me and find out for yourself.

neko atsume: then and now
  • Me: there are so many cats? they all look the same???? how am i supposed to remember them all??????????
  • *2 weeks later*
  • Me: Ah yes, this calico tabby here is Tabitha, not to be confused with the other tabbies like Fred, Pumpkin and Breezy. They first came to my yard to play with the stress ball on November 18th 2015 at 2:07:46 PM (EST) and presented a memento, the random seeds, on their 23rd visit which was on November 23rd 2015 at 4:57:02 AM (EST). Tabitha has a power level of 40 and visited my yard 35 times in total, making them one of my most frequent visitors. Their top 3 goodies used were the cowboy hat, pink hammock, and earthenware pot but they have also been seen to play with the paper bag, warm sock and the red rubber ball. This leisurely cat is sure to put a smile on your face, no matter what day you are having.