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Eevee got a new Jollyball for a late birthday present! This makes Jollyball number 4. This is the first with a handle though, and she’s already working on chewing that off. But she really loves it!

Krasivaya-Chapter 7

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Powers: Think Jean from X-Men with Immortality and Logan’s healing powers

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression?, Anxiety.


Zabud’ ob etom- Leave it alone

mne malo- I am not enough

Kak eto ispravit-How do i fix it?

song:Evanescence-My immortal

A/N:Hello loves, I want to apologize for the tags being dooshes, hopefully it’s sorted out now, but thank you all for being so patient with me. and as always thank you to @tilltheendwilliwrite for being an amazing beta, and helping when the writers block sets in. xox

Stepping out of your room, armored thickly against the people you love, you stride into the kitchen. The entire team is assembled, fighting over breakfast as usual. You ignore it, wanting to get down to the gym as fast as possible, but not wanting a lecture on nutrition from Steve you whip up a makeshift breakfast.

“Mornin, baby girl,” Steve greets, making a grab at you.

You avoid his grasp.

He recoils as if stung. “(Y/N)?” he questions, eyes wide and searching.

You ignore the look of hurt on his face as you try and squeeze between Sam and Tony. “Move up please, T,” you murmur.

He shuffles over quickly as Melissa snickers and comments, “Can’t even get her fat ass into a chair.”

The entire room falls silent as all eyes snap to her. There’s a ringing in your ears, Mortification and anger simmering underneath the surface.

“Rein in your bitch, Barnes, before I do it for you!” Nat snaps at him. She whirls on Melissa. “I will rip you to pieces if you speak to her again, even look at her again!” she snarls, eyes burning with rage.

You always seem to ruin the simplest of things. Not even breakfast was safe from the ugliness you brought with you. “Sestra,” you whisper, “Zabud’ ob etom.”

She turns to face you, disbelief written plainly on her face. “Why do you do that? Why do you brush off every insult they seem to throw at you?” she all but screams, rising to slam her hands down on the table, leaning over it, as close to you as she can get without climbing over it..

Rising from your chair, breakfast forgotten in the wake of your rapidly plummeting stomach, you shrug. “Mne malo,” you state firmly, completely missing the heartbreak on Bucky’s face.

Head down, avoiding all eye contact, you escape to the gym. Maybe beating the hell out of something for the next few hours would fill the void which just kept growing in your soul.

Bucky’s POV

He’s dumbfounded. Floundering.

“What did she say?” Steve asks nervously, his eyes boring into Bucky’s.

“She said she’s not enough,” he answers simply, staring into his plate. He knew he’d hurt you. He knew distancing himself from you so he didn’t have to see you with Steve was a stupid move. He regretted it. It had guilt gnawing at him.

Melissa snorts a laugh beside him, not even trying to hide it.

He explodes into action, jerking to his feet so fast, his chair goes over backwards with a crash. “Get the fuck out!”

“Baby?” she squeaks, paling at the sudden anger directed towards her

“Get. The. Fuck. Out! You aren’t welcome here anymore. What the fuck is wrong with you talkin’ to other people like that?” grinding his teeth together “This is done. We’re over”

Nat is beside him in an instant. “You heard him. Get out before I make you. Or better yet, stay. I’d really like to make you leave.” She smiles her widow smile, the one which has the others flinching.

Melissa rises to her full height, her eyes darting between himself and Nat, before they settle on him. “You’re gonna regret this, James.”

He snorts in derision. “I don think so, lady. Leave.”

She glares at everyone before stalking out, slamming every door she can gets her hands on as she goes.

He groans out loud. Fuck he’s a mess. What the hell was he playing at? Jesus, Barnes, he thinks. Guess you could take the words out of his head, but the monster still remained.

“You have to fix this, Bucky,” Natalia says as she quirks a brow. “You’re paired with (Y/N) on a two week mission. Neither of you can afford to be distracted.”

Rubbing his flesh hand across his eyes he murmurs, “Kak eto ispravit’?”

Natasha smirks and shrugs. “You’re a big boy, Barnes. Figure it out.”

He turns to face the rest of the team, ashamed of his behaviour, of the woman he’d allowed into his life, the woman who’d helped drive this wedge between himself and everyone else. He doesn’t even know where to start in his apology, but he knows who he needs to speak to first.

Wanda pipes up quietly, “She’s in the gym.”

He nods once, determined to make you understand what a colossal ass hat he was.

Your POV

You were working yourself hard, sweat pouring down your back, and hairline. You had a mission. You had people to protect. An evil mad scientist to destroy. You needed to get your shit together. It was an undercover op for which you had yet to find out whom your partner would be. Hopefully Steve.

It would be a desperately needed respite from the tension in the compound. You needed the time to clear your head. To build up your defenses against him. To mourn the loss of friendship and love without having his new relationship shoved in your face every time you entered a room.

You hear the footsteps. You know that gait, have scrutinized it for years. Sighing you begin unwrapping your hands. “What do you want, Barnes?” You swear you can hear him swallow.

“I came to apologize. I was such a dick… I don know how to explain it, doll.”

You freeze, the hope flaring in your chest unwelcome.

“I’m your mission partner, doll, and we need ta clear the air.”

You fight the urge to scoff. Of course he wouldn’t want to apologize because he wanted to be a friend or a lover, he just didn’t want to compromise the mission. Was this some sort of sick joke? You were going to murder Maria.

Taking a calming breath, you nod once. “Apology accepted. It won’t affect the mission.” Trying to sound businesslike, when all you really want to do is crawl into a ball or into him, is harder than you thought it would be.

His brow furrows in confusion, an expression that had always been way too adorable for his own good. “Wha? No.. I meant..”

Forcing a smile to your face, you address him before he can speak “Truly, James, it’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll be as professional as I can. None of our personal issues will feature.” Laughing lightly you forge on, “I’m just sorry you have to be stuck on a mission with me for two weeks.” Looking everywhere but at him, you clear your throat. “I need a change of scenery. I’ll see you later.” You make to move past him, needing to get away before you shatter into shards at his feet.

“Krasivaya..” he whispers, hand outstretched.

You tense, a wave of emotion tearing through you, causing you to falter slightly as you stride forward. You pretend you hadn’t heard him, knowing full well you aren’t fooling him, but you don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with a guilty Bucky Barnes right now.

It’s gone balls up, the damage is irreparable.

And it was all… your… fault.

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to make up for my inactivity,, here’s a sketch of a really really cute npc in dragonball xenoverse 2 that my friend found

unfortunately I cropped the screenshot too much and now I don’t know her name, as she disappeared after we talked to her..  (╥﹏╥)


Violet Chachki and the cast of the other show - Macho Man - 2013

Hold Me Tight - Prologue

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook 

Genre: Bodyguard!au, angst/fluff

Word Count: 1.4k 

Summary: After a frightening experience, Jungkook vows to make himself your unofficial protector. When his job suddenly becomes much more permanent, he finds the lines between professional and personal feelings blurring.

Jungkook sat on the couch, watching his mother. She was serving tea to the couple that had hired her so many years ago.

Her hands were shaking as she poured the scalding liquid into white china cups, the porcelain clinking as she set it down in front of the distraught woman.

He brought his legs up to his chest, a chill skirting through his small frame. He was inside yet he could still feel the brittle bite of winter that was raging outside. He tugged at his scarf, willing it to warm his body.

“What…what if they hurt her?!” The woman sobbed out. Her husband leaned into her, pressing one palm against her back soothingly. He looked around to the  room full of people - police officers, investigators, and then set his eyes back on his wife.

“They won’t. We’ll get her back” He reassured her, although his voice was shaky and Jungkook could hear the doubt and see it written all over his face.

“It’s been hours since they called…what if they’ve taken her away for good?!” She cried out and at this, one of the investigators stepped in.

“This is how kidnap situations normally work. We expect to hear from them within a few hours. They’ll most likely call to demand some sort of ransom” He explained, his voice stern and absolute as if he’s done this before.

Jungkooks eyes flickered all around the room and then back to his mother. She was busy serving the others, she had no time to feel worried although deep within the pit of her stomach she was grateful that he wasn’t taken, too.

But who would take the housekeepers son?

All they wanted was the daughter of one of the wealthiest couples in the city.

And now they had her.

Jungkook squeezed his palms around his legs, frustration and fear building within him. Of all the people…why you?

He didn’t realize he was crying until he heard a voice call out to him.


He looked up to see her, the wife, your mother. She had always been so kind to him and now she was staring right at him.

“Come here, sweetie” She beckoned and he went, wanting nothing more than to just be held and told everything was going to be alright.

He reached her, and his tears started falling faster, his small voice creaking out

“I’m sorry. I should have done something. I should have ran faster” he cried. She engulfs him, bringing him up onto her lap so that she can hold him tighter.

He let the guilt seep out of him, hoping that if he apologized enough, you would magically appear.

“No, Jungkook you did all you could. You got help right away and I am so proud of you for that” She said, her voice a lot more soothing now that she had to be the strong one.

Your father looks around to the others in the room “This is Jungkook. He was with her when she was taken. They were playing in the yard and their ball bounced over the gate. She went and got it and that’s when she was taken. He chased after the van but then ran back and got help”

The main investigator knelt down, peering at Jungkook who was still clutched in your mother’s arms.

“You did a good job, son. Not many 12 year olds would be that brave” He said, offering him a small smile.

Except Jungkook didn’t feel proud. He felt terrible.

“No. I should have went to get the ball. If I had gone. She would still be here by now” He sobbed, the tears finding him even more.


He hears his mother’s soft voice call out to him. Your mother released him and he travelled from one woman to the next, his feet feeling as if they were made of lead.

She held him, casting a tearful glance to your mother as she took her sons feeble frame and lifted him up to take him to the small house in the back of the yard in which they resided.

He didn’t fight her on it. Instead, he kept mumbling to himself how terrible he felt, unable to get the sound of your shrill screams as you were whisked away out of his head.


5 days later

His mother found him waiting on the porch steps again. She clutched the warm cup of cocoa in her palms and let out a sigh as she opened the large double doors to see him.

“You’re going to catch a cold out here, Jungkook” She said, worry etched in her voice although she knew there was no sense in trying to get him to come inside.

“I don’t care. As long as she’s still gone, I’m going to sit out here and wait for her” He managed, his jaw locked as a shiver skirted through him.

She handed him the mug and he took it, the warmth soothing his nearly frozen skin the instant he felt it through his worn wool gloves.

“Thank you” he murmured, his eyes not leaving the street. He felt her pull at his scarf, tightening it around his neck

“Come inside when it gets dark” She ordered and he nodded, taking a long sip. He winced as the heat came in contact with his tongue, slightly burning it. But it was a welcome sensation.

He was so cold. But this was his way of punishing himself. There was no way you were alright. So he wouldn’t be alright, either.

He finished the cup within two large gulps, his eyelids suddenly feeling heavier as his gaze scanned the yard again.

He could see little in between the iron gate and the stone fence. But he took what he could get.

He stood up, trying to shake away some of the cold when he heard a car approaching. Looking up, he twisted his face in curiosity. His eyes focused on the gate.

His cheeks flared up when he saw the familiar van approach and come to a screeching halt. The door slid open and some figure he couldn’t see threw a body out of it.

He heard a yelp and watched as the van skidded away, leaving tire tracks and you in its wake.

He bolted, running down the long driveway, slamming the button to the gate and he nearly jumped out of his skin while waiting for it move open.

You twitched a bit, struggling against the ties on your wrists and feet. The cold pavement was unforgiving against your skin that was exposed through large tears in your clothes. The fresh air and light of the day was something you hadn’t seen since you were taken. You squinted your eyes as you looked up at the sky, wondering where you were until you saw him.

Tears filled up Jungkooks eyes as he leaned over you

“Y/N! You’re alright!” he exclaims, his eyes running across your body to see if you were seriously hurt.

“Kookie” you whispered to him through the growing sob as you realized that you were back home and safe again.

“I thought you were gone forver” He said, breathless as he reached to bring you into him. You shivered against him and he immediately shed his scarf his jacket, wrapping them around you as best as he could.

He yelled out as loud as he could, hoping that someone in the house would hear him. He tried to get up to lift you, but he was too weak and so he sat there, screaming until he saw the front door creak open.

You called out to him again and he looked down at you, a smile on his face but a warm stream of tears seeped down his flushed cheeks.

He had prayed for this moment the past 5 days. He didn’t know if he’d ever get the chance to see you again, to hear your voice, or to hear your laugh. You were his best friend and he would die inside if you ended up hurt or dead.

But now there you were in his arms and he realized as he held you that this was the first time he ever held you like that and while it was something new, it was something that set his heart on fire. 

He clutched you tighter as he heard everyone from inside approaching with an onslaught of cries and exclamations of joy that you were back home somehow.

He leaned in, his warm breath soothing your cheeks as he whispered.  

“You’re safe now. I’m here. I’m never leaving you, from now on I’ll keep you safe, I promise”

a/n: this one shot is coming soon. Let me know what you think so far, here. I appreciate feedback:) 

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Love is... a concerto in A Major - K622

By: @thegirlfromoverthepond

My deepest thanks to @titaniasfics for her help in betaing this story :) thank you so much, lady :)

the awesome art is done by the so gifted @akai-echo.

She comes every Friday afternoon, taking the girl with curly hair to her flute lesson.

Every Friday I watch as she passes before the windows of my class, talking to her daughter, laughing.

One day in September, I heard her laughter through the now-open windows, and I swear, i’ve never heard music so pure.

I know it’s pitiful. I know that i shouldn’t be completely infatuated with the mother of one of the kids we teach to, but I can’t help it.

Her husband is the luckiest man alive.

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Here’s my thing about sasusaku, even if my mans Sasuke does genuinely love and care for Sakura, he’s still wrong for how he’s treated her in the past and how he continued to treat her during the majority of their marriage.

Just speaking from personal experience as a married person AND as someone who was deployed by the military while married, if my husband left me to care for our child by myself for years on end with barely a word to me and none to our kid in all that time, we would not be married anymore. Would I still love him? YES! But at some point the welfare of our child and my own self worth have to come before how I feel about him.

My dude has no excuse for not keeping in contact with them, like he really doesn’t except that he smooth didn’t feel like it, and that’s wrong as hell. As a kid, I watched my dad do my mom like this, and it’s just bad on all levels. It’s selfish and it’s ugly of him to expect her to shoulder all the work and stress of raising a child by herself while he’s off doing whatever the fuck for 10+ years.

My mans Sasuke literally can manipulate electricity, he could keep a motherfucking phone charged if he really wanted to. If they got computers and shit, I know they got phones, my mans Sasuke is a deadbeat dad until further notice