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‘Dragon Ball Z’ vs. 'Street Fighter II’ Video Is Your Childhood Dreams Come True

'90s kids, YouTube just made your weekend.Nabil Ayari, a video editor and filmmaker, posted a short film to the site on Thursday, in which Goku from “Dragon Ball Z” systematically demolishes the iconic cast from “Street Fighter II.”

Watch the full video – we are not worthy.

Drabbles - 51

I’m your husband. It’s my job.”  Rap Monster

Namjoon’s working on his computer when the front door opens and you return from work. He’s so focused that he doesn’t realize you’d made it to the living room until he sees you walking toward him from the corner of his eye. “Hey, babe. How was your–”

Without a word, you grab the laptop from his hands and put it on the table before sinking onto his lap. You press your face into his chest, hands lightly tugging at his arms until he wraps them around you. A sigh brushes along the skin of his neck, soft but heavy, but you keep silent. Curled into his chest, your hands balled up under your chin. 

He holds you, his fingers brushing along your arm. He can feel your heartbeat just barely through your clothes, beating steady and slow. He listens to your quiet breathing and bends his neck to press a kiss to your hair, lingering for just a second. When a tiny, almost inaudible sniff breaks the silence, he brushes his fingers through your hair and sighs, pulling you tighter against his chest. The urge to keep you there, protected and content and safe in his arms, is overpowering when you get like this. Vulnerable. Sad. Tired down to your core. 

He hates the world a little more every time.

An hours passes before you emerge from the crook of his neck. He sighs as you lightly skim his jaw with your nose and tilts his face down, pressing his lips to yours and waiting. He opens his eyes and smiles when he sees you’re watching him with grateful, half-lidded eyes. 

“Thank you,” you murmur, giving him a tiny kiss.

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.” 

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I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but they have very similar body language and pose in almost everything? Like… sure we can argue someone else shares the same pose in a certain set of merchandise, but that someone is random and very different in every set, but with these two??? It’s too much to be counted as coincidence lmao even in different items with their own team, or with their ‘default’ combi, they have similar mannerism and attitude…

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but it gives my shipper heart so much joy ok

Appreciation post: Jimin nose scrunch

Because, how can you not love his little nose the way it curls up and makes his face a tiny fluff ball 

Like the way he looks like a chipmunk and the way his chin just wrinkles ‘heart eyes’ 

Especially when he does it when he’s nervous, like OMG 

How does this boy not think he’s cute…he’s practically seducing me to grab his cheeks 

He doesn’t even need to try his button nose is so automatic and the way the rest of his features also get smaller like his eyes and mouth…

Boy you know exactly what your doing to our hearts, do you even realise? 

And when he kills us with the sexy nose scrunch….its like a double attack 

Or when he pretends to be angry, and still manages to make a little bunny nose

Or when he closes his eyes and scrunches up his nose at the same time ughhh

Like there is a reasons why Jhope and Jimin are the sunshine duo, their a scrunch nose duo

I mean I could go on, but Park Jimin you are the definition of Ageyo…your cute and you know it 

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Thane x Miranda friendship and 18. things you said when you were scared. ^_^

Thane realized that even when Shepard was asleep, she was not truly at rest. She slept with a fist balled under her chin and her brow furrowed, as though bracing herself before some monstrous sight. As her eyes fluttered under their lids, Thane felt a twinge of pity, mixed with gladness that she was able to sleep at all. The party had afforded her a small amount of distraction, but it had only brought his unease to the forefront. The evening glittered in his mind like an iridescent bubble, all the more luminous for how quickly and unavoidably it was bound to be shattered.

He stroked the side of her head, his fingertips drifting through the silky disarray of her hair. Gradually, her brow grew smooth and her hand relaxed. The ache in Thane’s heart softened a little, but he felt no less awake. With a last wistful glance at her curled form, he crept out of bed, hoping that stretching his legs would help ease his mind.

He padded out of the bedroom and into the corridor, just barely able to make out the shapes of walls, furniture, and sleeping figures in the darkened apartment. The only sound to be heard was the lazy hum of Silversun Strip outside.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he spotted a faint glow in the kitchen, reflecting off a dark figure that hunched over the counter. His muscles tensed automatically, knowing that the apartment was well-secured but aware that nothing was truly safe anymore—

The figure twitched. “Trust you to be creeping around at this hour,” muttered a familiar feminine voice.

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