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How to Fuck With Your Students 101

STEP 1: Buy 3 small, differently-colored bouncy balls

STEP 2: On the first day, bounce only one ball during class so they get used to the color.

STEP 3: On day 2, begin by bouncing the same ball as before. Halfway through class, discretely switch it with a different ball that’s similarly colored (like switching from bright red to orange). Now students are wondering if their eyes are playing tricks on them.

STEP 4: Spend Day 3 bouncing the same color ball as you did on Day 1. Now students are going nuts trying to figure out what’s going on.

STEP 5: The coup-de-grace. On Day 4, carry around all three balls in one hand, and cycle through as you bounce them. (An easy method is to drop a ball from the bottom, use your thumb to push the other two down, then catch the one you bounced on the top. Then repeat.) Now, from the kids’ perspective, the ball is changing colors each time you bounce it. Red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow. Let mass chaos ensue as they accuse you of witchcraft and then slowly realize that there were multiple balls.


Posted this on Matty too but yeah graduating in less than a month so I need to focus on college. Activity will be next to none for a couple weeks. I have stuff queued here at least including most of the replies I owe. Mutuals are free to ask for my Skype otherwise I’ll check in on here every so often. Any fresh posts i make will be for group verses for the sake of not dropping the ball with those writers hopefully.

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Why do you think Bombay Velvet got the kind of hate it did? Was it because of anurag kashyap? There are far worse movies than BV but the kind of hate that movie got was outrageous it wasn't even that bad

Because Anurag Kashyap and his gang of likeminded filmmakers spent years tearing apart mainstream Bollywood, acting like they could do so much better and just generally being snobs. So when Anurag was finally given a big budget to work with and free rein to tell the story he wanted to tell, he couldn’t manage any of it and it got completely out of hand. He spent way too much money, he couldn’t self-edit, he told a story that anyone could have told you wasn’t mainstream….he just dropped the ball big time, and a lot of people experienced a lot of schadenfreude seeing him fail because he had laughed at the failures of others and bitched about their successes for so long. It was seen as like, karmic payback or something for his snobbery.

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hi there! You've been writing on here about your Demigod AU update and I admit I'm silently crying every day as I refresh the AO3 Voltron tag and it hasn't updated. I don't mean to rush or put pressure on you, I know life is tough and art school...god. Is it possible for a current status?


This semester has just been rough over all with starting a new job and adding an extra class on to my work load and then the fics and its just been a mess. 


Heres the rundown. The semester is drawing to a close and im busting my ass to bring my grades up to bare minimum passing (cause i dropped the ball this semester i shame myself). Now, this summer I will be taking online classes so i will have much more time to do personal stuff. 

Currently, I have 4 active fics going. I have Off Balance and Love and War with @thesearchingastronaut as well as two other fics im plotting with @maireep hehehe they’re so good, just you wait. 


The second chapter for Love and War is so close to being finished i can feel it in my bones. Its about halfway done without counting revision. I dont have a set schedule because I honestly know that my life is just too insane to even attempt to keep one. 

That being said, I swear I have not abandoned Love and War its my baby okay, I love all of the fics im a part of right now and i have no plans to quit. Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this aaaaaaah :D 

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I heard my friend @stevenmemelord was sad because of the lack of G-rated Connverse content. I miss it too!! I hope maybe this will make you feel better??

Here they are post-‘Steven-space-adventure’, too relieved to see each other and giddy to be embarrassed that they’ve been holding hands for the past hour :)

I know this is, like, old stuff by now, but do u know what really gets me about Alex Hirch’s seemingly intense dislike for Ford?

Like… abuse is a very tricky thing to handle in kids media. The message can get muddled and misrepresented easily, because no one can really flat out say “I was abused”. I don’t think it’s a surprise at this point when I say that I was a victim of parental abuse and was abused by someone that I thought was a friend, not to mention that I was autistic and subjected to severe bullying because of it. Growing up, all cartoons fed me were messages like “forgive your friends even when they hurt you” or “family is family, no matter what” or “your bully is secretly sad so you shouldnt be mad at them”, and all these messages tricked me into thinking that I was the bad guy for hating my family, for being unable to ‘fix’ my bullies, for developing deeply rooted trust issues

Then came Ford Pines

I had caught up to Gravity Falls right before Ford’s appearance, so ‘Not What He Seems’ was the first episode I caught on air. As the episodes were released and we slowly learned more about Ford, I actually didn’t like him so much at first. He was angry, he was loud, he was distrustful, he kept to himself; he was everything that I was always told not to be. However, as the episodes continued, I realized that I saw a lot of myself in him

Like, lets look at Ford for a second. He is clearly a victim of abuse and bullying (and heavily implied parental abuse), and he’s mad at the people who wronged him, and you know what? The narrative celebrates that Ford hates his abusers (well, Bill, at least)! But guess what? He may have been angry, but he was nice. He adored the kids, and it shows. He was one of the only members of the Pines family who wasn’t always poking fun at Dipper, and its clear that Dipper appreciates that. He’s sweet, dorky, and a good guy

For the first time, I was face to face with an abuse victim who was angry, but a good guy, and you can’t understand how unreal that felt to me. I’m sure Ford’s not the first character to fit into this idea, but he’s the first cartoon character that I’ve seen that did this right

Even Journal 3, with it’s flaws, showed a pretty accurate process of an abuse victim realizing that they’re being abused (at least, from my point of view). The idolization, the distrust of actual friends, the abuser convincing him that his real friends were out to get him, and then when he realizes that he’s been played this entire time? It hits him HARD. He can’t sleep, he’s scared, he doesn’t trust anyone, and how he views reality is altered because of this. Whether they meant to or not, Journal 3 was a great book from an abuse victim’s point of view

So… yeah. At this point, you can probably tell that Ford was an important character for me (and many other abuse victims that I’ve met too). Finally, an abuse victim we could root for, who’s abuse didn’t ‘turn then into an abuser’. FINALLY, an abuse victim who was angry but was still someone we could root for. Almost every trait about Ford clearly links to some form of abuse, and it’s something that me and other abuse survivors can relate to

And Alec Herb wants us to hate him for it

He calls Ford a bad guy. He calls Ford ‘egotistical’ for daring to be proud of the things he’s good at. He says that Ford ‘deserves to be punished’ for not immediately forgiving someone who hurt him in the past. During one of his streams, he even said ‘Ford is a popular character and I just don’t see why’, implying that everything I said before was a complete accident on his part, that he wasn’t taking abuse victims into account and wanted us to think that he was a bad guy. And, of course, only us scary mentally ill abuse victims could ever relate to him

God. I just. Fuck. You can all understand why I hate him now, right?? 

  • Garrus: Sooo about that fish tank you fell through...Now I’ve got a story to tell the family when they meet you for the first time. Always helps to break the ice with turian in-laws.
  • Shepard: In-laws.
  • Garrus: What?
  • Shepard: You said 'in-laws'.
  • Garrus: crap. It wasn’t supposed to- I mean I had a real...hrm. That is to say if you even wanted to...
  • Shepard: ....
  • Garrus: I
  • Shepard: I do.

I’ve never had a dress make me so angry before.