balls 2 the wall

Sniper loves to fight people. Its relaxing… A balls to the wall… Bloody knuckles… Bar fight against some similarly drunk men is a good time for him. As long as theres no hard feelings and they can lick their wounds together over a beer later!

dendroica  asked:

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3. Where’s your favorite place to go birding?

There are so many excellent places to go birding! But I would have to say I have it narrowed down to 2 places based on location. I am originally from NY so my favorite place back east is the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Whenever I go home for a visit I end up birding there a lot. Now that I’m currently located on the west coast, my favorite spot is the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. The waterfowl that shows up in the winter is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Colusa NWR is a close second.

4. What’s the coolest bird you’ve seen/coolest birding experience you’ve had?

This past summer I took a trip down to Arizona with 2 of my birding friends and we went balls-to-the-wall birding for a week and a half. So that as a whole was probably the coolest birding experience. But one day on that trip sticks out more than the rest. It was the evening we decided to go deep into the Coronado National Forest in search of a Five-striped Sparrow and a Buff-collared Nightjar. A paved road turned to a dirt road, a dirt road turned to an unmapped road, the unmapped road kind of turned into what looked like cattle trails. There was some breaking bad looking shit nestled in the hills of the forest. Overall, there was a slight vibe of unease as we descended deeper and deeper into this canyon. Eventually, we reached the bottom and decided that it was as good a place as any to start looking. At that point, the sun had started to set and we were a good 1.5 hours from anywhere. Then out of nowhere, 2 male Five-striped Sparrows darted out of the brush, giving us some excellent views before disappearing back into the brush for good. Still, pumped on the sparrow, we decided to stay until dusk to try for the Buff-collared nightjar that we had dipped on in Madera Canyon earlier in the week. The light getting low, we strained our ears for their haunting call. It was like a switch turned on and all of a sudden, they were everywhere! If you’ve never listened to their call, do so. Its nuts. We high-tailed it out of the canyon soon after it got dark. Team slightly nervous was victorious!

8. If you could go birding anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would probably go back to Argentina! I lived there for a year before I was into birds/birding and I feel like I just super missed out on some spectacular stuff that was right in front of me but was too busy being your typical 18-year-old, to notice. I know I saw Magellanic Penguins, an Andean Condor, Rheas and a species of flamingo (perhaps Chilean) that was hanging out in the desert but that is all I know. I just want to do it again with the appreciation for nature that I have now!


Created By Severinka

Hall interior N932

Created for: The Sims 4
A set of furniture and decor in classic style interior decoration of the hall, hallway, living room.
The set includes 23 objects:
- A long console table made of old wood
- Old chest
- Original candles in the candelabra with glass cap
- Branches in glass jar
- Umbrella-cane
- Old book (2 variants)
- Chess
- Sports balls (2 variants)
- Figurines of horses (2 variants)
- Wooden plaque on the wall (2 variants)
- Wooden letter ‘N’
- Carved wooden panels
- Picture with a retro black and white photos (7 options)

if I suffer at this
think how I’d feel
among the lettuce-
pickers of Salinas?
I think of the men
I’ve known in
with no way to
get out-
choking while living
choking while laughing
at Bob Hope or Lucille
Ball while
2 or 3 children beat
tennis balls against
the wall.
some suicides are never
—  “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth,” Charles Bukowski