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Hey there! I hope this isn't a burdon, but can I get fluffy headcannons for Junkrat? 💖

Naaaaaah you cool. Onto the request!

  • The one guy in all the Overwatch cast that will fucking charge at a door and break it in half if it meant greeting you “OH! OHHHH!!!! Y/N’S HOME!!! WELCOME HOME Y/N!!” when you are screaming on the porch in abject terror he trips on his own foot and falls on his face, which then makes you laugh until you fall over yourself
  • The kind of person that fails in every respect of doing “proper” s/o things such as buying you flowers or courting you politely- he basically runs up to you like “Say how’s about a good fuck or two? :D??????” honestly Mako was pretty shocked you didn’t just kill him then and there
  • Are you shorter than him? He will throw you. Everywhere. On his shoulder, under his arm, onto his lap, onto the couch. Also will pretend he is literally stealing you even when you’re talking to someone like, “Boring conversation anyway!”
  • Are you taller than him? He will still try. Sometimes it works, sometimes he’s like “HNNNNNNNGGGHHH!! HNNNGGGHH!!!” trying to hoist you and probably fucks up and wrecks his back- his poor spine is so messed up as it is XD
  • It also doesn’t matter what height or weight you are- he WILL piggyback you. EVERYWHERE IF HE COULD! He also makes car or rocketship noises- it can vary depending on how he feels through the week. “ROCKET SHIP Y/N!!!! NNNYYOOMMMM” “BrrrRRRRUUUMMMMMM DDDDDDDRRRRUMMMMMM BRUMMMM”
  • Also expect to hang out with Roadie a lot too :P But given that you’re Junkrat’s S/O, it’s probably not surprising you and Roadie get along swimmingly and are probably both the level-headed balances in comparison to Jamison XD
  • He will forget things, like dates, a lot. Like a lot a lot.
  • “It’s your birthday?! What? What?! WHAT?!” He’ll go into a real flurry and start running around in circles, hoping to make a gift for you quickly and when you mention he doesn’t have to he’s like “QUIET NOW Y/N I’VE GOT A MAKE A GIFT FOR YOU LICKETY-SPLIT” please calm down bb u poor boy
  • Junkrat has 2 settings: 100% BALLS TO THE WALLS ENERGY ALL DAY to completely comatose tired. There is absolutely no in-between.
  • His version of a date is to blow up something, but if he’s pursuing revenge for you- like committing epic theft or property damage to someone that hurt you- hoh boy that’s his fav
  • He will legit start barking at anyone that tries to hit on you like “rrrrRUFF RAUGH RAUUUGH! Mine! Mine! Mine! My Y/N!!! *holding you stupid tight*”
  • His preferred method of sleeping is being a starfish with you or holding you with his limbs wrapped around you like a clingy lil monkey- but he’s not little because he’s 6 fucking foot 6 and it’s like being eaten by a boa constrictor
  • If you’re depressed he will literally implode like you are only allowed to be happy around him???????? He’ll basically bother Roadie like nonstop I’m not gonna lie. Just grab on him like, “What? Y/N’s not happy!? We gotta DOOOOO something!!! *repeatedly shakes Roadhog until the latter removes him from his body*”
  • Is the person that wants to show you!!! So many!!! Of the things!!!!! “Look Y/N!” “What’s that?” “It’s a- oh come on now you know what that is.” “…A fuse?” “*lights match* Yuh-huh!” The giggles he lets out when he gets to see how excited you are about something as dumb as Extremely Dangerous Fireworks is truly moving tbh
  • 98% of the gifts he gives are made. How sweet!
  • The other 2% are stolen.

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Rhy: [lying in a puddle of his own blood]

Villain: Why the fuck are you not worried?!!

Rhy: Because the prettiest boy in the ball will be here in 3…. 2…

Prettiest boy in the ball: [enters crashing through the wall, kills the villain, gives Rhy a lecture for getting himself in trouble, makes out with Lila, gives Lila a lecture about being reckless, flips off Alucard, gives him a lecture about breaking his brother’s heart, discovers time travelling and kills all future kidnappers of Rhy before they kidnap Rhy, gives a lecture to Trump about alternate facts, finds a new side to his coat, features in the Vogue September issue]

Rhy: …1

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hey so i basically 'watch' gotham through your content and like. what the FUCK happened with nygma and oswald since oswald literally froze his ex

okay anon, you’re in for a wild ride, strap in and fasten your seatbelt. this was a delight to write, i was giggling the whole time. this show is a big ball of insanity and nonsense, and it is so much fun

the abridged guide to what edward nygma and oswald cobblepot have been up to around each other on gotham fox

so, it all started in season 1, when eddy was young and innocent and working in forensics at the gcpd. ozzy, newly gotten into some power in the shady underbelly of the city, pranced into the precinct thinking he was the shit. it basically ended with oz wanting to secure his authority and ed discretely throwing shade in return, and that’s it for interactions in season 1

then, season 2 aka everything goes balls to the walls crazy rolls around. there has been some character development on both sides, mostly to do with murder and sticking it to the people who never took them seriously. oz has kinda overthrown the order of gotham’s underworld, declared himself king of the city in one very cathartic scene and now tries to cope with his new power. Turns out, he’s not so good at not making enemies, which leads to some double-crossing, some betrayal, his beloved mother dying and also people attempting to murder him

ed, in the meanwhile, has gone off the deep end, and murdered a few people, one of them being his girlfriend (big drama). while out in the woods because bodies don’t bury themselves, he finds ozzy at his lowest point, barely alive, and decides to take him in, because, hey, every future batman villain is in dire need of a murder mentor. so, he nurses ozzy back to health, gets him out of his pants and feeds him (i’m not making this up). they get take-out. also, there is a piano duet at some point.

ozzy regains his health, leaves ed’s apartment, plots his revenge and fails so spectacularly that he ends up in arkham asylum. they brain-wash him for a bit there, he becomes nice, gets outta there and then ed rejects his attempt at renewing the friendship, because he’s found enjoyment in the murder lifestyle and nice ozzy doesn’t work like that no more

so ed goes on killing folks, then gets caught in one of the best episodes ever aired of this show, and promptly thrown into arkham, because, y’know, that’s how it goes. ozzy in the meantime finds his long-lost father, bonds over niceness, then his stepmom murders the dad in an attempt on ozzy’s life. this triggers the evil to come back to oz, and he murders her in return, but not before feeding her her own children, ‘cause that’s the sensible thing to do in such a situation

back to his evil roots, ozzy reconnects with ed while visiting him in arkham, and ed, like the supportive dude he is, encourages the revenge fantasies. and, to everybody’s surprise, the revenge plan (now with new and improved formula!) works out and ozzy regains his power

this leads into season 3, where ed is released; ozzy of course comes to get him, and they indulge in the newest plan – ozzy running for mayor, because some writer in the gotham staff clearly stans batman returns. and because appointing your friends is swell, eddy is his chief of staff. ed is also genuinely supportive and smart enough to actually help during the campaign, and so ozzy wins

more importantly, he then realizes that he has fallen deeply truly madly in love with ed, plans on telling him, and because gotham writers are the worst, they decide that this is a good moment in the story to introduce ed’s new heterosexual love on first sight interest, who, what are the chances, also looks almost identical to that girlfriend of his ed killed in season 2. y’know, because that is a good omen. So, there is some insane jealousy on ozzy’s part, and because he can, he decides to have her killed. y’know, because that’s the sensible thing to do.

ed naturally falls right back into ozzy’s arms, but because oz royally sucks at not pissing off people, there is more betrayal and back-stabbing and ed finds out about the killing order, effectively turning ozzy’s most trusted and most bestest friend against him. he then leads ozzy on a merry chase, destroys his reputation, his power and most of what’s left of his dignity, and then, for good measure, stabs him in the abdomen and drops him into a river

ozzy however, being resilient as a cockroach and having help from another future batman villain, survives once more. while he’s being nursed back to health, nygma tries to be evil and stuff, but finds himself haunted by some very fun hallucinations of ozzy where he is either dripping wet or dancing and singing romantic songs (i am still not making this up)

they meet up again when they are both individually caught by an admittedly super-boring third party (there was more betrayal and backstabbing and honestly, this show makes it so hard to keep up with who’s betraying whom and for what reason) and locked into adjacent cages. creating one of the most entertaining scenes in this show’s history, they promptly proceed with either throwing tantrums like the mature five-year-olds they are or bickering like an old married couple which they also are. at the end, they figure out that working together might be the best option, and stage an amazing jailbreak that ends with the good ol’ “i’ll kill you” “not if i kill you first” agreement

the entirety of this relationship culminates in the season finale, where they play cat and muse with one another, using every dirty trick and amnipulating the hell outta one another, showing just how well they know each other, all the strengths and weaknesses. it ends with ozzy getting the upper hand, telling ed that he was the only time he let love weaken him (call-back to when ed was nuring him back to health where he said that men who love nothing cannot be bargained with and are therefore stronger). ozzy then lets mr freeze turn ed into a majestic icicle, and then decides to exhibit his frozen lover in his new club, because, y’know, it’s what you do

that is the most condensed version of events i could come up with. i don’t know if it’s useful, but it explains why they ended up where they are now. in all honesty, the two actors have so much chemistry around each other and they are clearly having so much fun that it’s just a delight every time they’re on screen together


College (C.H.)

A/N: there will be an additional part, but I don’t know when it will be up. I got the story line idea from HSM 3 so yes, it will be similar. Also, helpful hint. This (####) means a skip in time within the same day. This (****) means a skip in time more than a day.

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~10 Years Ago~

I kicked my soccer ball against the wall next to our garage door – bored – since my friend cancelled on our plans to play today.

I got angry and kicked the ball a little bit harder than I had originally intended, causing it to bounce off the wall and into the neighboring house’s yard.

I huffed and groaned before walking over to my neighbor’s house, only to be met with the sight of a boy around my age playing with my ball. “Hey!” I yelled at him.

He abruptly stopped shuffling the ball between his feet at the sound of my voice. He froze as I stalked over to him.

I pointed at my ball that was resisting under his foot. “That’s my ball. I kicked it over here by accident.”

He blushed and shyly kicked it back over to me. “Sorry,” he mumbled and turned to go back inside his house.

I stopped the ball with my foot and kicked it up off the ground, only to catch it in my hands, holding it against my hip. “Wait!” I called to the boy.

He stopped walking and turned around to look at me but didn’t say anything else.

“Do you play?” I asked him.

“What?” The boy asked back confusedly.

“Do you play soccer, silly.” I giggled.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

I beamed. “Would you like to play with me?”

He smiled widely. “Yes!”

I put my ball down and passed it to him. “I’m Y/N.” I introduced myself.

“Calum,” the boy replied and kicked the ball back to me.

That’s where both of our parents found us an hour or so later, playing soccer in Calum’s front yard. We were both drenched in sweat from playing so hard and covered in dirt from tackling each other.

That was the day that the boy next door, that went by the name of Calum Hood, became my best friend…until I fell in love with him.

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The Ultimate Sexy Arms Workout

Whether you’re rocking a swimsuit at the beach, a little black dress at a cocktail party or a tank top while running errands, you’ll want to show off your strong, lean arms. With these exercises, you’ll sculpt and define your arms, reduce excess fat and become stronger for everyday tasks. You’ll need two sets of weights, one lighter set (women five to 10 pounds, men 10 to 25 pounds) and one heavier (women 10 to 25 pounds, men 25 to 40 pounds).

External image

(Photos: Travis McCoy)

1. Triangle (or Diamond) Push-Ups
Start in a plank, with your forefingers and thumbs together so they create a triangle (or diamond) shape. From this position (either fully extended on the feet or in a kneeling plank), lower down into a low push-up. Your elbows should come out wide to the side and your chest should lower directly down toward the triangle on the floor. Start with three sets of five and work up to three or four sets of 10.

External image

2. Stability-Ball Biceps Curls
Hold the ball against a wall with your back without leaning too heavily against it, feet hip- or shoulder-distance apart. In this standing position, hold your heavier weights, one in each hand, and keep your arms down at your sides, palms facing in. As you squat down, roll the ball down the wall with you, lift your arms into a biceps curl, rotating the hands so the palms face your shoulders. Do three to five sets of 10 reps.

External image

3. Hard-Core Plank
Start in the same position as the top of a push-up, balancing on your feet and hands, your body in a straight line from your heels to head. Exhale as you lower halfway down toward the floor, elbows bent in close to your ribs. For an added challenge, lift your right foot four inches off the floor and hold for five seconds. Set it down for a second, then lift it out to the side at a 90-degree angle, still four inches off the ground. Hold it out at your side for five seconds. Return to start position, and repeat on left side. Start with two reps on each side and work up to four.

External image

3. Dumbbell Arm Circles
Sit tall in a chair or stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold a weight in each hand and extend your arms straight out in front of you, chest height, slightly wider than your shoulders. Slowly make small circles inward (about four inches in diameter). Do this for 15 seconds before reversing your circles. Do three to five sets of these.

External image

4. Reverse Fly
You can do this standing, kneeling down or straddling an incline bench with your face down. Hold a weight in each hand at your sides and roll your shoulders back. Squeeze your abdominal muscles in as you lift your arms into a soft-bent circle in front of your chest, just below shoulder height, palms face inward. Open your arms wide apart, with the movement coming only from your shoulder joints. Stop when your elbows are slightly behind your back. Resist as you bring the arms and hands back together. Do three to five sets of eight.

External image

5. Chest Opener
With a weight in each hand, start in a kneeling position. Leaning slightly back with arms down at your sides, squeeze your glutes and inner thighs as you feel a slight stretch in your hip flexors. Face your palms behind you and press your straight arms back behind you. Stop when your hands are directly above your ankles. Do three to five sets of 10 presses.

External image

6. Serve-a-Platter
Hold a weight in each hand and sit on a chair or flat bench. Plant your feet firmly on the floor about hip-width apart. Sit up tall, engage your core and lengthen through the top of the head. Hold your arms up in front of you as if carrying a platter, palms and underside of your forearms facing up. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor, your shoulders back and down. Slowly lift and extend your arms up and forward. Lift until your hands are just above shoulder height. As you lower, bring your elbows to the point just before they go behind your back and lift back up. Do three to five sets of eight.

External image

7. Rotator Cuff In and Outs
Kneel on the ground, sit back on your heels and hold your weights at your sides. Keeping your upper arms close to your ribs, lift the weights so your forearms are parallel to the ground, palms facing up. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree-angle. Move your forearms slowly in toward each other, then slowly out to the either side of your torso without allowing your forearms to lift. Do three to five sets of 10. If kneeling puts too much pressure on your knees, do this on a bench or chair.

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So what is a normal routine with HIIT like? Is it 2-3 minutes of start up, 30 seconds of high intensity, 60-120 seconds of break (depending on how fit the person is), then another 30 seconds, repeat until 20 minutes with 2-3 of cooldown? Should a person only do this 2-3 times a week?

OKAY I’ll make this super easy so Ill pick an exercise thats its easy to do this with.
Treadmill Running

Example with 3 rounds:

Warm-up 5 minutes at a joggin pace of like 5 mph then after the warmup is done you start the rounds

Round 1:

Then pick a running pace of like 6mph- 7mph and do that for 2 minutes
then pick the sprinting pace of like 10mph for 1 minute

Round 2:
theres no rest in between rounds your recovery is when you
Run 2 minutes at 6mph-7mph
then Sprint 1 minute at 10mph

Round 3:
Run 2 minutes at 6mph-7mph
Sprint 1 minute at 10mph

Walking slow pace for 4-5 minutes at 4mph

and there you go! You should be sweating hardcore from that And that

LITERALLY can be applied to anything

  • Jump Rope. 
  • Cycling, 
  • Punching a bag, 
  • etc. 

just pick something warmup, go moderate pace 2 minutes, then balls to the wall hardcore for 1 and then always cooldown at the end for 4-5 minutes

and there you go. Thats how you do HIIT Training. Its much more effective for burning fat than steady state. Do it 2-3 times a week since its so intense and your fat loss will be extraordinary 

krowzzer  asked:

I'm sorry for asking. I can only guess how many times you've had to answer this but, I get super inspired by you and want to get into shape, I know HICT training is really good to slim down, but I have not the first clue about it. I know I do it in long work, short break times, but how long is long? What would suggest I do, being pretty new to this whole thing. TnT

OKAY I’ll make this super easy so Ill pick an exercise thats its easy to do this with. Treadmill Running

Example with 3 rounds:

Warm-up 5 minutes at a joggin pace of like 5 mph then after the warmup is done you start the rounds

Round 1:

Then pick a running pace of like 6mph- 7mph and do that for 2 minutes
then pick the sprinting pace of like 10mph for 1 minute

Round 2: 
theres no rest in between rounds your recovery is when you
Run 2 minutes at 6mph-7mph
then Sprint 1 minute at 10mph

Round 3: 
Run 2 minutes at 6mph-7mph
Sprint 1 minute at 10mph

Walking slow pace for 4-5 minutes at 4mph

and there you go! You should be sweating hardcore from that And that LITERALLY can be applied to anything, Jump Rope. Cycling, Punching a bag, etc. just pick something warmup, go moderate pace 2 minutes, then balls to the wall hardcore for 1 and then always cooldown at the end for 4-5 minutes

and there you go. Thats how you do HIIT Training. Its much more effective for burning fat than steady state

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Headcanon that Gavin will not hold back on how much a prank will cost if he thinks it would be funny. He once got a huge fursuit made to look like a bear/mlp and sent it to Michael. Paid off all the bars in a 100 block radius to not serve Geoff for a week.

Gavin just loves making everyone question what the fuck is going on, from filling Jeremy’s car with gum balls to tearing down the pent house walls and rebuilding them 2 inches back, and watching everyone be confused because things are just slightly wrong.

Spoiler Review of A Court of Mist and Fury (Part 1)

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. I’m in no way stating what I say here is canon or accurate. It is my personal interpretation. If you disagree with my opinion or want to share your view on this with me-go for it! But, if you are going to send me hate, do yourself and me a favor and don’t bother.

Part 1: The House of Beasts

Feyre’s Nightmares and Feylin’s Deterioration

Feyre has to remind herself who she is and where she currently is after the events of Amarantha’s dungeons. She has to remind herself what is real and what is a dream. She has to remind herself that she is a survivor.

Immortal strength-more a curse than a gift. (ACOMAF Pg. 6)

Feyre is having trouble adjusting to her new immortal body which parallels her inability to adjust to normal life. Her problem? She doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Tamlin “sleeps” straight through her nightmares and refuses to talk about his own. The two of them are similar in that they choose to ignore their problems and in doing so, they have completely shunted one another out of one of the most important aspects of their lives. I feel that the two of them think that if they confronted their nightmares together then they’d have to truly acknowledge how real and traumatic Amarantha’s reign over Prythian was to them.

“Today-let’s forget it, let’s just move past it. Please.” (ACOMAF Pg. 102)

Sex is their one reprieve in which they can lose themselves in other sensations, almost like how an alcoholic uses alcohol to drown out their sorrows. But like alcohol, sex just grants them temporary euphoria. It doesn’t solve anything. Sex is a mere illusion of love for the pair and it covers up all the underlying problems in their relationship.

He made love to me, morning and night. He worshiped my body with his hands, his tongue, his teeth. But that had never been the hard part. We just got tripped up with the rest. (ACOMAF Pg. 103)

Instead, we have Tamlin becoming overprotective to the point that he completely smothers and crushes Feyre’s true potential. Understandable. He almost lost her under the mountain and he’s channeled that anguish he felt under the mountain into something else. But in his honorable (?) quest to protect Feyre, he has completely forgotten that she is a warrior, that she has survived Amarantha using her guts and wits. Consequently he demotes her into a damsel in distress, trapping her in a world of frills and vapid society. He doesn’t realize that what Feyre needs is a distraction-a real one. Something that has her moving around, helping others. All his protectiveness ends up pushing down the real Feyre and has, whether she realizes it or not, contributed to her current state of mind: that she is not worthy.  She is “ruined,” a doll smashed to smithereens. On some unconscious level she realizes it at the wedding and it’s why she realizes she can’t marry Tamlin.

To be honest, I never shipped Feylin in ACOTAR (I didn’t ship Feyrhys either if you’re wondering). For me, I felt like a lot of it was lust driven and that the two never really sat down and had a real conversation. That’s why Tamlin fails to understand, like I mentioned before, that Feyre is a fucking survivor.

You still have no idea what it was like for me-to be on the verge of starvation for months at a time. And you can call her a glutton all you like, but I have sisters too, and I remember what it felt like to return home without any food. So maybe she’ll spend all that money on stupid things-maybe she and her sisters have no self-control. But I’m not going to take that chance and let them starve, because of some ridiculous rule that your ancestors invented. (ACOMAF Pg. 94)

This is the AHA moment for me. It’s the one part where you realize how fractured and fragile Feylin was in the first place. How little both of them understand each other. Sure, they love each other-I don’t think for one moment that they faked their love for each other. But love can only take you so far when you fail to understand and appreciate the little or large things that make your partner who they are. It’s also very interesting that she would actually voice out her opinion and lash out against Tamlin after coming back from Rhysand who tells her to become vital and become a weapon. A small bit of Feyre has come back.

How poorly Tamlin understands Feyre comes to light after he fucking traps her in the house. For Feyre it’s a very real and terrifying moment as she comes to grip with how helpless she felt under the mountain. It’s that moment when Tamlin completely rips away Feyre’s freedom to come in and out that Feyre realizes that she has lost all sense of herself. She’s not just trapped physically but also mentally(does that make sense?).


That rage flicker in his eyes again at the dress, the hair. (ACOMAF Pg. 47)

In the few moments that Rhysand has been with Feyre he immediately is able to reveal all the underlying problems with Feylin-earning Feyre’s ire. She’s in denial that anything could possibly be wrong. Why? She practically killed herself to preserve her relationship with Tamlin only to have it fracture straight afterwards. Rhysand recognizes that she has become a “doe-eyed damsel” which is a far cry from the warrior and badassery that is Ferye. He’s furious that Tamlin and the others have trapped her in such a persona because it strips Feyre of her independence and individuality.

I love how he distinctly says, “You are not a prisoner, Feyre.” (ACOMAF Pg. 48) Because in Tamlin’s home, she is a prisoner. She is a prisoner to Tamlin’s whims and orders. She is a prisoner to the wedding. She is a prisoner to the nightmares that haunt her incessantly. But in Rhysand’s home and in his eyes, she is a free individual.

He wants her to become independent again. And what better way to do it than to help her read and cultivate her hidden Fae skills.

Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord.

Rhysand is the most delightful High Lord.

Rhysand is the most cunning High Lord.

First of all, this is so Rhys and it made my mouth twist into a smile. Second of all, can I just say he’s the most vain bastard of all time (but you love him for it anyway?). And third, he probably makes Feyre copy it out not just to feed his vanity but also to channel and direct her anger into something productive. It’s the same method he uses under the mountain to distract her. Feyre’s anger is what helps winnow out (ha get it? No? Ok I’ll shut up now lol) the pain and helps her get out of whatever hole she’s in.

“I have nowhere else to go.” (ACOMAF Pg. 127)

UGH RHYS IS YOUR HOME FEYRE!!!!!!!!!!!! (You can tell that I started shipping them here). But in all seriousness, Feyre has never truly felt at home since the moment she got snatched away from the Mortal Lands. She doesn’t feel at home in her Fae skin because she still has a mortal heart. She’s very lost and confused and has lost complete sense of what to do. Getting away from the very place that had trapped her in the first place is just what she needs to feel that she belongs.

This house…this house was a home that had been lived in and enjoyed and cherished. (Pg. 131)

Welcome home Feyre.

Mor is My Queen

“Good thing I came along. Though I’d enjoy seeing Rhys’s balls nailed to the wall.” (ACOMAF Pg. 59)

Part 2 can be found here: 2

if I suffer at this
think how I’d feel
among the lettuce-
pickers of Salinas?
I think of the men
I’ve known in
with no way to
get out-
choking while living
choking while laughing
at Bob Hope or Lucille
Ball while
2 or 3 children beat
tennis balls against
the wall.
some suicides are never
—  “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth,” Charles Bukowski

Do you see that bruise near the collar of my shirt!? I just noticed it today. It’s from cleans at CrossFit but I’m pretty positive no one thinks that when they see it. Turtlenecks for the rest of the week it is. ((I kid, I kid))

Good news: after months of being stuck at 95lbs with cleans I hit a PR today of 105! I think there was a possibility I could have even done more but time ran out. But a 10 pound PR is fine by me. The squat cleans felt good today. It was lovely.

Normal news: after that we did front rack lunges, 4x 10, and I did them at 65lb

15 min AMRAP
2 rope climbs
20 wall ball shots (14lb)
200 m run

3 + rope pull ups.

So I did the thing where I pulled myself off the ground with the rope and I tried really hard to just be on my heels because I need to work on my grip strength. Kyle showed me how to start a rope climb…I couldn’t get off the ground…but I was happy for the lesson and know where to start in the future. The wall balls seem to be getting easier to hit the target but doing them unbroken? That’s still not easy. And it was a shuffle vs a run cause it was soooooo hot. A nice workout tonight though. I almost just didn’t pack my gym bag this am cause I was lazy but I’m glad I did.

Seriously though, I’m ready for the weekend! Who’s with me!?