BNHAFest prompt : Katsudeku Ballroom AU

Here it goes my prompt for bnhafest Ballroom Au. Yes I had read ballroom but I take some freedom in making both hairstyle and I did gender bend for Deku cuz I’m in the mood to draw fancy dress ;P It still so rush maybe I’ll retouch it later hahahahaha enjoy. BGM in doing this : “Jounetsu Tairiku” by Taro Hakase and “Bamboleo” by gypsi king

Ps : do not repost, edit without permission >:) And a very big thanks to @celineakayjs for her advices so i can finish this. Luv you dear friend ;)


Truly inspired by Legend of Korra’s Korra and Asami’s grand reveal at the end of the series. Decided to bring it back. Not a dry eye in the audience. 



Hi Taylor!

So I know that you have been lurking around on Tumblr again and I just wanted to reshare this video for you. I dedicated the whole routine to you! This is a jive which is a style of ballroom dancing.

I dedicated this to you because you consistently inspire me to get out of bed and dance. I have a lot of medical issues that cause chronic pain and depression. “Shake it Off” has been one of the best songs for me because no matter what, I will start moving when it plays. A few months ago, I was hospitalized for another pain episode and I was having trouble breathing… the nurses urged me to slow my breathing but I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. But then, my mom started singing “Shake it Off” and I just tapped my finger along with her at first. In no time at all I was able to force the lyrics out. My heartrate began to normalize… The nurses said they wished they filmed it because they have never seen anything like it before. Your music has gotten me through much tougher situations.

Last month I had to get an MRI to monitor the size of my liver tumor to make sure that it wasn’t growing in size. I am horrified of MRI’s - not because of the tight space, although I am not a fan of being strapped down and having my head put in a cage, but because every time the contrast is used through the I.V. my vein ruptures. It’s exceedingly painful and is dangerous. The nurses give you headphones to block out the noise of the machine/magnet, playing Pandora through it. This time I asked them to play “Taylor Swift Radio”….. You got me through my MRI. Without your music, I would have been moving much more from fear and anxiety which, would have forced the nurses to take additional images and spending more time in the machine.

As you can see, @taylorswift you are vital to my health. You keep my going when I am down and you keep me dancing when I am up. Every routine that I have made with this studio has been to one of your songs. So thank you for writing music and being my personal motivation and inspiration to keep fighting my invisible illnesses. I hope that one day you will see this and realize how much of a positive impact you’ve had on my life for the better… I don’t know if I would be here without you.

I love you Taylor. Thank you for everything.