Sorry I didn’t answer these yesterday! I’ve been super busy -_-


23. Favorite Major Villain?

Black Lady!

24. Favorite Minor Villain?

The Kisenian Flowers!

25. Favorite Villain Group?

OMG THIS CHANGES FOR ME ALL THE TIME. It was the Black Moon Clan for awhile, but I think I’m leaning more towards Shadow Galactica nowadays :)

27. Favorite item?

The Moon Kaleido Scopes!

28. Favorite Outfit?

Hands down, Super Sailor Moon’s Fuku

33. Favorite Arc/Season?

My favorite season from the anime is Sailor Moon R. I haven’t finished the manga yet, but so far, the Black Moon arc is my favorite arc. That might change once I read Stars though :P

40. Favorite Battle?

NEO-QUEEN SERENITY AND SMALL LADY KICKING WISEMAN’S ASS. Although I do also love the sequence in SuperS where Usagi jumps to save Chibiusa. Not really a battle, but still awesome :)