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The Ugly Truth Part Five

Characters : Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Roger

Summary : Ex-maid of honor - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head high and attend her oldest friend’s wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the random table in the back of the ballroom with a group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets. You and a stranger you met, try to make your ex jealous, something begins to heat up between you two. But there are a few secrets which will unfold. Based off the movie ‘Table 19’

Word Count ; 881

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

A/N : I know, there are so many questions! What do you think will happen?! Come tell me! 

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The ceremony was more than just awkward, it was hard to sit there and realize how much has changed.

Nat was your best friend for as long as you could remember. You two had talked about this day for years. Even planned most of the wedding yourself.

And now here you were, sitting in the very back. As if you were just an acquaintance of the family.

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how did it ever come to this? (we should’ve never come to this)

“Oh no you don’t, Snart. If you think I’m letting you out of my sight tonight, you’re clearly more delusional than you seem.”

Cold shrugged and grabbed a plate. “First of all, Barry, if you’re planning to keep up this ‘low profile’ thing, you should probably stick to calling me Len.” He began filling his plate with cheese cubes. “Secondly, I plan on staying at this little shindig until the very end. Also, did I mishear you or are you volunteering to be my date?”

a million somedays

i’m a little late, but this was written for @gayndsoft​‘s birthday. jodie, my bub, i adore you and i hope you had a fantastic day. here’s a wedding, a whole lot of fluff and soft boyfriends with a side of science girlfriends for you. i hope you enjoy. 💛

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It had been an unusual day in many ways. If someone had told Alec years ago that one day he’d be the one to walk his sister down the aisle as she gets married to her werewolf girlfriend, he probably would have laughed at the sheer absurdity. A wedding between two women, combining mundane and Shadowhunter traditions seemed too far out of reach. Not to mention the uptight Clave and their useless, outdated rules. And yet, here he was.

From the day she was born, Alec’s life revolved around keeping Isabelle safe and happy. Even though he was barely four years old when she arrived, he still remembers the pride and love he felt when he first looked into her crib and saw big brown eyes staring back at him. She was a tiny thing, breakable and vulnerable, and the second her little fist closed around his finger, Alec knew he’d flip the whole world upside down before he’d let harm come her way.

Growing up, he made it his mission to always put her first, to care for her and guide her. He was there when she took her first steps, when she got her first rune, when their parents took things too far and made her feel like anything less than perfect. In any kind of battle, he had her back. And in many ways, she had his back just the same. She always seemed to know what went on inside of him, giving him a safe space to be himself, especially when the responsibilities of being the eldest Lightwood weighed heavily on his shoulders. He knew the bond they shared didn’t come often, even to siblings.

So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when she announced her engagement to Maia, Izzy asked Alec to be the one to give her away. To her, there was never even a choice to make in the first place, and the sincerity and certainty in her eyes when she asked him made something warm blossom in Alec’s chest. Even more so when he saw her smile becoming a million times more radiant as she wrapped her arms around him the second he stuttered out a surprised yes, of course.

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Saturday’s and Weddings

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1438

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

      When you agree to marry Bruce Wayne, you assure yourself that you have plenty of time. The boys don’t see it that way. Almost immediately after you say yes, you and Bruce are meeting with wedding planners that Tim has already vetted.

          You’re a bit surprised, since you only said yes yesterday, but you go with it. Strangely, Bruce seems in his element, and actually has questions prepared. You decide to just go with things. You end up going with a man who has put on quite a few weddings, and is more than ready and willing to go. You smell a rat in the air.  

          Every time you meet with the wedding planner, one of the boys is always there, if one of them can’t make it then Alfred or Bruce is there. Within the span of a month a theme is picked compete with china patterns, and color scheme.

          The next week Alfred helps you with the guest list. He has an entire book dedicated to who to invite and who NOT to invite. The second looks very similar to a little black book. You decide that you’re better off not knowing.

          Dick is the one who helps you pick the venue, also known as your very own home. He paints a picture as he describes you descending the grand staircase, in a lovely dress with a bouquet of flowers and you just can’t say no. After all, this place has history; it’s where the boys grew up, it’s where Bruce grew up, it’s where so many happy memories took place. Plus, you almost feel like Martha and Thomas Wayne can be there if you have it here.  Dick is delighted when you take him up on the suggestion, and as a bonus, there’s no deposit to put down. Invitations are sent out.

          Damian suggests opening up the doors to the ballroom and having the reception both outside and inside. Plus, it’ll give the catering service time to set up during the cocktail hour. You start to feel as though it’s the boys planning the wedding and not the very expensive wedding planner you hired. All the man seems to do is sit around and agree with your boys. You decide to let it slide as RSVP’s start rolling in.

          Jason is the one who does the food tasting with you. The boy seems to know good food better than anyone you’ve ever met, and you trust his opinion. You go through four different caterers, before Jason declares the fifth one perfect. That’s fine with you, the food tasted heavenly.

          Almost everything is done, except the dress. You do that by yourself. The wedding is in the middle of summer which means a sleeveless dress, with a sweetheart neckline. You find it at the third shop you go to. You’re worn out and almost ready to give up, but you see it and you fall in love. It’s white and covered in lace with a blue sash around the waist. The train isn’t too long, and the veil is nice and long with lace edges.

It reminds you of the little country wedding you wanted when you were a little girl. Despite your city upbringings you wanted the exact opposite of what your parents’ wedding had been. You wanted a nice little small affair, with a man you loved, and the people you cared about most surrounding you. You decide two out of three isn’t bad, and this simpler dress will add the perfect mix of that to the big day. Especially when paired with your Louis Vuitton pumps. You were still a city girl at heart after all.

With the dress in toe you return home. You do your best to sneak by the boys without them knowing, but they’re professionally trained ninjas and you don’t stand a chance. They’re like dogs going after table scraps, all trying to get the dress out of your hands and get a peak. Even Bruce is participating.

Alfred is the one to save you. He sweeps the dress out of your hands and declares that he’ll store it until the big day. With a pointed look at the men surrounding you he disappears into his quarters. Not even Bruce would go after it now. You escape before they can start hounding you for details, and decide to lay low for the next several days.

When the announcement of your wedding hits the papers you get a call from your mother. You can feel the headache coming before you even answer the phone. You’re in the middle of a family movie night, and you know if you don’t answer, it will look weird. So, you do your best to vanish from the room.

You’re gone for ten minutes before they realize you’re gone. They pause the movie and go looking for you. They find you at the dining room table, your phone is face up, and despite not having it on speaker your mother’s every word can be heard perfectly. You’re flipping through a magazine and doing your best to ignore her outrage at not being invited.

You nod a greeting at the phone before Jason just suddenly declares in a loud voice, “What a bitch.” Usually you’d reprimand him for language, but in this case he’s just right. Your mother continues on and Damian states “She’s like one of those wind up monkeys with cymbals, except she just doesn’t stop.” Tim goes next “I don’t know, her voice kind of reminds of one of those yappy dogs.” Everyone turns to Dick, waiting for his comment and he just shrugs. “I’ve got nothing but a headache from the sound of her voice.” Bending down Bruce asks “We didn’t send you parents an invitation, did we?”

You simply smile “Why do you think I got this call.” Bruce just smiles and presses the end call icon before saying “We’ll get you a new number tomorrow, for now block the number.” You simply shrug and go back to your movie.  

          After that, the wedding mayhem seems to calm down. The next several months go by in a flash and before you know it, it’s your big day. Alfred separates you and Bruce for the night, placing you in a room on the other side of the manor. You have a pretty good feeling that the boys are going to camp out with him in your room tonight, and celebrate his last night of “freedom.”

          So you’re more than a little surprised when there’s a knock on your door, you’re even more surprised to find Damian there. He’s carrying an envelope and you step to the side to allow him in. He climbs onto your bed without hesitation and you plop down beside him.

          He doesn’t talk at first, but you know it sometimes takes time with him. So you wrap your arm around his shoulders and wait. He doesn’t talk, only hands you the envelope. What’s inside melts your heart. They’re adoption papers… for Damian. “Father got Talia to sign them. All you have to do is sign where the arrow is… if you want to that is.”

          You drop the papers and pull him into a bone crushing hug. “I want nothing more in the world.” you assure him, and then say “Got a pen?”

          He pulls one out of his robe pocket and the door creaks open, as the rest of the boys appear with their own envelops in hand. They’re all too old to fall under your parental guardianship, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still adopt them. You sign a flurry of papers that night, before they return to Bruce.

          The next day you get ready with the help of Barbara, Cass, and Stephanie. You’re just about ready to head down the aisle when Alfred arrives with a velvet box. The girls go to stand at the ready while Alfred waits for you to open the box. Inside is a beautiful strand of pearls. “From Master Bruce, it’s tradition for Wayne men to give their brides-to-be pearls on the wedding day.” he explains as he moves to fasten them for you.

          You smile at the the reflection of you two in the mirror. Then you grab your phone to capture the moment with the butler who has become like a father to you over the past two years. He obliges you, even smiling for the picture, before offering his arm as you hear the start of the wedding march. Silently you take his arm and he walks you down the aisle.

“Phantom Manor” Julie Svendsen, 1990s

Part of the elaborate storyline of Disneyland Paris’ Phantom Manor involves a grand Thunder Mesa mansion that has been abandoned after a great deal of mysterious circumstances. We learn that the house, Ravenswood Manor, was built on haunted land, and that the souls that roam it are far from friendly. Perched high in the ballroom of the Wedding Reception scene, guests are able to view this lush Julie Svendsen painting of Ravenswood Manor during its better, less Phantom-haunted days.

Art ©️Disney

mrsamericaevans  asked:

I thought of something :D I would like to request a Chris Evans/Reader with the prompt "I've been in love with you my entire life". Can I also request that the rating is NC-17? Let me know if someone has already requested something like this. Thanks, boo!

This is another one of the duplicate prompts.. however, I decided to make this the sequel to the first drabble I wrote for this prompt: In A White Dress that was very much rated G… this one, however, is not! 😏 Shout out to @mycapt-ohcapt‘s crazy mind for helping me come up with some stuff…

Title: Under A White Dress
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sex

Promptober Announcement & Promptlist | Promptober Masterlist

Exhaustion rests in your bones as you and Chris take the elevator up to the honeymoon suite where you are staying the night. You lean into his body as you remember the shower of bubbles the two of you had run through on your exit, just moments ago, from the ballroom where the reception for your wedding had been held.

Tomorrow the two of you will leave for an extended honeymoon, but tonight…

There is a ding as the elevator reaches your floor and you stay snuggled at Chris’s side as the doors open. The two of you walk down the hall to your room and neither of you can stifle the laughter that bubbles as a result of seeing a sock on the door handle of the room along with a sign that is taped to the door that reads:

Sorry about the noise. We’re newlyweds.

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I Hate Kids || Matty Healy Oneshot

Word Count: 4,303
Summary: Matty has a habit of saying “I hate kids”. You don’t believe it one bit.
Author’s Note: Recent photos of Matty being absolutely lovely with kids inspired this. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did while writing it. Please feel free to send more requests here! Enjoy!

“I hate kids.”

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anonymous asked:

If you could plan the perfect WA wedding, how would it go? Big or small wedding? Venue? Any tiny shenanigans or none? Vows? (Making sure Barry doesn't spend an eternity or else there will be skeletons in the crowd. He he.) How the wedding reception would go? Let's hear your thoughts, Westallen Maiden.

I enjoy being called WestAllen Maiden. Please address me as such.

1. They would have a medium-sized wedding that was big enough to feel like a party, but small enough to be familiar with everyone. In other words, everyone at the wedding is important to Barry or Iris, but not everyone is aware of Barry’s identity as The Flash.

2. Iris wants something different than a ballroom or an outdoor reception, and Barry goes along with whatever she wants. They rent a vintage estate in the forested areas of Central City’s old neighborhoods. There’s a stunning hall with glass doors and windows that open up to a dance floor surrounded by trees A beautiful garden sprinkled with lights glows when it’s nighttime. 

3. Because guests that don’t know Barry’s identity are present, and because their true and honest vows to each other reference Barry as The Flash, Barry has an idea that they should exchange two sets of vows, one privately the day before the wedding, and one publicly on their wedding day. This way they get a romantic moment for themselves while also protecting his identity. I wrote my version of their vows in a story, though keep in mind it was last year and probably needs updating. 

I’ve written more of my wishes for their wedding here!

Weddings [DRABBLE]

You absolutely loved a good wedding. Getting all dressed up, watching two people declare their love for each other, it gave you little butterflies of excitement in your stomach.

For Kyungsoo however, weddings just seemed like a chore. Usually he would come up with an excuse as to why he couldn’t go. You knew it wasn’t because he didn’t believe in weddings or marriage. He just thought it was a lot of fuss just to show other people how much you loved someone.

But this time, he couldn’t avoid it – seeing as it was Minseok’s wedding and he was one of the eight best men.

As you sat at your table in the massive ballroom where the reception was being held, watching Minseok and his wife spin in each other’s arms for their first dance, you couldn’t help but sigh wistfully. “They look so happy,” you murmured softly, resting your head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Minseok smile so much,” he replied, slipping his hand into yours and pulling it onto his lap. “Unless it’s at one of his terrible jokes.”

You laughed lightly, snuggling up closer to your boyfriend. “Weddings tend to have that effect on people,” you muttered, feeling the same butterflies in your stomach you felt at every wedding as Minseok dipped his wife and whispered something in her ear, making her giggle shyly.

Kyungsoo moved away from you, making you lift your head to look at him. “Let’s have one then,” he murmured, licking his lips nervously. “A w-wedding, I mean,” he stuttered cutely.

Your heart lifted with instant excitement. Like your life depended on it, you held onto to Kyungsoo’s hand, not being able to take your eyes off of his – not wanting to either. “Do you mean…?” you trailed off, wanting to hear Kyungsoo say the words himself. Honestly you got a kick out of watching him stutter and struggle.

“I mean … I want to marry you,” Kyungsoo said quietly, looking down at your hand intertwined with his. He gulped hard and then looked back at you with a nervous smile. “I want to make you smile like that. I want to give you a wedding that never takes that smile off your beautiful face.”

Just like that, you melted, feeling your insides go all gooey with love. On the outside though, you appeared stunned with a faint smile on your lips. “It’s not much of a proposal Kyungsoo. You don’t even have a ring!” you teased when in reality, none of that mattered.

Knowing Kyungsoo wanted to be with you forever and marry you was enough.

“I’ll give you a proper proposal when you’re least expecting it,” he promised, leaning closer with a wide grin that he saved just for you. “I just didn’t want you to think that I don’t want any of this, because I do. But only with you.”

You let go of his hands to reach up and cup his cheeks, kissing his soft lips with the gentlest touch. “I only want it all with you,” you told him against his lips, kissing him again for good measure. “And don’t worry, I don’t want something as big as this.”

Kyungsoo laughed and let out a visible sigh of relief, his shoulders relaxing as the last of his nervousness disappeared from his body. “Oh thank the heavens,” he praised, pressing his lips to yours again and savouring the moment.

Who wants some dumb “The past Sportaci/future Sportarobbie″ headcanons????

No one? Well too bad, you’re getting them anyway!

- Sportacus isn’t so much a name as it is a title, passed down from one person to the next

- Each Sportacus chooses a child to mentor in their ways of eating sportscandy and staying active, so that when they retire they have someone to fill the position for them

- #9 was Sportacus’ mentor (whether number 9 was Sport’s father or not is up to you), and he looked very much like #10 Sportacus, except his outfit was yellow and red (like in the stage musical)

- The crystal is also handed down, and it has been the same crystal that all the Sportaci have used since #1

- Each Sportacus has their own unique attribute. Where #10 is extremely gifted at acrobatics, #9 was the fastest out of any of them

- #8 was the toughest (almost no one/nothing could injure them)

- #7 was the most flexible

- #6 was the kindest (yes, somehow a person existed that was kinder than #10; they never got upset and they believed in giving everyone a second, and even third, chance)

- #5 was the wisest (they knew everything having to do with physical activity, such as how the circulatory and respiratory systems worked; some believed that before #5 became Sportacus they were studying to become a doctor)

- #4 was the best at actual sports (they’d never lose a game, and could make any goal/basket with their eyes blindfolded)

- #3 was the healthiest (unlike #10 they made sure to eat food other than sportscandy, such as vegetables and meats, so that they had a well-balanced diet. They also understood that exercise is important, but that it’s also important to take a break and relax a bit so that you maintain your mental health as well. It is said that #3 lived to be over 100 years old)

- #2 was the happiest (NOTHING could upset them, and in turn they never wanted anyone around them to be upset either. Legend says that when #2 died they wrote in their will that instead of a funeral they wanted everyone to throw a “They Lived a Full Life” party, where they could only talk about the happy memories and everyone in attendance had to wear bright colors instead of black)

- #1 was the strongest, but only when it came to objects they created themselves, specifically mallets. #1 could lift and swing around a mallet that was the same size and weight of a person without breaking a sweat. However #1 was also the most short-lived Sportacus. They retired extremely early and simply vanished. No one knows what happened to them. Most believe #1 died a long time ago, others believe that they still live, hiding somewhere.

- Robbie is #1, hence his song “We are Number One”

- He’s managed to live for so long because he’s a freaking genius, and has invented gadgets to keep him young. It’s estimated that Robbie is almost 900 years old

- Robbie HATES the fact that he was once Sportacus. It wasn’t his intention to discover a crystal that went off whenever someone in the immediate vicinity was in trouble, or then proceed to save said person, or then be declared a “hero” by the townspeople and given the name “Sportacus” (or “Íþróttaálfurinn”, as he was called back then)

- So he went underground in an attempt to escape his past, which is why he so adamantly despises the other Sportaci, and why he tries to run them out of town. He hates the fact that it’s because of HIM that this permanent nuisance exists, encouraging everyone to be active and healthy.

- #2 wasn’t really Robbie’s pupil. #2 started the whole “mentor/student” tradition when it comes to Sportaci, but they actually became Sportacus when they discovered the crystal that Robbie had thrown out (the damn thing kept beeping and it was driving Robbie crazy)

- #10 discovered that Robbie was #1 when he was returning an unconcious Robbie (who had knocked himself out cold while attempting to pull off his latest scheme) back to his lair and saw in one of the costume tubes #1′s original outfit

- Sportacus was in total awe and disbelief and waited until Robbie came to before asking him, in his polite fashion, “WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE #1 WE ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!?”

- Robbie explains that he never wanted to be Sportacus and how he’s been using technology to keep himself alive so that he can try and eventually rid the world of Sportacus once and for all

- Sport then asks “Well, why don’t you get rid of me now?”

- Robbie has to face the fact that he’s grown fond of this current Sportacus and actually wants to be with him (whether in a platonic or romantic sense is up to you, but come on, I think we all know that those two are hella gay for each other)

- Sportcus reveals that he wants to be with Robbie as well

- After this things don’t really change that much, except that Robbie’s “evil plans” become much more tame and are more of a minor nuisance than an actual threat to the townspeople, since he’s not really trying to get rid of Sportacus anymore (however he can’t give up his evil schemes all together because he’s a villain, after all; what else is he suppose to do????)

- *this is for the Sportarobbie route, and pretty much the rest of the bullet points are going to be Sportarobbie from this point on* Also Robbie and Sportacus officially become a couple, to the surprise of no one

- Robbie stops using his tech to keep him young, since he now has plans to become an old man with Sportacus

- Sportacus pushes his bedtime from 8:08 to 9:00 so that he and Robbie can go on dates after everyone else is asleep, so that way his crystal won’t interrupt them during their movie/dinner/make out session

- Robbie buys a larger bed so that he and Sportacus can sleep in the same bed together and cuddle. Sport has offered to do the same thing for his airship but Robbie shoots the idea down immediately, saying that his phobia of heights will keep him from getting a good night’s sleep up in Sportacus’ airship

- Sportacus doesn’t really understand Robbie’s fear of being high up because it seems to come and go, but he doesn’t question it. He’s fine with doing whatever makes Robbie comfortable, and if that means sleeping over in his lair then so be it (he really doesn’t mind though; the kids may find the underground hideout creepy, but Sport thinks it’s kind of cozy, especially with Robbie there by his side)

- Robbie also pushes aside his workbench to make room for an area where Sportacus can keep his sport/exercise equipment

- They basically make a home for themselves in Robbie’s lair, which comes to be known as “Robbie’s (and Sportacus’) home”

- The two also start sneaking kisses from each other when the kids aren’t looking and holding hands while walking around town and celebrating Valentines Day together by giving one another gifts (A bouquet of sportscandy and a loving letter for Sportacus, and a box of chocolates and a teddy bear dressed in a miniature version of Robbie’s suit for Robbie) and dressing in couples costumes for Halloween and kissing under the miseltoe/at the stroke of midnight during Christmas/New Years and basically just being all cute and couple-y and junk <3

- It’s about a year after they start dating that Sportacus and Robbie decide to get married

- Miss Busybody plans and decorates for the wedding; Mayor Meanswell officiates; Ziggy is the ring-bearer (and yes, he’s allowed to wear his superhero costume); Stephanie is the flower girl; Stingy has his dad rent out a hotel ballroom for the reception (I’m willing to bet there’s at least one hotel in Lazy Town, even though no one ever seems to come to visit); Trixie DJs at the reception; Pixel works the lights and puts together a video montage of all the cute Sportacus/Robbie moments that were captured throughout the past few years (A majority of the photos/videos of are Sportacus saving Robbie, at which point while viewing it everyone lovingly laughs and Robbie buries his quickly reddening face in to the crook of Sportacus’ neck as Sport turns his head and kisses Robbie’s forehead, reminding him that he’ll always be there to save him)

- Robbie and Sportacus remain in Lazy Town as husband and husband for about 10 years. By this point the kids are grown up and new people haved moved in to the town with children of their own

- It is at this point that Sportacus announces to the town that he and Robbie are leaving, with plans to travel the world until their old age

- Naturally everyone is sad to hear that they’re leaving, but they respect their decision and wish them the best; both Robbie and Sportacus promise to come back and visit every now and again

- It is at this time that Sportacus goes up to Stephanie specifically and hands her a small, wrapped package

- Stephanie opens it to find that it’s Sportacus’ crystal, but now with the number 11 on it instead of 10

- “Sportacus, what-” “You are Sportacus now, Stephanie”

- Robbie gives her his lair to use as her “base of operations”, since he and Sportacus are going to be using the airship to travel the globe. She may do whatever she wishes with it, but under no circumstances is she allowed to paint it pink

- (Oh, and for those of you who may be concerned that this upsets Ziggy, don’t be; he grew out of his superhero admiration phase a while ago and now has plans to open up a candy shop that sells healthy candy made using honey and reduced sugar and no artificial colors/flavors)

- Robbie and Sportacus say one last goodbye to the residents before leaving Lazy Town in the capable hands of #11

One Night with the Prince (A Selection Trilogy One-Shot)

Since reading this series, I can no longer deny that my ultimate OTP is Maxon and America. Aspen is a nice guy, but….. *aggressively whispers* OTPPPPP.

So, as I contemplate the wonderful possibility of them getting a happily ever after, I couldn’t help envisioning their first night after the marriage!

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A wedding or a reunion?

Olivia hadn’t kept in touch with too many people from high school, unless social media counted as still being friends with people, so getting an invite to an old classmate’s wedding was sort of a surprise. She’d always been friendly with the bride, and they had even hung out at a few parties, so she assumed that the woman just wanted to invite a few familiar faces for the sake of it. Or worse, she hadn’t made many new friends since high school so this was her way of pretending that she actually did get along with people. Either way, Olivia had sent back her RSVP and even purchased a gift from the wedding registry to bring along. It was the least she could do, in her opinion. And it was also a chance for her to check out someone else’s wedding and get ideas for her own. They may not have been in the planning stage just yet, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t jot down a couple of ideas anyways. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

After going through about five different outfit changes, she’d settled on a light yellow dress that fit her body perfectly. She spent almost half an hour doing her hair and make up, and then she finally found a pair of matching heels before deciding that she was ready to go. Luckily, the drive to the venue only took about another fifteen minutes, so she made it to the wedding with about ten minutes to spare before the ceremony began. Olivia had spent those minutes observing everything, from the flowers and other decorations to the color scheme. She’d opened up the notes app on her phone and typed out a few things, and she kept it up as the wedding begun. She’d even snuck in a few pictures of the bridesmaids’ and the bride’s dresses so she had an idea for her own. By the time the actual nuptials were over and the guests were being directed over to the ballroom where the reception was, Olivia again took her time so that she could make more notes about everything. As the other guests started getting drinks from the bar and mingling, she’d noticed a few familiar faces here and there. None of them were people she’d really considered friends back then, so she kept the interactions to a minimum. It wasn’t until she was making her way to the bar a few moments later that she spotted someone that she hadn’t seen in quite a while, yet it was someone she’d actually known all too well. Rosalind. The pair hadn’t spoken in far too long, but she’d know her face anywhere. Taking a deep breath, she slowly approached her old friend. “Well hello, stranger..” She softly stated with a small smile.


Jensen & Quinn

Plus One 

Warnings: First half is all Fluffy Fluff and the second half is Smutty Smut. Oral sex, anal play, light bondage, penetrative intercourse (to be technical and specific! lol)  

Authors Note: Takes place before Man Cubs

Also a special thanks to my beta reader @ariallane she is all kinds of amazing and I don’t know what I would do without her! xo

Who’s wedding is this again?” Quinn called out from her bathroom.

“Tommy. Tommy Rodriguez. We went through basic together. He’s marrying Wade’s sister.”

“Wait! Wade? Who’s Wade?”  

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sue-denime  asked:

Hey! Long time admirer of your writing, first time commenting. I absolutely adore your fics. If you're still looking for fluffy one-shot prompts... Post catws - Bucky has been finding it very difficult to express his emotions/ still can't remember much of his pre-war history. One day Bucky and Steve are attending the wedding of an Avenger (maybe Tony/Pepper? or anyone really) and Bucky starts sniffling. Steve's like - what? why? And Bucky's like - I always cry at weddings... Thank you so much!

Thanks so much!! And sorry this took so long, but I hope you enjoy!


Bucky looks good in a tuxedo.

Steve wonders if it’s the first time Bucky’s worn one. He definitely didn’t get to when he and Steve were younger. There was never an occasion that warranted one, and if Bucky absolutely had to, he’d wear his blue suit. There’s a chance that he wore one during those murky years as the Winter Soldier, but he and Steve don’t talk about that, just bake cookies or light up the fireplace on nights where the dreams keep Bucky awake. Some part of Steve wants to hoard this moment, to save it for himself and no one else, but he has to go Tony’s wedding. He genuinely likes Pepper and Tony will never let him hear the end of it if he ditches to stare at Bucky for hours.

Not that Bucky would probably let him stare at him for hours. He looks uncomfortable, newly cut hair slicked back and shoes shined. Steve knows better than anyone that Bucky hates dressing up. It was different when he put on a nice shirt and a pair of slacks for a date, but this penguin suit? Not Bucky’s thing. He never much liked dressing up in black; he always preferred blue.

He doesn’t say anything on the limo ride over, just stares sullenly out the window. Steve does the same.

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TITLE: A Midgardian Gift


AUTHOR: crushingonmyteacher

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Jane giving you and Loki a cat as a wedding present and with both of you being Asgardian, you do not know what a cat is, but you both learn to love the cat and you even catch Loki snuggled up with it sometimes.



The entire ballroom was bustling with excitement.  Nearly the entirety of Asgard was here tonight. No one wanted to miss the marriage of the young prince, Loki, and his new bride, me.

The ceremony was lovely. There was not a single dry eye by the time the ceremony ended. Both you and Loki had decided to write your own vows. Surprisingly, the God of Mischief remained entirely serious throughout the ceremony. The only time he misbehaved was when he saw me walking down the aisle. He wanted me to wear his favorite deep green ball gown, but Jane had insisted I wear a white gown. A Midgardian tradition, I suppose.

“What happened to the green gown we chose together?” Loki asked once we got into the carriage that was to take us to the ballroom where the reception was.

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