Performed by: Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson

Number: “Here”

Style: Foxtrot

From: Dancing with the Stars, Season 21 (2015)

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If matchups are still open can I request a G1 s/o one? I'm pretty snarky and sarcastic a lot of the time, but I'm also very affectionate towards the people I'm close to. I'm also really shy and get anxious easily. I daydream a lot, and lose track of time very easily. I like listening to 80s music, watching weird old movies and dyeing my hair. I've also got an interest in linguistics, sewing and ballroom dancing (I just like watching though, I can't dance for shit lmao)

I match you with….. Trailbreaker (G1)

Though Trailbreaker may seem like a grade-A jokester and all around joyful bot, it’s more to cover up his insecurities and how much of a nervous wreck he is. That is why it took him FOREVER to muster the courage to ask you out (even though he has no problem facing off Decepticons…). By the time he finally asked you out on a date you had already found out about his crush on you, having gotten over your own nervous and shy nature. How you found out was from Bumblebee. He had “accidentally” said it (we all know he was just trying to move things along).

You lay sprawled out on your couch, phone held above your face while you tapped away at a game. As you were playing the game you had your headphones on, blaring “Another One Bites the Dust”. While clicking away your game pauses as a text-banner appears on your screen.


I’ll be over in 5 minutes, any last minute things you want me to pick up?

Your mind draws a blank before it is suddenly flooded with thoughts. You and Trailbreaker were having your annual movie date today, this would be the first time it was at your house. This would be the first time Trailbreaker would see the inside of your house. You look around the room, piles of trash and discarded items littered the floors and tables. Your house was definitely not guest ready.


Nope, everything’s ready!

You through your phone to the side and jump off your couch, scrambling around the room, pushing things under the couch and shoving others into draws. You were both excited and nervous about this particular date. Wheeljack and Houd developed an experimental holo-form for the bots, to blend in more with humans. Trailbreaker was the one assigned to test out all the kinks of the new project. Apparently, it was extremely life-like. You shake the distracting thoughts out of your head and focus on your work, how could you have lost track of time and have left such a mess! (all’s you do is sit in one spot anyway)

The doorbell rings just as you finish the final touches on the living room. Despite the very, very late start on cleaning everything looked pretty clean, clean enough to have guests anyway. You skip towards the door, swinging it open to reveal a man standing outside of it. He looked nervous, shuffling and staring at the ground.

“Hey (Y/n).” He starts. You instantly recognize the voice as Trailbreaker and smile, eyeing up his holo-form.

“Would you look at that.” You muse. Trailbreaker stiffens under your gaze.

“W-what do you think?” He asks tentatively.

“Eh, I prefer the original, but this will do.” You smile, pulling him into your house and shutting the door behind him. Trailbreaker smiles at the comment, a pink glow on his cheeks. As you pull him into the living room he admires every object and wall or your house.

“We better start the movie before you’re pulled away.” You comment, walking over to the movie cabinet, “Do you remember which one we’re on?”

“I think we’re on the 4th.” Trailbreaker suggests, taking a seat on your couch. You nod, scanning through your movies till you find the one, slipping it out of the group.

“Goblet of Fire, sounds about right.” Your comment, popping out the CD and sliding it into the player. Once the commercials start playing you snatch up the remote and jump onto the couch next to Trailbreaker. He wraps an arm around you, pulling you closer to him. You lean your head on his chest. The boys back at the lab made this holo-form very realistic, you could hear a heartbeat and feel the heat coming off of him. You could get used to this, you think before turning your attention back to the TV.

“What are they doing?” Trailbreaker asks.

“They’re learning how to dance for the Yule Ball.” You explain, not taking your eyes off the screen.

“I understand that, but like,” Trailbreaker jesters towards the screen, “why are they dancing like that? I thought dancing was fast and sharp movements.”

“There are many different ways to dance, what they are doing is ballroom dancing, it’s slower, graceful, and more romantic than how Jazz dances.” You explain.  There’s a small pause where you think he’s returned to just watching the movies, that is before he reaches for the remote and pauses the movie. He stands up in front of you and offers out a hand.

“(Y/n), will you dance with me?” Trailbreaker asks, you look between his hand then his eyes, which were surprisingly serious.

“Oh no, I can’t dance. I just watch.” You stutter out, trying to sink deeper into the couch.

“Neither can I, we can learn together.” Trailbreaker presses. His hand hovers in front of your face, a light smile playing at his lips. You sigh in defeat not soon after, taking his hand in yours.

“Not too long, we still have a movie to finish.” You state. Trailerbreaker’s smile grows as he pulls you off the couch and close to him.

“If I remember correctly your hands go here,” he guides both your hands to his shoulders, linking around his neck, “then my hands go here,” He gently places his hands on your waist, ‘The last step is we get close.” He pulls you even closer to his chest, as you both sway side to side.

“I don’t think this is ballroom dancing, more like high school dancing.” You joke, gazing up at Trailbreaker.

“Eh, this is still good.” Trailbreak smirks.

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Newt Scamander x Reader: The Werewolf Prince Of England Part 5/?

A/N: The reader’s friends are in danger and they rush back to the city of New York to rescue them; Newt is almost out of time.

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You met with Newt at the top of the castle’s staircase. You saw Newt at the other side of the ballroom. You slowly walked towards him as did he. He bowed and you curtsied to him as well. He took your hand in his as gently as possible. He lead you to the ballroom and you slowly danced to the lovely music that started playing. 

You started to feel the heat rise in your face and neck as you and Newt started dancing in the ballroom. You helped lead Newt a little when he felt a little self conscience about dancing. But he did just fine at the end of your dance. “I…I haven’t danced before. Thank you for helping me, (Y/N).” “You did a great job, Newt.” You told him. Now it was his turn to blush.

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A continuation from this

where Lance and Pidge are dancing ;u; 
I showed @the-vegetarian-artist first bc I keep her updated on things I draw for flirtyrobot, and I hope you all like it as much as she did XD


Make sure to read @stardustandrobotlionsfanfic that was inspired by this on AO3!! It’s lovely, I promise. <3

*COUGH*ask her to dance*COUGH*

If there’s anything I want more than a beach episode, it’s an episode where Team Voltron gets to relax and dance at a banquet or something after liberating a planet. Until then, I read all the fanfics where that happens instead. Please recommend some. Pfft. 

I need more of Allura in beautiful gowns. Maybe simultaneously kicking ass in one. I’d die. 


*In Victor`s voice* AMAZING!!! <3

Just watch this video, it`s such a blessing ^^

And okay, can this performance be called a Ballroom e youkoso and YOI crossover?

Shall we dance?

How it is to dance with the men of Fantastic Beasts( sorry for being inactive for the past few days, the muse evaded me again and I had to help my sister get her wedding dress :) )

Newt Scamander:

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Surprisingly enough,Newt is quite skilled in the art of dancing, even if he doesn’t use his skills that often. He even knows numerous types of dance coming from the foreign countries he visited. With some coaxing, he agrees to dance, literally sweeping you off you feet with surprising ease. Hands holding you tenderly and eyes meeting yours lovingly.

Credence Barebone:

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You catch Credence tapping his feet as he listens the wireless. You then ask him if he wants to learn how to dance. He’s a pile a flailing limbs and awkwardness but he learns quickly and before you know it, hes able to waltz the both of you across a speakeasy’s dance floor with grace and ease, only occasionally glancing down at his feet.

Percival Graves:

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Due to being groomed to perfection, Percival is an expert at the art of dancing. Sweeps you across the floor with flourish and expertise, his hands firm and tender on your lower back and hand, carefully guiding you step by step. Eyes peering into yours continuously, tenderness apparent as he carefully dips you.